1P100W #42 – Wanton Noodles

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I had this for lunch yesterday, in 美食之家 Max Gourmet, a dim sum restaurant in Gurney Plaza. The dish is called 烧肉云吞面 Wanton Noodles with Roasted Pork (RM 10.90).

I quite like this restaurant, because their food are one of those closer to KL taste. Usually this means next to no support from Penangites, but because this is a Penang local restaurant, it is always crowded.

I don’t think Penangites are really food experts they claim to be. It is their pride that drives them rather than appreciation of tastes. You can serve Penangites with KL food but say it is from Penang and they would probably love it.

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    • Forget it lah, I won’t try any other authentic Penang wantan mee anymore. To me, they’re basically all bullshit.

  1. When it comes to Penang food, we are almost in agreement. I guess it’s the same everywhere…ppl tend to be more defensive of (or prefer) the food in their own State. Two of their most famous food, CKT and curry mee, I don’t what’s the fuss about that coz I prefer KL ones anytime. I have a post on Penang food I ate in KL coming up soon.

    • My point is, for some of them, the food doesn’t even need to taste like Penang food, you just need to let them think the food is from Penang, then they will go gaga about it.

      Aiya, Penang food that you ate in KL… most of them doesn’t taste like Penang food in Penang one lah… hahaha…

  2. very true.. I guess it’s actually not about the food, but rather because everyone grows up with what they eat, be it in Penang, Ipoh or KL, hence the pride or more precise, getting used to what we eat since young.. err, you know what I’m talking about ah?? hahaha~~ xD

    • I know, but I don’t think that is the case with some (most) Penangites. For me, yes, I prefer KL food because I am familiar with it, but if you serve me Penang food claiming it is from KL, I will probably slap you. For some Penangites, you can do that, give them KL food but say you tapao from the famous stall in Georgetown and you might see them go: “Wah so good! Nah see I told you, Penang has the best food!”.. 😀 😀

  3. Wantan mein is one mein that I always order when I go eat at kopi-chapou.. Usually konlou, only wantan.. No charsiew.. I’m lazy to fry shallots (+keep the oil), so I don’t usually make my own.. I have some air-dried wantan mein though, to cook for the boys using leftover ABC soup 🙂

    • Cannot make our own la, wantan mee, better eat outside…

      Wantan mee noodles in ABC soup… err… nice ah? I cannot imagine it..

    • Hah! You are one of a kind then. Most visitors to Penang that I know, their main agenda is to hunt for the famous street food here.

  4. hahahaha! I think you are too harsh on Penang ppl. You must have a love hate relationship with them to say this. I wonder what a true blue Penang lang will say when s/he reads your this post. You are trolling, ya? LOL!

    Anyway the noodle above really look very delicious! With so much siew pak choy this dish gets your mother’s approval! Aiya you have to eat meat lah so she cannot complain about the siu yoke, got vegetable that much is better than nothing.

    • Hahaha, I think I have mentioned before right? I will always enjoy picking a fight with Penangites when it comes to their misplaced pride and superiority complex for Penang food. You know when I posted that picture on Instagram, a Penangite told me: “See, your friends think Penang’s wantan mee is delicious too!”. Which is bullshit, because this one that I had looks more like what we have in KL and nothing like the crap that they serve in the so called world famous Chulia Street wantan mee.

      That picture, you think there are more greens? It is all a matter of angle and perspective. If I turn the bowl around to have the roasted pork facing me, you will see the noodles differently hahaha! 😀 .. Aiya my mom… she will disapprove even with one shred of pork. Don’t worry about her hahaha! 😀

  5. Lol to the last sentence about serving Penangites with KL food?

    I do remember being picky about my Penang CKT and my parents would have to drive up to MacAlister Road just for that.

    • Tsk! Go all the way there for a plate of CKT. I think you can get decent ones anywhere in Penang, and in some places in KL too.

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