Iron Sky

Today I am going to tell you about another movie.

No, I did not watch it in the cinema. In fact, I don’t think this movie will ever make it into our cinemas. It is a 2012 movie that I watched through Netflix when I was in Loveland back in 2013.

The movie is called Iron Sky.


It is a Finnish-Australian-German production and it was one of those rare independent movies whereby the budget for production was crowdfunded from many independent contributors rather than from one of the major Hollywood distributor companies. But they managed to raise about US$ 10 million so this isn’t one of those low cost, crappy independent movies.


The movie is based on the premises of a popular Nazi myth, whereby it was said that towards the end of World War II, German scientists have actually mastered the technology to fly to outer space, and a faction of the Nazi Germans fled the Earth, set up a base on the dark side of the moon and call themselves the Fourth Reich.


You know, I’ve watched countless independent movies through Netflix, and basically all of them sucked. I was expecting this Iron Sky to be the same. But I ended up loving this movie. I mean, yes… the plot at times gets extremely bizarre and ridiculous, and some of the scenes will still make you go “WTF?!”, but… I thought the theme for this movie is very interesting. I mean, Nazis hiding in the moon and waiting to strike back, this introductory statement itself… rocks!

And the CGI was decent. Of course, not to Iron Man/Avengers level of great, but still decent enough to allow you to focus on the movie rather than focus on cursing about how the spaceship looked like a milk tin or something.

And the acting was rather solid. Maybe it was because I did not have any expectations, I was pleasantly surprised with how good the actors/actress were in the Iron Sky. I was able to feel all the Nazi arrogance, fascination, hurt of betrayal, that kind of emotion that the actors/actresses wanted to portray.


And, in case you have not noticed from all my pictures, I find the lead actress is hot. Very hot. Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce you to Julia Dietze. Julia is not known in the international big screens, she is a German-French actress who is active mostly in German movies and TV. I am actually quite surprised that she has not been scouted and snatched up by those vultures in Hollywood. I mean, she’s hot, pretty, has a sweet smile and a sweet voice, and speaks good English. I think she would do well in a Hollywood blockbuster.

Anyway, here’s a trailer for Iron Sky.

If you want to watch the full movie, you would have to stream it from one of the many sources available online.

Okay, part two…

The producers for Iron Sky is going to come out with a sequel, and it is called Iron Sky: The Coming Race.

I’m so excited. According to the producers, there will be Hitler, dinosaurs, Hollow Earth, Vladimir Putin and Jesus in this sequel. Basically all those intriguing occult myths that has fascinated me since childhood. This will be even more epic and ridiculous than the first movie. I can’t wait for this movie to be released!

Unfortunately, I don’t think this movie will be released in Malaysian cinemas. Any movies with Hitler OR Jesus will probably be banned immediately, and this one has got Hitler AND Jesus. Damn! And, I am also not sure when or if I will even get another trip to the US again, so Netflix will be out of question. I think, I have only one option left.

This movie, Iron Sky: The Coming Race, is scheduled to be released on December 2016. It is currently being crowdfunded under Indiegogo. Yes, the producers are resorting to crowdfunding as one of their means to raise funds for the movie again. Any contributor if US$ 20 will get access to a digital download copy of the movie one day before it is released. US$ 25 will get you a DVD and US$ 35 will get you a Blu-Ray.

Still… 20 dollars for a movie is kind of… expensive. Even more so today. A few months ago, $ 20 would mean RM 62. Now, $ 20 means RM 86. And RM 86 for a digital copy of the movie… well…

But, if I don’t do it now, I might have to wait another year or two before a good quality pirated source goes online. And… if I don’t pay up now but decide to do it in the future, it might not be RM 86 anymore. It could be RM 100 or worse!

Darn! What should I do? What should I do?

OMG! Julia, such a lovely face and a sweet voice! Okay okay, I’m in! Credit card swiped!

Justification mode on:

  • The producers said they have engaged Pixomondo for visual effects this time. Pixomondo is also the VFX artists for a bunch of Hollywood blockbusters, so the viewing experience should be great this time. The producers even said we should expect a $100M quality movie this time.
  • I am supporting independent film makers. In other words, I am supporting a bunch of people who wants to break those Hollywood big boys’ monopoly in the movies industry. If they succeed, more and more independent producers might buck up and follow suit. Eventually the monopoly would be broken and costs would come tumbling down. Good news for moviegoers in the long run.


If any of you are interested to get a first hand viewing experience of a new Julia Dietze movie also contribute to breaking the big money monopoly in movie industries, here’s the link to contribute:

Indiegogo: Iron Sky The Coming Race


    • I’m amazed that you found me. I don’t think this blog post ranks in Google Search. If you are going to screen in Malaysia, I will do my feeble best to promote your movie then! 😀

    • That’s usually the case nowadays, huh? Although in this case, a pretty face and a sweet voice to die for! 😀

  1. I didn’t know that anything Jesus or Hitler would get banned from the big screens here! I am a bit shocked to hear this.
    Not easy for that French German lass to get scouted by Hollywood unless she lies down and spread on the pyre to be seen by vultures.
    I used to hang out with the film makers during the 90s and thought like you somewhere hoping for the local boys to make it big. It is really tough to dream this big and the road ahead is long. I only could wish for many to get recognition at the Cannes Film Festivals which is worthy enough.

    • I don’t know, I suppose anything that misrepresent religion would be banned nowadays, isn’t it?

      Yeah, I suspected that much about how Hollywood works. That’s why I hope the new generation of independent movie makers can break their monopoly and give aspiring artists another avenue to showcase their talents.

  2. Do tell me that you swipe US$ 35 to get yourself a Blu-Ray copy of the sequel! I think it is worth another US$ 15 to get a Blu-Ray instead of a digital download. So when it the ETA?

    • No I didn’t. I swiped $20 only. You see, I’m not good at keeping paraphernalia. I’ll lose the Blu-Ray. And, I’ve bought a few DVDs in the US, most of them are usually corrupted and needs to be exchanged. I’m worried it will be the same with European DVDs. That would be troublesome for me.

      They are expecting to release the movie by December 2016. Slightly more than a year from now. 😉

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