1P100W #45 – French Fries

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I have always felt McD does the best fast food fries in the world. But last weekend, when I went there for dinner, I actually felt disgusted with the taste that I could not finish a medium sized fries.

For awhile now, I also feel disgusted with their pies and most burger patties. The only burger I eat now is their Spicy Chicken McDeluxe which uses real chicken meat. And it is not just McD, I could not handle KFC’s whipped potato too.

I think my body is beginning to hate heavily processed food, and it is sending precise signals to my brain now.

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  1. I think KFC has modified their mashed since few years ago…it is more starchy and less potato taste…plus the mashed potato gravy taste different than I had when I was a kid. McD fries still the same but KFC has improved by coating it with some batter – That’s based on my personal taste judgement.

    • You know what? I think you are right with their whipped potato. I think the gravy is less tasty now compared to before! But I still think their fries sucks. Worse than McD.

  2. Really? Then it’s time to take a break from fast food. I used to like the McD chicken nuggets but the last time I had it, it tasted so….artificial. So I’ve stopped having those. In fact I haven’t stepped into McD for a long time now.

  3. I’ve never liked any fries from fast food joints. They taste exactly like those frozen ones we buy from supermarkets and fry ourselves. If you get them hot, they’re at least still edible (if eaten immediately)…let it cool and you’ll get the hard, frozen taste. I now prefer fries (if I have to get fast food ones) from the train station near my place 🙂

    • I think that is true for the others, but I always thought McD has a special formula for their fries, they were crispier and tastier than every other fast food fries when eaten piping hot. Of course, my body is telling me otherwise now.

  4. Last time, i used to like KFC mashed potato, but not now, find another fast food chain mashed potato is nicer than their’s…

  5. Yat si yat yeong one.. Sometimes, McD fries best in the world.. But sometimes, when they are re-fried, or already cold/hard when it is served, then not nice.. Lastime, I think McD fries are the best in the world.. But now, I think Tony Roma’s and Chilis fries best in the world jor, haha.. Macam ada feeling use real potatoes, with the skin somemore.. KFC mash, errr, lastime yes, best in the world.. Now, I prefer Chilis mash, with real potatoes and skin inside, with a dollop of creamy sauce on top timm.. But two things I still like from KFC: original fried chicken and coleslaw, this one, still best in the world, in my opinion..

    • Err… I rarely get re-fried fries from McD. 9 out of 10 times I get them piping hot. But yeah, I think nowadays I really prefer fresh potato fries and mash.

      • Geez! I never heard of them retrying the fries. Probably their timer set for the deep fryer was too long.
        If the burgers are not sold within a stipulated time, they even throw them away.

        • I’m not sure about KL, but for sure I have never seen them refrying in these Penang outlets. They always fry too little that it was always us waiting for the fries.

  6. I forgot when I last ate their french fries. I bought ala carte the previous time so no french fries. Can you describe what was wrong with them? The oily taste? The oil has gone rancid? Too dry?

    • They did not change. I am the one who has changed, I think. I don’t like them anymore. It is not them, it is me. 🙄

  7. yeah I used to think Donald McRonald’s fries is the best, until I tried those from Xetas Fried Chicken, and the new AFC fries also has improved a lot and taste good..

  8. Pity you couldn’t finish the fries. I too think Maccas has the best fries among the fast food chains. More flavoursome than Hungry Jacks, Burger King and KFC. The burger that I usually get is Filet-o-Fish. If not, the cheeseburger. For a while I had the Big Mac whenever I had lunch there, and then one day my body thought it was horrid.

    Currently in Australia, Maccas are doing $10 for 24 nuggets 😀

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