[CLOSED]Dynazty Kitchen @ Elit Avenue, Penang

I just realized I have this post in draft mode since… probably two months ago. So shall I call this, like what Mama Kucing likes to call, basi (stale) post?

[9-Sept-2015: Darn! I just read from their Facebook page, they have closed down permanently four days ago! So you cannot actually try this restaurant out anymore! Tsk… I should’ve made this post earlier, maybe it might bring them more business and save them consequently..]

So, a couple months ago, on a lovely Sunday afternoon, I received a phone call from my dad, and he said: “I’m on my way from Ipoh to Penang, I’ll arrive in about 3 hours. I want to see where you are staying in.

Yeah, my dad drives a van and he drives it within the speed limit for lorries/vans, so he needs 3 hours to drive from Ipoh to Penang… And yeah, he loves ambushing me like this…

So he arrived at about 3.30 PM, I showed him around, and seeing that there’s no air-cond, no TV, no sofa, no nothing… he decided that he’d rather drive back to Taiping (his hometown) to spend the night with my aunts. But he did not have lunch and was hungry. So we decided to go get some food before he made his drive back.

The problem was, I was staying in Bayan Lepas, and as a general rule, restaurants in Bayan Lepas do not operate on weekends at non meal hours. Everywhere was closed, until we finally came to Elit Avenue (yes, Elit Avenue again) and found this restaurant, Dynazty Kitchen, open.

Photo from their Facebook page.

This Dynazty Kitchen is a CMR, a Chinese Muslim Restaurant, the second of it’s kind in the area. I was actually quite intrigued and wanted to try this restaurant out, but you know, I mostly hangout with Chinese people, and as a general rule, a bunch of Chinese only people would not venture into a Chinese Muslim Restaurant. It is nothing about religion extremism. I mean, we do patronize Malay restaurants and Mamak (Indian Muslim) restaurant, but why the f**k should we get halal Chinese food when we can get the real deal if you know what I mean, right?

By the way, if you want to know what was the source of my intrigue, it is because of this photo which I saw in their website.

Photo from their website.

If you are too lazy to enlarge the photo and read the letter, it is basically a letter from Hyatt Borneo that endorses the chef for having used to work in a team that serves Chinese food to the Sultan of Brunei from various palaces in Brunei. I mean, yeah it is Brunei, but still… how often can you claim to have eaten food from someone who used to serve royalty?

So, anyway, I finally ended being able to try this restaurant out. First thing I noticed is that their entire floor staff consisted of Malay ladies (or women, I don’t know). I guess this is understandable. If you are operating a CMR, you should expect most of your customers to be Malays and Muslims, so having Malay floor staff is more reassuring to the potential customers as opposed to having foulmouthed and vulgar Chinese waiters/waitresses. I know this sounds racist, but… it is what it is… just stating a fact. I did have a quick peek into the kitchen and noticed a Chinese looking man helming the wok, must be the chef mentioned in the letter.

I ordered three dishes for me and my dad. Then we settled down to wait. As we were waiting for our food to be served, I noticed the staff arranging many plates of nice looking dishes at the table beside us. They were doing a photo shoot of the dishes for their Facebook page. I jokingly told one of the waitress: “Kalau nanti I punyer tak serupa cantik macam yang korang tengah ambik gambaq punyer, I tak bayar (If what I am served later is not as nice as the ones you are taking pictures with, I’m not paying)”. The waitress replied me with a smile and said: “Bolehhhhhh (Cannnnn)”.

You might be wondering why I am not pissed off that the floor staff was doing something in the customer dining area like I used to in other cafes/restaurants. See, I get pissed off if the floor staff is doing their own thing, like relaxing and eating lunch. But I consider taking photos for their restaurant’s Facebook page as WORK, and if they are doing work in the customer dining area, I’m fine with it.

Anyway, as we were the only customers in the restaurant at that time, our food was served pretty quickly.

You know, the last time I had halal Chinese food done by a hotel chef was in Puteri Pacific Johor Bahru, and I was mind blown. It was very good in it’s own right, without the “for a halal Chinese food” qualifier. So I actually held a rather high expectation coming here.

