1P100W #47 – The Cafe

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Sheesh… I was going to blog about this place today, but I only had one picture uploaded and my modem is acting up with intermittent connection. And it is raining cats and dogs with constant thunders. I guess I better turn off the modem and take it easy tonight.

“The other day I went to the Cafe.”

“Which cafe?”

“The Cafe.”

“Yeah, so which cafe is it?”

“It is the Cafe.”

It’s not really called the Cafe, this place. If you can guess what this place really is, I’ll give you a… “Good job” commendation, like how my bosses do.

They have a few outlets in KL…

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    • I wonder if this is their standard signage board. It is only cool if you are famous enough, else it will turn out looking rather cocky and conceited.

  1. My friend’s modem just got struck few days ago.. so when yesterday when the thunder was looming above my house, I quickly unplug my modem.. no modem, it is a nightmare… hahahaa… So this is called BBQ cafe.. what did you take?

  2. “BBQ Chicken” is the name. Good move to go offline during rain. Since you review restaurants in Penang now. Have you been to eat at this place – “Nasi 7 Benua Koo Boo cafe”?

    • I’ve seen it before, but never tried it. That 7 benua rice are not 7 types of healthy rice, they are 7 types of nasi minyak. The place is actually quite close to where I am staying in, but the parking problem deters me from going there.

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