KFC Curry Rice Bucket

I was at Giant Hypermarket to get some DIY supplies to fix a leak in my bathroom and decided that I should just grab dinner there. Unfortunately, dinner there means either Pizza Hut or KFC. After 2 seconds of intensely deep thought, I decided to head to the latter. I wanted to get their Masak Merah Rice Wrap because that’s the most… vegetable-y option on their menu WHICH IS ALSO DELICIOUS. Don’t mention their coleslaw or I’ll slap you.

So I was queuing and looking around when I spotted something new on one of their stand banners. It said Curry Rice Bucket, RM 6.50 (a la carte), RM 7.90 (set) and the picture looked mouthwatering. So I changed my mind and got a takeaway of that instead.

Let’s see what I’ve got…

DSC_0018 (1024x692)

Actually, it smells wonderful, like real kari ayam (chicken curry). The food was warm so the smell accompanied me along the drive back home. And I think tomorrow morning when I get into my car that smell will assault me again.

And it looks… alright, doesn’t it? No, it did not look like the one printed on the banner, but it looks like… curry. If you think buying something from a fast food joint in Malaysia that looks like the real thing is a given and nothing to shout about, please recall to your mind the images of a certain McChicken or a certain Lychee Pie from another fast food joint.

Oh, yeah, do not be deceived by how big the “bucket” looked in the above picture. I took a close up shot, that’s all. To give you some perspective, this is how the whole set looks like, with a small fries and regular sized soft drink.

DSC_0017 (1024x997)

Yeah, the “bucket” is actually pretty small, but it’s alright, I try to not have heavy dinners anyway. It contains a bowl of rice, half a piece of Zinger patty and two small cubes of potato. But the curry gravy was rather generous, enough to coat all the rice.

And it tastes as good as it smells, which is… it tastes like real kari ayam. Of course, if this is a sponsored post, I could go further and write things like “Oh it is so finger lickin’ good! It tastes almost as good as the kari ayam that I got from that popular warung (Malay food stall) under a tree in downtown KL!” or something like that. But since this is not a sponsored post, we’ll just leave it at that: This Curry Rice Bucket tastes like a usual serving of kari ayam and rice.

Will I have this again? Yes, since it is as cheap as having hawker food…. no, what am I saying? No, I mean, No! There’s no vegetables in this meal at all! I will not have this again! My mom will never see me have this again!



  1. This is a typical curry rice meal. I might like this. Add in a fried (or hard boiled) egg and my ‘ever ready stock’ of fried ikan bilis that I have and it’ll be quite a meal! 😀 Did they give you the curry in a separate container or they just poured it all over the rice, in which case the zinger chicken pieces will be soggy.

  2. It looks like your regular kari ayam, and I am not surprised it tasted quite good. Did you taste the KFC taste? I’m sure it came through. Lots of kari sauce, surely doesn’t look dry but the chips a tad soggy…I like the top down shot a lot. I always have trouble getting a decent shot like that since I am short.

    • Chips? There’s no chips in there. You mean the chips on the side? Well… KFC is not really the best fast food chips provider as far as Malaysia is concerned, so I don’t normally scrutinize them that closely.

      LOL! What a lame excuse of being too short. Get a chair! 😀 😀

      • Yes the chips on the side. Sometimes here in Australia, KFC does $1 per box of regular chips. I still prefer McD fries over KFC chips any day.

        Well, I’m quite a klutz so there’s a big chance I’ll wobble off the chair taking such a photo 😀

        • I cannot imagine too many Aussies would prefer to have KFC, or any fast food for that matter. I don’t think I will if I live there. Just like how Starbucks doesn’t seem to be doing so well there. You guys have all those fresh food at similar prices..

  3. Muahahaha! I should hire you to be a stand up comedian.
    You should have seen my dropped jaws on seeing the first bucket photo. I really thought this Marcus is greedier than Jibby’s Roshippomah! I believe you ate the whole family sized bucket.
    Kanneeneh! Anay kena tipu pula….

    • Hahaha! When I saw that first picture, I was also momentarily deceived by it myself. That’s why there’s that second picture to set things straight! 😀

      Come on lah, don’t compare me with those two. If I am anywhere close, I would’ve already allocated 2.6B for a mega giveaway to all my readers!

  4. Don’t slap me because I want to say that the c is not an healthy option because of the heavy mayo used which is full of sugar and salt and fat so don’t eat that because it is not healthy. Now I want to try this already because I like to eat curry which is not that spicy. Does that piece of zinger contains fatty chicken bits or not? If yes, then I won’t buy because I am lazy to spit out those fatty bits.

    • You are saying the c is not an option too, which is what I am saying, so I won’t slap you.

      I didn’t bite into any fatty bits on mine, but I guess you might get it in some of the servings. After all, there are fatty bits in Zinger. I didn’t know you would mind even those tiny bits. I usually hardly notice it when I eat Zinger or Spicy McDeluxe.

  5. yeah, for less than RM8 in a fast food chain, can’t expect the portion of rice given for you at a chap fan stall.. but then I think that amount is just enough for me, uncle can’t eat much now..

    and hor, when I read till the last paragraph where you mention “no vegetables”, I right away think of your mum nagging you!! and ooopss, that’s what exactly is what I continued to read~~ xD

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