Lazy Man’s Fried Rice

So, I made porridge. That used up one portion of the rice that I cooked, and I had another two and a half portions. Except work days have begun again, and I was lazy tired to be creative. So… the rest of the overnight rice… I’ve got no choice but to do what most people do with overnight rice. Time to cook fried rice!

I guess my fried rice is probably as unorthodox as it gets if you compare to what you can get from restaurants or food courts. My list of ingredients for my fried rice:

  • few strips of pork belly slices,
  • handful of frozen peas/carrot/corn,
  • a quarter of a head of purple cabbage,
  • two eggs,
  • two portions of overnight rice,
  • a tablespoon of oyster sauce,
  • a tablespoon of dark soy sauce,
  • olive oil and garlic granules and pepper.

First up, heat up some oil and throw the pork slices in and sear them all. Then throw in the vegetables and sauces in and stir fry for a few minutes.

DSC_0018 (1024x710)

Then add the rice in. Break the rice up with the spatula, and mix them all up until the rice is covered in sauce and turns into light golden brown. This process takes probably a few minutes.

DSC_0019 (1024x778)

Make a well and crack the eggs in. Let the eggs cook and scramble them, then mix everything together. Cook for another few minutes.

DSC_0020 (1024x694)

And it’s done! Two and a half portions of fried rice. Well, two big portions. One for consumption, one for storage for the next day.

DSC_0021 (1024x589)

I said my fried rice is unorthodox, because I don’t think I have ever seen anyone add purple cabbage into fried rice. I think besides me, the only other place where you can get purple cabbage in fried rice would be from my mom’s kitchen. Am I right or am I wrong? If I am wrong, let me know

DSC_0022 (1024x650)

And I’m really loving this smaller Daiso bowl. I can fill it to the brim and it would still not be too much. If I use my other bowl, this portion would fill less than half of it, then I would feel it is too little and add more, and probably end up finishing all the fried rice in one go.

And my fried rice is yummeh~ Yum yumssss….


  1. So much liew sure hoe liow!!! See also wanna eat already.. purple cabbage is not cheap one.. I see the price and always end up not buying.. I think one time I bought and my kids didn’t like the purplish sauce after cooking.. hahahaa.. but if for own consumption and fried rice, sure taste good!!

    • Actually that’s kind of my cheat code when it comes to cooking. If all else fails, overwhelm with lots of liew, then sure the dish will turn out good one way or another. πŸ˜€

  2. Everything looks so good except the purple cabbage. Don’t want that. Fry one batch without the purple cabbage and courier to me next time k? thank you in advance.

    • You’re good. I can’t. If I eat the same food for consecutive meals, I would go crazy. Unless it is pork. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  3. Yes, purple cabbage in fried rice is unorthodox. I don’t put those frozen carrots/peas/corn into my fried rice either coz if my son sees it, he won’t eat it! :p If I have to put any vegetables in, it has to be French or long beans only….and when I order fried rice outside, I have to specifically ask them to omit those frozen veges even.

    • How old is your son huh, I never got to ask? As I kid, I hated those frozen veggies too. In fact I hated all form of veggies! Actually I still don’t like them, but I am able to tolerate them because I know I have to eat them for my own health.

  4. I must confess that your fried rice is the most colourful one I had ever seen with additional purple! That’s a myriad of colours like a fireworks display which makes it an ideal dish for a happy and joyous occasion. I always disliked plain looking fried rice. They looked sad and somber unlike yours. Call it a “Happy Fried Rice”.

    • I guess I got this colorful streak from my mom. She is a strong advocate of eating food of different colors (natural colors that is) as different colors mean different health properties.

  5. Ahh, similar with mine, except I don’t throw in cabbage and oyster sauce into my fried rice.. I just stick to eggs, soy sauce and lots of pepper, and ooohhh, your favourite – bacon..

    • Bacon mahals nowadays πŸ™ .. So I got those shabu shabu pork belly slices instead. Cheaper a bit, although less yummy due to no smokiness flavor πŸ™ .

  6. I like to use brown rice in my cooking. Fried rice is such a great dish because I can make a big batch and then freeze smaller portions for days when I have no time to cook.

  7. I have seen fried rice with purple cabbage but they julienne the purple cabbage into thin strips, not in pieces like yours. I see your fried rice, I manyak takut because looks like a lot of carb there for dinner. I prefer your previous almost carb free homecooked dinners. Remind me again, why did you decide to eat rice for dinner? Because of the raising cost of meat and vegetables so you need rice to keep you full at night?

    • Mine is more rustic, everything done by hand preferably a.k.a Lazy, hence the big pieces…

      I don’t think I have seriously discussed this topic before, but you are right. It is due to the rising cost of food. I was jolted awake probably some time 2 weeks ago, I realized since GST, I have been cutting back on many things just to make my food cost seems not much of an increase, but the past 2 months, I have been eating like I used to before GST, and my grocery bill have turned from ~RM 60 to over RM 100 weekly. That’s about RM 200 more per month. Not to mention the prices of eating out. And you know I am trying to save more money for my trip to Europe next year, which due to the currency debacle means will be 30% more expensive now. So… haih….

  8. As far as fried rice goes, and any other recipe for that matter, no rule against adding any ingredient to it. It might taste nice, or it might not. Your gamble πŸ˜€ Generally, I prefer white fried rice over the dark ones (i.e the ones with no dark soy sauce or Chinese cooking caramel).

    As a kid, I always bought fried rice from the school canteen in Singapore. They had luncheon meat in the friend rice. Those were the days 😐

      • I had to mention the fried rice and luncheon meat in it as it was a big part of my childhood πŸ˜€

        Your fried rice looks very filling. Surprised you didn’t make it a chilli fried rice.

      • What’s wrong with luncheon meat? Other than it being super unhealthy! :p I have to agree with Mabel, we grew up eating a lot of luncheon meat especially in fried rice…I still do that sometimes now…ahh, childhood memories…plus it’s tasty what! πŸ˜€

        • There’s nothing wrong with luncheon meat. The only thing wrong is me, who find it hard to resist the path of temptation even merely by the mere mention of it! 😐

  9. here comes the fried rice.. and my goodness, your fried rice is surely loaded with stuffs, I like that.. and good boy, you just had a portion kept for next day, and not one whole week supply of fried rice lying in the fridge like many of my ex-coursemates did.. hehe!!

    • I don’t think I can handle one whole week of fried rice. As a general rule, I can’t go more than 2 meals of the same things!

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