DSC_0005 (1024x598)
Mixed Vege

Mixed Vege 杂菜 (RM 12.80) – This was… meh. As you can see from the plate, there was too much gravy and too little vegetables. And the gravy was a tad too salty to what a typical Chinese dish would be. I think the chef adapted the recipe for this dish to suit the Malay palate more…

DSC_0007 (1024x599)
Mini Wok Tofu

Mini Wok Tofu 煲仔豆腐 (RM 14.80) – This was much better. The gravy was not so salty with this one, and the “liew” (ingredients) was more generous here. We got lots of tofu, button mushrooms and shrimps in this mini wok.

DSC_0006 (1024x576)
Sweet and Sour Chicken

Sweet and Sour Chicken 糖醋鸡丁 (RM 16.80) – Obviously they cannot serve the pork version 咕噜肉 here, so this is the chicken version. The chicken was deep fried till really really crispy on the outside and the meat was tender on the inside. And the sauce was the right flavor. I actually enjoyed this a lot. I think this dish was done perfectly. I mean, as perfect as it can get for the chicken version…

So, let’s see. I think the most enjoyable halal Chinese food experience for me is still from that hotel in JB. But I wouldn’t say the food in this Dynazty Kitchen is worse, because I think the food is pretty nice here. I would say that the style is different. The one in the hotel in JB, the food was more China Chinese food. Understandably so, because the chef is a Muslim from Guangdong, China. The chef in this Dynazty Kitchen, he is a local Penang Chinese Muslim, so his dishes have more of a Malaysian Chinese style to it. That other CMR in Penang, that’s Szechuan Muslim style.

I’m not sure if I will ever come back again, for reasons I mentioned earlier in this post. But I would not hesitate to recommend you to give this restaurant a shot if for some reasons you need a Chinese Muslim restaurant. Heck, if I am going to have a team lunch again in the future, I will recommend this restaurant too. If nothing else, this restaurant will tell you more about Malaysian Chinese cuisine than that other one, in a halal way. 9-Sept-2015: Forget this paragraph, the restaurant has closed down permanently

And, oh yeah… my dishes… they really did look like the dishes that the staff were using for the photo op. Plus point.

And, oh yeah… they also do not do service charge and GST. Double plus point.

Dynazty Kitchen Facebook page


  1. No sofa, no TV, no air con…that sounds like my flat in Malaysia. Oh wait, the other time my parents brought over a sofa and TV but I can’t remember when I last sat on the cushion and turned on the TV…

    Another restaurant bites the dust. I really do wonder what kind of cliente they were targeting.

    • Usually restaurants like this serve Malays and Muslims, they sometimes do want to taste some Chinese food. They also serve big groups of factory workers coming for team lunch or dinner, where there are a mix of all races on the group including Malays. That other CMR in the area, it has been around for quite some time, is pretty popular and doing great business so far. I guess this new one didn’t do so well in promoting themselves and not many people are aware of them. Pity…

  2. LoL! This is so cute! Blogged but they are now closed. Happens to me once but mine was an unfortunate case. I went to this place for dinner with my friends and quickly blogged about it only to find out the following week that we are one of their last diners as they siezed operation right after we left 🙁

    • At least you tried your best to be fast. I kept the photos for almost two months, so I feel more guilty now 🙁

  3. I have had halal Chinese food before and they were OK so far. But I find that certain dishes need oinks to taste better hah..hah… There is one near my office and like you said, we Chinese tend to go for the regular non-halal ones.

    • Right? Why go for a compromised place with no oinks when there is nothing to stop us from going for the real deals? 😀

  4. I would rather eat in a real Chinese restaurant (for Chinese food) than a halal ones…well, some Chinese dishes need to be cooked using Chinese wines and herbs (which isn’t available in halal restaurant), that’s why the taste is slightly not up to expectation.

  5. I am very interested to try the CMR here in PJ now that you have mentioned. During my trips to China, I never enjoyed their CMR food as the smell of their strong mutton stench and other smells seem to spoil my appetite while their folks were happily munching away. I saw this one CMR shop nearby at Damansara Perdana and tempted to try as I believe they have modified and localised their menu flavour.

