You know, I sometimes get emails from potential advertisers who want to engage me to write sponsored content for them on my blog. Of course, I rejected them all, because so far, they were all what I deem irrelevant to my blog. Usually it is foreign companies trying to promote their tour package or some companies selling things that I do not use.

Yesterday, I got two such emails again, simultaneously. No, I’m not writing a blog post to brag about how I get lots of money making opportunities from the blog or what. It is just that yesterday’s emails, they were special. Both of them started with: Hello Marcus, We’re xxxxx company from yyyyy and we would like to get in touch with you regarding bla bla bla

Marcus? Marcus?? Since when has my name turned into Marcus? I don’t think I have ever called myself that name anywhere in the blog. I got worried, because those emails did not look like spam, I thought maybe someone hacked into my account and modified my [About] page or something.

And then as I realized, I think I know where these guys are coming from. They must have read some of the comments in my blog where I was called Marcus and thought Marcus was really my name. Bloody hell. It’s not like that! My name is not Marcus!

I think it all started in someone else’s blog. A fella wanted to type the name Marcus in his comment, but his iPhone auto-corrected the name to become He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. And I chipped in on his typo.


I think he wanted to (jokingly) spite me, because I said now every time I see the name Marcus, it would remind me of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. So he started calling me Marcus when he leaves comments in my blog.

By the way, if you do not already know, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named here means the man who is currently the most hated man in the lives of probably more than 12 million Malaysians, give or take a couple million.

Anyway, so I was typing my replies to that two emails, and I was going to clarify that I am not called Marcus. And then I thought, hey, maybe I should just let this mistake slide and keep this name. After all, I have been trying to think of a suitable English name to give myself. Marcus Lok sounds… not awkward. Should I just keep this name instead?

I tried to think of other people named Marcus that I know of, and see if I can recall any great man. Unfortunately, I can’t. Not of someone from real life. The first Marcus that came to mind was Marcus Wright, the name of a cyborg in the movie Terminator: Salvation. Well, he was a hero in the movie, but still… a cyborg.


No… that can’t be it. So I tried to think some more. But then next Marcus that came to mind was Marcus Corvinus, the original vampire in the Underworld movie series. He was able to transform into a vampire monster to power up.


And then of course, as I was thinking about Marcus, the face of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named kept popping up in my head.


Gahhh!!! Nooooo!!!!

Marcus is a bad name! No… that came out wrong. That’s unfair to all the people named Marcus in the world. I’m sure there are many great man among them. What I mean is, Marcus is a bad name FOR ME. Marcus is the wrong name for me! Marcus reminds me of cyborgs and monsters and… pure greed, pure evil! No! I shall not be called Marcus. I will not be called Marcus. I MUST NOT be called Marcus!

I ended up adding in the clarification that my name is not Marcus in the email replies.

And guy(s), please don’t call me Marcus anymore. It will confuse others. Your co-operation is much appreciated. Thank you…



  1. Hi RG, hello RG… Ok, I prefer to call you RG.. sounds kind of unique.. hehehee…. Wah.. you terror, people emailed u to do sponsored post also no want? I quickly grab one provided got money la.. can go for a nice meal or two after being paid.. 🙂

    • Need to see related or not. If not related to my blog one, no point writing what. Makes me feel like cheating my readers.

  2. Alo Marcus. Good day to you.

    It started in princess ribons blog where she asked readers to give suggestion for Baby name

    Not bad mah Marcus. At least the potential advertiser took the trouble to dig your posts and address you by name though the name salah one.

    i got many that just say “Hi there!….”

  3. hahaha, actually Marcus is a nice name mah.. but I’m impressed by the intelligence of that auto-correct, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named to Marcus?? what brand of phone was used?? haha..

  4. Potong stim wei, Marcus? Name also wrong already, where got mood to read on? I also receive offers to write about detergents and what-not, lastime leh, I very keen one, I get free products wor (Aunty is like that, like free stuffs).. But then, I feel obligated to write something nice about it, and must write very long to introduce the product, stress on the organic part, yada yada, malas la, sekali baca, already know it’s a “product advertising” post.. Eh, you get Marcus also better then “Re: Hi”.. No name leh… hahahahaha..

  5. Oh well, you have the choice of your own name and I will refrain from calling names since you have made it clear.
    I never asked for Anay and the world of bloggers called me that for years. They even send mails and parcels to my office with the name YB. Tan Sri Anay………
    I take these cruel jokes in good stride and humor.

    • I do take it in good stride too… until it makes people who are on official business get confused and think that’s really my name. After all, Marcus is a legit name. If you call me, say… Asshole or Moron or Joker, names that wouldn’t cause confusion, I probably won’t have material to write this post LOL!

  6. I saw TM’s comment with this name in it and thought how come there is such an inside joke about this name between him and you. I still don’t get it. Is there such a term as “Holy Mxxcxx” ? What is the origins of this phrase?

    You don’t look like a Mxxcxx (not that I know what a Mxxcxx looks like).

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