1P100W #49 – Jinx

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I’m a fucking jinx apparently, for telling some KL folks to consider coming up north for a vacation due to less severe haze.

Each employee is given a free mask today. We didn’t even get that on the worst haze day two weeks ago. In some quarters INSIDE the AIR-CONDITIONED factory buildings, we can smell the haze. The HR sent an email indicating that they are monitoring the haze situation and as of now the factory will remain open. Meaning if it gets worse, we might close like schools.

This is the first time ever I do not wish for a holiday from work.

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  1. It does sound really bad. Very bad for the health and it’s dangerous to be anywhere indoors or outdoors. And of course, things at work and school fall behind. But it’s coming towards the end of the year so maybe there will be rains to wash away the haze.

    • According to the latest weather forecast, we won’t have as much rain this year. Hopefully they are wrong, as always..

    • They’re smog from forest fires, so I guess yes. The thing is it is getting a lot worse from what we normally have since the past month or two, so you will see a lot of Malaysians, Singaporeans and Indonesians complaining about it in the internet lately.

    • Exactly! They started the mess, and then tell us don’t blame them for trying their best to contain it. Is like I borrow 2.6 billion from you but ask you to not to blame me for only paying you back 100 because I am trying my best.

  2. You’ll be worse off at home with no air-cond, right? The last few days have been pretty bad over here.Today seems better and there’s no telling what it will be like tomorrow.

  3. Hope the haze will go away, if not will be affecting daily life, like outdoor activities have to be cancel, etc…

    • Even remaining indoors is not guarantee of being haze free, unless you turn on your air-con 24 hours a day. 🙁

  4. Frankly, you prefer offices to close like schools or not? Production line, maybe cannot close la, but office/admin thingy, I think reasonable to ask employees to work from home.. But too bad, my company no “work-from-home” thingy.. This haze, menyusahkan orang.. Schools kejap close, kejap no.. My kids are in tadika/daycare, all operated indoor, and they still close.. Can’t blame them, they are registered under MOE and has to follow the instructions, but then, think about us, working parents, with no maids/grandparents at home.. Susah.. How many days leave can we keep taking?

    • I can work from home, but it will be difficult to remain in control, because most of my work is closely tied to production activities…

      Haih I also heard my colleagues with kids complaining about having to take a lot of unplanned leaves. Luckily here we can arrange with our managers for flexible hours to cover back the time off. I guess this is the best part of working for an American company.

    • I did, but it is not sustainable for where I am. I don’t have the space to plant 10 to 15 plants to grow enough for 1 person (myself) within my tiny flat.

  5. If you get day off because of the haze, so is haze a good thing or a bad thing? No wonder you say this is the first time ever you do not wish for a holiday from work.

    • Definitely a bad thing! You know, even my juniors from my high school started to complain about the extended “holidays” because they finally realize they are losing out time to catch up on their syllabus. Can you imagine it? School students getting worried about holidays!

  6. I read in the newspapers that the haze might continue until end Decemeber because there are some new spots of fire in Indonesia, gosh when can we have clear blue sky and clean fresh air???

    • Initially I thought we can wait for the monsoon season which will start in November, but the other day there is news saying there might be El Nino symptom and the rain will not come. Sh*t!

    • I don’t think this is the worst in our history lah, there was once in 1997 or 98 which I think was the worst. But this time is the first time I face such terrible level of haze as a working adult, living alone. It really sucks…

  7. i guess the haze travels from our neighbour to the south of peninsula and then slowly move northwards.. by luring your friends to go PG for a visit because of the fresher air, you are actually asking them to move together with the haze!! hahaha~~

  8. These last 3 days in KL the haze is really, really bad. The worst ever. Factory closed means you also no need to work? I thought you work in the office and not in the factory.

    • I don’t know. I’m just speculating. We never close the factory before so I don’t know what will happen. But most of my work needs to be on site so I guess if really close I won’t be doing much work.

      My office and factory are in the same buildings lah. Maybe I should call plant or site rather than factory to avoid confusion.

  9. got free off-day from work? I m looking forward to it, then can go jalan jalan at the malls..unfortunately my company wouldn’t grant us such leave, coz we are working indoor with air-cond…

    • I just speculating, based on how the HR email sounds like. I hope I’m wrong.. My office also indoor with air-cond, but today some parts of the office can smell the haze >.<

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