    I like the way your dad leads his easy and no frills lifestyle. I wonder how many siblings do you have?

    • I think you tried the Xinjiang style cuisine which is mainly mutton and lamb based, that’s why. Actually in Malaysia, most CMR serves this style of food too. In China there are actually two main areas where there are strong Muslim influences. Xinjiang area, and Guangdong/Guangxi area. You know Cheng Ho is a Muslim and he is a Cantonese too?

      I’m the middle of 3 kids…

  6. So, everyone should give sweet and sour chicken a break…it tastes as good as the pork and fish versions ya. Hmmm…I thought you’d be supporting your friend’s restaurant, Cozy House, when it comes to Chinese Muslim food (instead of the JB hotel one)…kekeke! 😀 For me, halal Chinese food will never be as good as real Chinese food…and I’m not referring to the pork dishes.

    • While my friend’s establishment is a halal place, I don’t think he markets his restaurant as a CMR, nor would be appreciate his restaurant being labeled as such. His is sort of a fusion restaurant rather than a Chinese restaurant.

      I think you need to try that JB hotel once. It changed my mind, it might change yours too! 😀

  7. Haha, I laughing la when you wrote basi post.. Yup, reminds me of Meow..Food post will never be outdated la.. If celebration post or what, then yes la.. Food post, if you x cakap, xde orang tau pun.. Call me x adventurous, you know which one I like most? The mini wok tofu.. Very familiar dish, especially if you have kids.. This tofu thingy is a MUST whenever there’re kids.. Easy “lou zhap sik farn”, and the tofu mashed into the rice as well 😛

    • Huh… I thought you will like the gu lou yuk, I mean gu lou gai… Kids also will love that ma, not meh? 😛

      • Kids don’t eat meat/zha ger wor.. They like gravy and soup and fried stuffs like fried wanton, fried suikow.. I mean my kids la.. Maybe when kids are bigger a bit, they like koo loo yok kua.. But mine, always soup/gravy with rice, tofu and egg, fishballs/hotdogs, that’s all.. Ooohh, and Kinder surprise egg 🙂

        • Gu lou yuk different leh, it is deep fried, crispy and tasty wor. I think I already love it ever since I had teeth! 😀

  8. No sofa, no TV, no air con, I can die man…I always admire those who can take hardship, sometimes I think I am too pampered, so I always count my blessings, having a shelter and a house to stay is already a blessing, many people are homeless and roaming the streets, so the key thing is “count your blessings”.

    • Usually I spend most of my time in front of the laptop anyway, so no sofa and no TV is actually no hardship to me. The air-con thing… well… I got used to it…

  9. i have eaten at a chinese muslim restaurant before with only chinese people in my group. wah your father so cham drive 3 hours to bond with you but have to leave you after the meal. did your dad ask you why are you living like a hermit with no air con, no sofa, no anything?

    • Nope, he did not ask any questions… Aiya he got his sisters in Taiping. My aunts all live in big houses there, and it is his hometown. It is no hardship for him to drive back to Taiping to spend the night lah. 😛

  10. Not kira as ambush la as your dad still gave you 3hours notice. Muhahaha

    Anyway, some chinese muslim food are decent la . I like the one in Amcorp mall. Alamak…wats the name already ah…old already….lupa. But i recall their food are good. Service also good.

    ahem ahem….so the “spot check” pass or not?

  11. huh?? restaurants in Bayan Lepas do not operate on weekends at non meal hours?? not a single one?? then you can always resort to bring your dad to Restoran LazyMan Homecook Food lah, hehe!!

    the food actually look good woh, 有版有眼.. but I like that they don’t charge GST and service tax.. or shall I say they have included that into their price?? but still good, I pay what I see and no extra..

    • No lah… got also lah, but not many. And none that were suitable for my dad. He is a “Chinese food only” type. Bayan Lepas is a strange place, usually weekends are when people would dine at non specific hours, so you would expect restaurants/cafes to open all day on weekends, but not here. Most of them will close from 2.30pm – 6pm, and some of them even worse, they don’t open on Sundays. I suspect most restaurants here are owned by engineers or other employee level people who expect the same days off as when they were still working.

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