1P100W #46 – The Martian (Novel)

If you have not watched the movie, major spoiler alert, press for picture at your own risk!

Okay, technically, this isn’t a picture, but more like a snippet I took from my eBook reader. I’m on the mend, but still not feeling 100%, so I figured I’ll share something funny I read today.

When I wrote about the movie, I did not make any direct spoiler reveal (I think). The movie was more about the hows but I only revealed the whats. This snippet from the book, is something that you will see in the movie. Including the censored part(s).

So now you know…

[104 words]


    • I think you can skip it la… since you not going to watch the movie or read the book. If you really want to read, click it to enlarge la, my picture’s original size is the font size that I use when I read it.

  1. When I watched the movie, I did not even know it is from a book. LoL. Then I heard someone saying that the book is better and I was like, how can??? THere is no Matt Damon in the book >_<

    • Bodoh… you read the book now, you will visualize Matt Damon talking like that ma. Then it will be same like Matt Damon in the book. Seriously, I think it is a great idea to read the book now AFTER watching the movie. The book has more juicy details. 😛

  2. Hahaha, the censored part, but I don’t understand why they censored that part lo, and they’ve cut off lots of these conversation on the movie.

    Meanwhile I’m more interested to use the hexadecimal language, hehe!!!

    • I think they cannot put everything into the movie la, if wanna cover everything have to be drama series rather than movie. But I was quite disappointed after reading the book, I think they omit the parts which would have been very exciting.

      Hexadecimal take all days ma, actually if you read the book, there are a lot of hexadecimal going on. But if movie show everything, most audience will fall asleep I guess, hehehe 😛

        • Hex make you cannot sleep. Adoi… Wei I think you should read the book. There are a lot of nerdy technical details on how he make those calculations to solve his troubles.

  3. So you are now reading the book? It is quite entertaining, I finished it already! I will have to watch the movie online because I don’t know if it will be released in China…
    Get well soon!

    • I just finished the book 20 minutes ago hahaha! Gotta make use of the time bunked up at home to do some reading. After all, that’s how Mark spends his free time too LOL!

      I suspect it will be released in China. The movie do have the bits that involved China. No point getting actors/actresses in if it won’t make it to China screens.

        • Strange. I checked their Wikipedia page, it seems they really have not nailed down any release in the US. This is stupid. Why put a bunch of China actors/actress in there, with a sub plot of the Chinese saving the Americans’ ass, and then NOT capitalize on it by doing a quick release in China? Like what the book said, surely they’d sell their mothers for such a proud depiction?

  4. Thank you for being considerate and hide the spoiler. I did not click on the image because I don’t want the spoiler. Good to hear that you are feeling better.

    • You can come back here after watching the movie. Once you read the snippet you will understand which part of the movie this is. OOPS! DO NOT READ MY REPLY TO SK!

  5. ooopsss.. i can’t remember i saw that line of dialogue in the movie.. was it not in the movie itself, or was it just censored in our Malaysian version??

    • They did show it in the movie, but instead of that line, it became the gasping faces in the mission control room. This was when Mark had the first chat with NASA after the Rover hack.

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