Lazy Man’s Overnight Rice Porridge

Okay okay, let’s talk about those rice that I cooked and stored ALL into the freezer. I know with overnight rice, it is best to turn them into fried rice. But I was thinking, with this big ass rice cooker that I have now, I will probably do a lot of this cooking a big batch of rice and storing them up thing. I can’t flip from non rice eating whacko into fried rice eating monster just like that, can I?

So the first thing I did with that batch of overnight rice was not to make lots of fried rice. No… the first thing I did was to try and see if I can cook porridge with those rice. This might seem like a normal thing to you, I don’t know, but it most definitely is not normal to me. You know, I have made rice porridge before, but I always made them fresh with uncooked rice. The process has always been sort of like boiling a nice soup, except one of the key ingredient is the uncooked rice.

So this time, I thought, same process, but since the rice is already cooked, use less water and cook for a shorter amount of time. So… water into the pot, heat it up, then… rice in. I used 2 portions of water to 1 portion of rice.

DSC_0014 (1024x655)

I know, it is bloody boring to just have plain ol’ white porridge. So I added some stuff in as the rice was cooking. What stuff? Some minced pork, and one tablespoon of oyster sauce. Then I set the timer to 15 minutes. If it was uncooked rice, I would usually cook it for at least 40 minutes.

At this point of time, I had no idea if the rice would cook into something that looks like porridge or not. I was mentally prepared to accept if my pot of rice turned into some hideous thing that I have not seen before. Fortunately, after 15 minutes, I looked into the pot and saw something that resembles porridge, albeit a watery one.

Time to add more stuff in. In goes a bunch of romaine lettuce, a sprinkle of garlic granules, and an egg cracked in. Then all that was left was to stir everything up for a couple minutes until the veggie and the egg is somewhat cooked.

DSC_0016 (1024x682)

Then it is time to serve, and eat. Of course, this thing also needs a generous amount of pepper for that extra kick. I also drizzled a bit of olive oil into the porridge before eating. Of course, for a more Chinese touch, then substitute olive oil with the more fragrant sesame oil.

Also, of course if you don’t like my choice of ingredients, you can use other ingredients, like carrots or peanuts or dried scallops and whatnot. I used those too when I cook porridge sometimes…

DSC_0017 (1024x657)

And there you have it. It was pretty nice. Like what the Cantonese say, 清清地 ching ching dei (plain and simple), but not bland enough to make you shed tears of frustration eating this.

So yeah, overnight rice can be turned into nice porridge too… Good to know…


  1. It looks like porridge alright, all the rice “melted” and clumped up. You know, my mum is a huge fan of eating rice and soup together (e.g. pour cooked rice into a bowl of soup and eat it like that). Sometimes when she makes porridge she likes the rice grains to come out almost whole. Not my cup of tea. Congee, or the kind you get at yumcha, is 😐

    • I eat rice with soup together all the time. But it is not because I am a huge fan, more because I am lazy to serve in two bowls. Lazy. LOL! 😀

  2. Walau Eh!! This is the first time in my life I hear someone could cook porridge with cooked rice!! I must try it as I often had left over rice in the fridge but threw them away after weeks old. I would happily toss in nuts, salted duck eggs, pickled veggies and meat floss. Yummy!
    You can conduct a Lazy Man’s Cooking Class and I will sign up.

  3. You boiled rice with your new rice cooker and then cooked it into porridge using a pot on your induction cooker…LOL! 😀 Next time, why don’t you just cook porridge in your rice cooker?

    I used to cook bigger portions of rice and eat it over a few days but since I’ve read that overnight rice is harmful to our health and can cause food poisoning if not stored properly, I now cook just enough to be finished in one meal (or at most the next day). That’s why my rice cooker is now left unused.

    • Aiya separate days ma, it is not like I do two processes on the same day. 😛

      I know about overnight rice, so I am a bit torn about this too. I think what will happen moving forward is that I will only cook two portions of rice at a go, so the most I will get is one night of overnight. I still think the rice cooker is rather handy, I can let the rice cooker do the job while I use the electric stove top to cook my dishes, multitasking rather than double up my time of cooking/waiting. And I am liking my new rice cooker, the pot is made of those ceramic like material, and non-stick. It is pretty easy to dig out all the rice and then clean up afterwards. 😛

  4. Your porridge actually looks good, ching-ching-dei, except that I wouldn’t add green veggies inside, scared “chau cheng” ma.. I will add carrots and potatoes and fish slices maybe.. But whatever you add, sure sedap, just add soy sauce, sure sedapppp..

  5. I tot you boiled your rice overnight to get that extra smooth porridge. Mana tau you used overnight rice. Yes, rice can be cooked into porridge but porridge can’t be reversed into rice. Nasi dah jadi bubur… Next time add some frog meat in. Yums! 😀

    • Porridge mana need boil overnight? Become rice juice lo liddat >.< . Hahaha nasi dah jadi bubur huh... maybe one day I will experiment trying to dry some porridge and see if it turns back to rice... 😛

  6. at first i thought you “ngao” your porridge overnight to get the maximum flavor and taste, haha.. okay, now after reading, it’s cooking porridge using your leftover rice.. i would say it’s a good idea to do that, i can only think of fried rice to get rid of the leftover rice, but now this meat porridge is actually one nice porridge woh.. i want to do this in office using the steamer, hahaha, but of course using “fresh” rice lor~~ :p

  7. Did you use all your cooked rice to make this porridge? So many meals did this porridge last? Eat this porridge with century eggs lagi best!

  8. Yup, overnight rice can be turned into porridge. It’s a lot more convenient than using uncooked rice. I also cook a big batch of rice and keep it in the freezer. It’s mostly for my partner. I can either steam it, make fried rice or porridge. Love the convenience and flexibility 🙂

    • I find freezing rice to be troublesome. Have to thaw the rice for a few hours, else I don’t know how to steam it to reheat sufficiently. Maybe I need to learn more, but for now I guess I will only cook two portions of rice on normal days.

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