1P100W #44 – Be Thankful


When I read and re-read back some of the stuff I wrote when I was in foul mood, they really don’t make good reading. In fact, they made me cringe. I guess I really should refrain from writing stuff online when pissed.

In fact, I guess I should just quit being an engineer or even blogging. I think I should be a bank robber instead. If I get arrested I can say to the police: “For 364 days I left them in peace and they never thanked me. I only robbed them once a year and they get you to arrest me.”

Otherwise, have a nice weekend, peeps…

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  1. When I read back, I often laughed at my stupidity for using not foul but vulgar words in my blogs. If I ever cringed, I could just edit them and kept me happy.
    I never planned to blog it like my diary but now it really looks like a diary to recall some dates of my travels.

  2. I wonder why you cringe when re-read the things you write when you are in a bad mood. It is times like these when we say the most honest things. However, sometimes when I re-read the things and blogs I write when I was in a good mood, yes good mood, I cringe and wonder why I wrote like that. Don’t know if I’m making much sense 😀

    • Well… I’d like to think that I’m a nice guy. And nice guy doesn’t say mean things. Sarcastic, yes, all the time, but (hopefully) not mean. And when I am in a bad mood, I tend to write mean things, and that makes me cringe. 😐

      Well, you have your own reasons to be the opposite of me. You make as much sense as I am, so I am in no position to comment about your making sense or not. 😀

  3. Ok, for 364 days we got some nice to read blog posts from you, so we should be thankful….kekeke! 😀

    Sometimes, things written in haste or when we’re in a foul mood may not be our best work. That’s why I usually let a few days pass before I even begin to write (if I had a pissed off dining experience). And that’s also probably why chefs put out bad food when they’re not in a good mood…we can’t feel the love! 😉

    • If one day you realize I have stopped showing up in my blog and your blogs, then chances are I really attempted it. 😀

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