進撃の巨人 Attack on Titan

I watched the movie version of 進撃の巨人 Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) earlier today, and I have to say, man I’m so disappointed!

Shingeki no Kyojin is actually originally a manga (comic) series that is actually still ongoing as of today, meaning the story has not finished yet. They also spawned an anime series out of this that depicts the earlier parts of the manga. I was surprised that they can actually make a movie out of a manga that has not even been completed yet.

Some time in the future, the world was suddenly infested with  kyojins (Titans), who are basically humans being infected by some form of virus that enlarges their entire body into giant proportions. Apparently the only thing not enlarged is their brains, because these giants have next to no intellect, the only thing that drives them is to continue eating any normal human beings on sight. Facing extinction, the remaining humans built three massive walls and retreated inside those walls to prevent the giants from seeing them, and to barricade themselves from further attacks. And they lived happily ever after… until… Anyway, the manga is set 100 years after humans retreated behind those walls, and tells the story about the lives of these barely surviving humans.

If you ask me what I particularly like about this manga/anime series, I can tell you it is not how grotesque and bloody the battle scenes between the humans and the Titans are. Although that’s pretty awesome too, no doubt. What delights me about this manga/anime series is that it is the first time I observed the main protagonist (Eren) is not the focal point of the series. Sure, the story revolves around him, but he is basically just a hot headed dumbf**k who is not capable of thinking with his brains. His main objective is to slay as many Titans as he can to avenge his parents, and he has absolutely ZERO regards to his own life as well as the lives of his comrades when it comes to it. The problem was, he was also one of the weakest among his team when in human form (oops, spoiler?), so he regularly gets everyone into trouble of almost being annihilated by the Titans.

No, I don’t like Eren one bit at all. And I’m sure most Shingeki no Kyojin‘s fans would echo my sentiment. But there are several other strong characters in this manga/anime series that we DO like. The most popular characters for me, and I believe to most SnK fans, are Mikasa (Eren’s adopted sister) and Levi Ackerman (Survey Corps/Titan Killer).



So you can imagine my chagrin when those dumba**es that made the movie decided to have NO Levi Ackerman in the movie. Sure, I know movie producers love to twist and change the story line when they adapt something else into a movie, but you gotta retain the core values and personnel of the story! No Levi in a Shingeki no Kyojin movie is like… is like… no Hermione in a Harry Potter movie, or… no Iron Hippo in a Bugis warrior movie (Malaysian insider gag)! Freaking ridiculous!


Actually the movie should be pretty good for those who have not followed the manga/anime. The CGI was good, especially how they made those Titans look so realistic. But, I got so mad that I almost left the cinema halfway into the movie when the character that is supposed to be Levi but isn’t, made his first appearance. I calmed down and watched on, wanting to see if the movie producers really had something up their sleeves to concoct this blasphemy of the highest order. But in the end, they didn’t. They just proved themselves to be a bunch of conceited morons. I don’t like that replacement character one bit at all!


Since they don’t want Levi in the movie versions, I also don’t want to watch their sequel, their part 2 of the movie, which is supposed to screen next week. Better to tell them to go fly kite and stick to the manga/anime series, where I can get Levi and Mikasa awesomeness in abundance.



    • That’s because in this story, humans have been forced to near extinction, so their main focus is on survival and they gave up technology.

  1. There’s a bigger chance I will be happy of Momzilla’s arrival than the chance that I go see that dumb movie. Turning anime into a movie was never a good thing, DB was crap, here you have some love shit story and no cool gear flying scenes. I love the animation and fight sequences in AOT and I’m not going to ruin it 😀

    • That’s too extreme! Hahaha! 😀

      DB… Dragon Ball? That one with the white guy as Goku? I never even bothered to watch that, that is so wrong!

      Actually there are some gear scenes, but it was nowhere near as cool as the anime, because well, in the anime there is Levi and Mikasa going on a Titan killing rampage like nobody’s business.

  2. My wife is a hard core addict and fan of Japanese manga, anime and TV soap dramas. I remembered her watching Naruto for many months and carried her iPad everywhere. I think she watched this Attack on Titan on board the plane while flying to Taipei last week.
    She never failed to give her post mortems on everything she watched but I didn’t hear any criticism on this movie. Like you said, she could be a non follower who was not aware what was missing like you did. You sure sounded like an overgrown big kid kicking up a fuss. Muahahahahah!

    • Yeah yeah… just like I kick up a fuss when Penangites claim wantan mee originate from Penang too. Hahahaha! 😀

  3. hmmm, I am actually not a fans of Japanese manga and anime.. wait, is Doraemon considered one?? if yes then he is an exception, hahaha!! is this movie part of the Japan Film Festival?? I actually just watch Maze Runner: The Scorch Trial, yeah I am a Hollywood Class A movie fans, hahaha!!

    • Doraemon is most definitely considered one. Just because it isn’t about robots or monsters doesn’t mean it is not manga hehehe!

      I’m not sure, I don’t think this movie is under JFF…

  4. There is no way I am gonna watch this movie. I started first with the manga and then after half year watched the anime adaption (which I don’t like that much already). So far I read as far as the English translation are going till this summer and I love it:)

    • Yeah, the manga is still the best. That is always how it is, isn’t it? The printed versions of anything (manga, novel) are always the best. When they adapt into an anime series/TV series, they have to cut many scenes due to time constrain. And the movie versions are the worst, because they try to squeeze a few days of story telling into 2 hours. I personally don’t mind if they keep to the core values of the original printed versions, but if they twist and totally change the story, it makes me mad.

  5. I watched episode 1 of the anime when my brother was watching it and the Titans look horrible so I did not continue to watch it. Don’t think I will watch the movie too as I do not like bloody gory movie. Why do you think they cut out the Levi character from the movie and put in a replacement?

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