Lazy Man’s Mashed Potato

The other day I read all about Princess Ribbon making her Japanese potato salad some days ago. Seems easy enough, so I decided that I want to make one too.

So I bought a large potato (RM 0.80). The thing was, when I looked at the potato, I suddenly thought of my mom’s mashed potatoes. I’m probably biased, but this is my blog, so… and in my blog, my mom’s mashed potatoes is the most awesome mashed potatoes in the whole wide freaking world. So I decided to make mom’s version of mashed potatoes instead. Well, mashed potato, as there is only one potato…

Most mashed potatoes that I get in restaurants are those savory types, either those salt and pepper infused ones, or ones with gravy. Mom’s mashed potatoes though, is different. You’ll see…

To make this happen, I peeled and cut the potato into pieces, then boiled it for 20 or 30 minutes until soft, then… mashed the potato pieces up with a fork, then added a blob of butter (~RM 0.50) and half a glass of milk (~RM 1.00), and then stirred everything up until evenly mixed. And that’s it!

DSC_0016 (1024x734)

Sure, there’s not much flavors in it, and it doesn’t look very colorful, nor does it look any yummy, but what you get is a soft and moist mash, with a bit of milky and buttery to it. It is awesome. Simply awesome. Abso-freaking-lutely fantastically awesome!

This was supposed to be dinner yesterday, and I can’t have just mashed potato for dinner, can I? Need some semblance of a balanced diet, don’t we? So… while the potato was boiling away in the pot, I brought out one layer of the steamer that I have, placed it on top of the pot, and steamed two handfuls of defrosted frozen mixed vegetables: peas, carrots, corns (~RM 2 worth of vegetables).

DSC_0015 (1024x650)

What’s that beside the vegetables? Whence come those shredded pieces of what seems to be roasted chicken?

Nothing fanciful. I bought a whole chicken leg, rubbed it with salt and black pepper and dried thyme and olive oil, then slapped it into the oven, roasted it at 180°C for 45 minutes until the skin turns golden brown… NOT.

I’m just kidding. I did not roast me’ own chicken leg. I actually bought this black pepper roasted chicken leg from the AEON supermarket (RM 4.70). Took me 3 minutes of flipping around, searching for the biggest leg, for they were all priced the same. My only hands-on involvement in the kitchen was to use my hand to pluck out the meats from the bones and place them together with the steamed vegetables. That’s why you are seeing the picture above.

Place both the bowls together and you get this:

DSC_0014 (1024x608)

And that’s Lazy Man’s mashed potato dinner. For a grand total of ~RM 9.00 (~US$ 2.00) and 10 minutes of work (plus 20 minutes waiting time), I fancy I am eating rather splendidly again.

By the way don’t say this is not lazy, I am returning to my lazy ways. Instead of roasting my own chicken, I bought it from the supermarket. And instead of cooking the peas AFTER the potatoes in TWO separate pots, I cooked them together in ONE pot. Lazy! End of story!


    • Not according to my mom. This dinner will only be healthy if there is no chicken skin and the bowl is full to the brim with veggies. 😀

  1. Ah, this sounds like a very Western kind of mashed potatoes with the milk and butter. Rich and creamy. As per your previous comment, I’m interested to know why you aren’t a fan of KFC mashed potato anymore. I really like it, and love dipping the popcorn chicken and chips in it 😀

    This looks like a very appetising meal. At the very least visually appetising. Well done 😀

    You’re not the only one who boils the same ingredients or dishes in one pot of water. I do that, well, more times than I can count. Makes me a lazy girl 😀

    • I’ll explain about it in due time… the KFC thingy…

      I think you meant the chicken looks appetizing. Thanks, I opened the package and plucked the meats out myself. 😀

  2. I love mashed potatoes, the creamier the better! I used to like the KFC one with the brown gravy. Yours looks pretty good. I would add some salt and pepper to it 🙂

    • You know, I loved KFC’s whipped potatoes too. Actually it was because of us pestering mom that she came up with her own homemade mashed potatoes. But strangely, I don’t like KFC’s one anymore nowadays. In fact, I sometimes feel disgusted with it. I’m planning to write about this, but in due time…

  3. I see that you’re putting your two newly bought bowls to good use again.

    Your mom’s potato mash with butter and milk is the most basic recipe of any mashed potatoes but, without salt and pepper, will be too bland for me.

