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If you read the title, I think you would’ve guessed that I 沦陷咗 loon hum jor (have succumbed at long last). Except you know me better, I hope. I am never that straightforward, am I? So it isn’t what you think it is, is it?

Since you know I have never been that straightforward, so this probably isn’t me writing about how I bought a new rice cooker finally. Except that if we follow the art of war, we should always be unpredictable. We should always have the element of surprise up our sleeves.

So, anyway, this probably isn’t me writing about how I bought a new rice cooker… this is GAWD!!! I REALLY DID BUY A NEW RICE COOKER!! I cannot believe it myself!! ~Covers face with both hands~

DSC_0015 (1024x1005)

I bought this from AEON last weekend. I was just passing through the electrical appliances section when this little guy caught my attention. Actually, the price tag caught my attention. You know, I had a mini rice cooker that I discarded when I moved houses last year. That mini rice cooker could cook 2 cups of rice at most, and I bought that for RM 69, roughly 6 years ago.

This little guy here, it is actually not little at all. In fact it is quite big. It has the cooking capacity of 10 cups of rice. And it was selling for [RM 129 RM 79]. I think they stocked up too much on this particular brand and model and was doing a clearance sale of some sort.

DSC_0016 (760x1024)

The old rice cookers that I am used to are those that only has one function: cook rice. So I was sufficiently impressed with that little button there to switch between Rice/Steam and Congee/Soup. But I guess even this is a rather old and simple model by today’s standards. I noticed rice cooker nowadays is not called rice cooker anymore, but called multipurpose cooker, or titanium meta-alloy trinimethalyne super awesome cooker, or something like that. The newer models can be used to bake cake, bread, make stew, roast chicken, grill medium rare steak, concoct space age astronaut food and whatnot, isn’t it? Maybe that’s why this one is so cheap.

So I carried it home, cleaned it, and cooked my first rice in a rice cooker in two years. I cooked two cups of rice for a start. That’s three and a half portions of rice. Oh yeah, I also bought a 1kg pack of Thai jasmine rice for RM 4.90 for this.

DSC_0017 (1024x721)

Of course, this was a big blunder on my part. You know, people usually cook rice because they want to eat rice, right? Even if you cook more to keep for a few days, you always have a portion of it fresh, don’t you? Except I had a dinner appointment and was supposed to dine out. So I guess I am the first home cooking idiot in the world who cooks a batch of rice and then proceeds to store ALL of them in the freezer. Nice work!

Wait a minute. I was going to hit the Publish button, and I realized… I have just blogged about how I bought a rice cooker, and how I cooked some rice in a rice cooker. Why am I blogging about such trivial matters? Sorry guys, for wasting your time reading inconsequential bullshit. Oh dear…


  1. Oh, Asians and their rice cookers. I swear my husband bought the most expensive one out there from Japan and he swears it cooks better rice. Personally, I can’t tell the difference. But, it does play ‘Twinkle, twinkle little star’ when we press the button and it sings to let us know it is done.

    Oh, and BBQ wings or buffalo wings cooked in a rice cooker is pretty damn awesome!

    • Rice cooker from Japan. Must have cost a bomb. I think Asians with rice is like Americans with steaks. We can’t tell a good steak from a bad steak too. Most of us anyway.

  2. Wah! A nice new pot will bring abundance of food and wealth to you.
    The pastel colour looks so innocent and girlish to me. Muahahaha
    These days a simple rice pot has gone through revolutions with new buttons to give many functions and recipe ideas. I think the manufacturers are so innovative to fool some gullible chefs.

  3. Rice cookers have evolved haven’t they? I’m still using the traditional looking one with only one function. It’s a useful kitchen equipment. You know, other people’s inconsequential bullshit is interesting 😀

    • Best to keep hold of your rice cooker then. I have a feeling the newer ones will break down much faster than those old ones.

  4. Clap, clap, clap! You’ve finally heeded my advice and bring rice into your life….wakakaka!! 😀 Your mom won’t be very happy though 🙁 But, you didn’t need to buy a rice cooker (you can steam what)….and you certainly didn’t need to buy such a big rice cooker (since you’re cooking for one only)! The idea is to cook just a little and have it fresh every day. I have this exact size (can cook up to 10 cups) which I haven’t used in ages coz I seldom cook and eat rice at home and, if I do, I don’t need much rice, so I resort to steaming coz you can’t cook too little rice in a big ass rice cooker, you need to cook a minimum to cover the base of the pot.

    Although overnight rice is best for fried rice, I wouldn’t recommend it as you’ll end up eating a lot of rice. Best to stick to a small bowl of rice and lots of vegetables (or meat in your case) so that you can still maintain the eating pattern you want.

    • It wasn’t really due to your advice. It was more due to realizing that my grocery bill is not sustainable anymore. 🙁

      I know I didn’t need such a big rice cooker, but it was the cheapest! It was cheaper than the small rice cooker on sale!

      I realize this fried rice conundrum. I’m going to be creative to think of ways of using my overnight rice in other ways…

  5. Overnight rice is best fried the next day! Do fry the rice with it, they turn nicer one.. I wonder why… so hope to see your fried rice in your next post? You know why? Cos I love to eat fried rice, it can go with anything.. as long as got eggs and garlic!

  6. Hahahahaha what a funny post. Worth reading for its comic values. 😀

    Ya hor why did you cook any rice at all when you are not going to eat any? Just to try out the rice cooker? Did you at least eat one spoonful to see how the warm rice taste like? Warm and fluffy and soft with rice fragrance?

    • I guess I was just trying it out. I really just planned to cook and store them all up. It was later when I realize that was a very stupid move. >.<

  7. Oh wow. A Tefal rice cooker. Those things are expensive in Australia, one of the more branded appliances here. Hopefully at some point you will get to eat fresh rice 😀

    The checkered tea towel beside the rice cooker caught my attention. I also have that in my house. I think almost all of us Asians have that at home.

    • I’m pretty sure I will get to eat fresh rice soon, LOL! 😀

      Well, that type of towel is the cheapest, I always just buy many of them. They’re sort of like disposable towels to me, I use them for a few weeks, then they get really dirty even after washing, and I just change them.

      • Oh dear, I think what Mabel said about almost all Asians having those checkered tea towels is correct. I have those tea towels too. And like you, I discard them when they turn grey and replace with new ones.

        • That is what I do as well. The moment they turn grey or yellow, out they go. Also I’ve noticed these checkered towels are very hard to tear apart…usually when I throw the grey ones out, they don’t have holes or rips.

          On a side note, I have a cousin who has been using checkered handkerchiefs since he was a kid.

          • On another side note, I have stopped using handkerchiefs since I left high school. Don’t even have one as spare in my house! LOL! 😀

  8. What is loon hum jor? Sounds like hamsap word only.. Licking something, wakakaka.. Okok, my bad.. Rice cooker? Makes me think of SK leh.. You bought a rice cooker? It’s good geh actually.. You can do a lot with rice cooker, like cooking rice, boiling soup and tong sui, even baking cakes.. But to be honest, without rice cooker also can geh.. Can steam rice using wok, can steam dishes/cook simple dishes using wok.. Maybe can bring rice cooker to offis, cook lunch.. Eh, now very “hing” those electric lunch box from Groupon, RM69, works the same like rice cooker/steamer, but very small and cute.. Can consider..

    • Why you so horny one.. Tsk you making me horny too 😳 … Loon hum… like during war, Guangzhou loon hum jor, Guangzhou lost jor…

      My rice cooker seems like can cook rice and soup only. Cakes maybe not…

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