Road Trip 2.3 – Blackpool

[August 19, 2007 – Sunday]

We left Newcastle to proceed to the final destination for our road trip. Halfway through the drive, we came across a rather large lake. What’s better was that there was a Service Area by the lake. And what’s even better was that when we stopped there, we saw an open area with a few tables and chairs for us to sit down.

There was one thing that is kind of a regret for some of us. We did not manage to visit the Cumbria, we did not manage to visit the Lake District. I heard that place is full of lakes and is very beautiful as well. So what we did was, we took this photo,


And when we got back to Liverpool, we told our friends we managed to make a detour and visit the Lake District as well. None of us have ever been there, none of us have ever seen that place before, and some of them really believed us! LOL! 😀

We finally arrived at Blackpool close to evening. More specifically, to the seafront of Blackpool. We arrived at a good time, because there was still light. Had we arrived two hours later, we would not be able to see how this place looks like in the day.

Blackpool Tram
Promenade (seafront street)

It wasn’t the best of time of the year for us to come. You see, every year in Blackpool, there will be a massive lights fest called the Blackpool Illuminations. This is when all the streets in the entire city will be covered in many different unique light designs, illuminating the city in different shades of colors and brightness. This light fest usually occurs from the end of August all the way till the end of November. We came two weeks earlier than the start date that year, so all we could see were the lights being installed, but not being turned on yet.

Anyway, no point to worry about things we cannot control. The first place we wanted to hit was Pleasure Beach. Now, Pleasure Beach is not the name of a beach, it is the name of an amusement and theme park.


It wasn’t much of a plan, but we basically just wanted to see this guy,

The Big One

The Big One isn’t a normal roller coaster. No, no… The Big One is technically what one would call, a hypercoaster, a name bestowed upon any crazy roller coaster that goes higher than 200 ft. When this crazy coaster was first opened to the public back in 1994, it was the biggest, tallest and steepest roller coaster in the world. Of course, today there are many coasters who took over all those glorious titles, but the Big One still retains the title of the tallest roller coaster in the United Kingdom.

The Big One

No, we did not take the ride. None of us were big fans of roller coasters, it gives us the rumbly tummy. And the ticket was expensive.

Oh right, you know how in Malaysia, most large theme parks charges us an entrance fee? I’m not sure if it is common in the UK, but in Pleasure Beach, the entrance is free. Yes, FREE. But, don’t rejoice too quickly. Though the entrance is free, the rides are not. There will be a ticket booth at every ride. So it is basically a pay-per-ride rather than pay-per-entrance theme park. If you are someone who wants to get on every rides in this theme park, then too bad for you, it will probably cost you an arm and two legs. But if you are those who only take 1 or 2 rides, then this is wonderful.

If you are cheapskate like us who only wants to see but do not want to get on the rides, then it is… perfect!

More rides..
And more rides..
Even more rides..
And even more rides!
And even more… never mind…

This was the only thing that we got to get on, because it isn’t a ride. It is just a prop. Actually I don’t even know if we are allowed to get on it or not. But we didn’t see any NO RIDING ALLOWED sign, and more importantly we didn’t see anyone nearby, so I guess it was fine… What? We’re acting like Tarzan? We’re Asians, that’s what we do!

But there are some props that we know for sure that we are allowed to play with…



Even though we did not spend a dime in the theme park, we had tonnes of fun. It was great!

When we were done with the theme park, we got out and took a stroll along the seafront. It was here that we saw a rocket. I don’t know, but at that time, it looked quite similar to a certain logo of a certain political party in Malaysia. We were quite amused, so we took a wefie with the rocket. It was sort of like a victory pose or something…


Little did we know that half a year later, we proved to be prophetic (Malaysians would know what I mean)… I think they had us to thank for transmitting good luck rocket power charm for them all the way from Blackpool. They owe us.

We also saw some interesting advertising banners, my favorite is this one here, reminding turkeys of Christmas in a cheeky way. Well, cheeky to humans, no so cheeky to turkeys anyway

Oh dear…

There are three piers along Blackpool’s seafront. We started from the South Pier, close to where Pleasure Beach is. We planned to walk all the way to the North Pier. From the map, it looks quite near and easily walk-able. But in reality, it is a 4 miles (6.4 km) stretch.

So we walked and walked and walked. And we walked and walked and walked. And we finally arrived at the Central Pier. There was a mini theme park there, nothing much. But it did give us a nice view of the entire seafront.

The Big One, seen on Central Pier

It was beginning to get dark, and we were very tired by now. Our legs felt like it would go at any moment. I guess we overestimated our stamina. You see, we were not in good shape, for we slept in the car in Newcastle the night before too. It didn’t seem likely for us to continue the walk to North Pier, seeing we were just halfway there. So we decided to turn back. In fact, we didn’t even walk back. We took the tram back.

It was good that we did, because it was the last tram running for the day. If we had persisted in walking to the North Pier, we would not have the tram to carry us back, and we would have to walk another 4 miles back. So, instead of showing you North Pier, I would show you this…

North Pier, seen from Central Pier

See that tower? That’s Blackpool Tower. It is the tallest structure in Blackpool. Apparently, if you go on top of the tower, you will be able to see the Liverpool Cathedral in Liverpool, 50 miles away.

And that, guys and girls, is the end of my Blackpool adventures, and the end of my Road Trip 2…


    • Never! Especially if you are still going to stay in Amsterdam. If you want to go to Blackpool, remember to go during September, when the Blackpool Illumination takes place! 😉

    • Actually they’re pretty safe. I heard the standard for building a coaster is to build it to sustain twice the weight of the expected maximum capacity. It is not likely for someone to get flung out a roller coaster.

  1. haha, yeah I like the idea of free entrance but pay-per-ride policy.. bcos if you already have an expensive includes-all fees upfront, it might already stop some people to even go in.. whereas if you let them in for free, and when they see the real things inside, chances are they won’t mind forking out more money to try huh?? of course, there are also people like “us” that will just for free views~~ :p

    • Yeah, I think a theme park must be very confident with each of their rides to implement this. Else everyone go in and decide “Meh, don’t want the rides” (like us) then they will be in trouble.

  2. Eh, the space invader picture, I like.. You are right, same here, if I see “No Riding” sign, I will just faster get up there, take picture, at least, got something ma, hor? Go to that place, die-die must take some pictures to prove that we’ve been there..

  3. I’m also not fan of roller coaster, and because of my small size, the roller coaster safety belt always too big for me, when it turn the way round, I’ll felt like I almost want to fell off >.<

    • Sounds so scary! Better stay down there to watch, like me. For me, is the opposite. I always feel I am too heavy and the safety belt might come off due to my weight, and I will fall down and smash my face like those horror movies. 😐

  4. All of you go to Blackpool just to see the Big One ah? Not even to ride on it? How did you take photos of all 5 of you? Tripod? or ask strangers to take your photos?

    • Tripod, we always carried a tripod with us. It is easier to trust tripod than strangers to get the angle and frame that we want. 😛

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