    I almost believed that you made your own roast chicken when you said you roasted it at 180C for 45 mins (coz the temperature is correct but I know 45 mins is too long when I saw the chicken was almost black…shouldn’t be more than 30 mins). If I were standing next to you at Aeon, I wouldn’t be happy….not that you bought the chicken leg but that you flipped the chicken leg for 3 mins before choosing one…next time just eyeball the size and pick one, ok? ;D

    You don’t eat rice…but you eat potatoes…what’s up with that? Go buy some rice already! 😀 😀

    • What’s wrong with flipping chicken? Did you mean the waiting time? I used the tongs, not my hand. If someone in front of me do that, I would be pissed, not because flipping is bad, but because it wastes my time watching him do it. Of course, I did that because nobody was around LOL! You have to flip, sometimes the biggest and juiciest ones are stacked in the bottom! 😀 😀

      Potatoes are different… they’re just different. Don’t question me more about it. 😛

      • No, I didn’t mean the waiting time. In my household, flipping chicken (or anything else for that matter) is considered bad table manners. We have this relative who would flip (and dig), with her chopsticks or spoon, pieces of chicken to find the exact cut that she wanted and the elders at the table would frown upon seeing that. Plus, flipping the chicken would put the neatly arranged chicken pieces into disarray, no?

        I’ve also seen people doing it at chap farn stalls, flipping and digging at food….let’s just say it’s not a pretty sight! 🙁

        • Hahaha, ok yeah, if dining together at the table, of course it is rude to flip and dig on the dishes. I thought it was alright if it was a deli counter when no one else is waiting for it behind me. Those chickens were never neatly arranged! Oh, or maybe… I was not the first or the only one who do this. Hahaha! 😀

  4. Wanted to make mashed potato after seeing Princess Ribbon mashed potato, but lazy, have not go get potato and make it…

  5. I have friends who are very fussy when it comes to mashed potato. Some insist that it must be perfectly smooth with no lumps. I like it a little bit rustic though, not overly mashed.

  6. You know what? I have done exactly like you several times over the years. I made my own mashed potatoes and bought the best roast chicken parts from ayamas! I made my own buttered and cheesed boiled veggies. So yummy but my price hit over arM20. So sad.

    • Your chicken premium one from Ayamas, some more got cheese and who know what type of veggies. Cannot compare lah hahaha! 😀

  7. For the mashed potato, did you use slightly salted butter or non salted butter? If slightly salted, then flavourful la your mashed potatoes.

    For the roasted chicken leg, did you eat the charred skin as well? Nothing, just wondering that’s all.

    A very filling dinner lah, you got there, all for RM9, ok lah. Can slowly enjoy at home and then do the washing up later.

    • Salted lah, I never use unsalted butter. To me, unsalted butter is pointless. I want the butter for that buttery (salty) smell and taste, and they remove that key component. Again, to me lah.. to me…

      You know I spent some time flipping through the legs to arrive at this one, right? Not only for the biggest, but also the best looking skin, hahaha! It would be stupid for me to then NOT eat the skin! 😀 😀

  8. still not that lazy lah, at least you made your own mashed potatoes and also steamed some mixed veggie.. I would not bother to do so, or probably you did that to please your mom?? veggie veggie, eat more veggie, boy~~ :p

    • Lazy! End of discussion!

      I do eat veggie one lah, just not as much as my mom would like. If it is up to her, there would be no chicken and that entire bowl are those veggies…

  9. Eh how come the chicken looks like got blue/green colour on the skin geh? Oh yes, your mum’s mash is nice, I usually just mix with butter, no more.. No pepper, no milk pun.. I can have 3 large potatoes by myself!

    • That is lighting problem. You see the last photo. That is the chicken skin, darkened part. Oh no! Why I show that? Crap!!!

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