流口水美食馆 Mother Recipe Restaurant

You know, the other day… I think… what happened was… I think… I think… I think I don’t know how to start this blog post. I think I just ran out of grandmother stories to start off a blog post. Oh dear

Okay, so… you might pity me for having a meatless breakfast, but man mom plans, God dad decides. And dad decided that mom should not tire herself by cooking an elaborate lunch for me before my drive back to Penang, and that we should go out for lunch instead. When mom asked him “去边度食?Where to eat?“, he simply replied “流口水咯!Lao hao shui lo!

Lao hao shui is a Cantonese pronunciation, it means drooling

And that was how we found ourselves in this neighborhood air-conditioned Chinese restaurant in Taman Yulek at 12.30 noon.

DSC_0025 (1024x576)

I was quite disappointed that they did not stick to the literal translation of the Cantonese name for the restaurant.

I was attracted by the photos that they pasted on their entrance. I presume these are Restoran Mother Recipe‘s signature dishes.

DSC_0026 (1024x522)

DSC_0027 (1024x694)

According to dad, this is another hidden restaurant in Yulek which is highly popular among the locals. When we got inside, I counted 8 tables on the dining floor, 3 of them were reserved. There were 3 other families occupying 3 other tables, and the boss was occupying 1 table, so our arrival made the restaurant full house.

Anyway, dad wasted no time and placed the orders, and within 10 minutes, our dishes were served.

DSC_0028 (1024x602)
菜香豆腐 Pickles Beancurd – RM 10

菜香豆腐 Pickles Beancurd – This was quite okay. The beancurd was deep fried till the skin was crispy. The pickles and minced pork sauce was passable. I was surprised that the actual dish looked quite similar to the one in the photo.

DSC_0029 (1024x614)
蒜米青龙菜 Fried Dragon Vegetable with Garlic – RM 20

蒜米青龙菜 Fried Dragon Vegetable with Garlic – I have never seen this vegetable before, but this was surprisingly very good! I think the texture is somewhat similar to 菠菜 (spinach) but with a slight crunch to it, and it has a somewhat refreshing taste. I enjoyed this one very much.

[I was wondering if dragon vegetable is the correct English name for this vegetable or not, so I went to Google for help. And guess what I found? I found this blog post written by a familiar blogger. Apparently this is basically 韭菜 (Chinese chives) planted without pesticides (no wonder it is so refreshing), sourced from the Cameron Highlands. And I wonder why this foodie blogger write about this vegetable in her non-food blog.]

DSC_0030 (1024x617)
招牌香口骨 Special Spare Ribs – RM 15

招牌香口骨 Special Spare Ribs – I loved this one too, the pork was cooked just right, and the special sauce was very flavorful. Again, I was surprised that the actual dish looked quite similar to the one in the picture. Clearly the chef here has not been tainted by the “for illustration purposes only” bad practices. I was also surprised by how this pork dish is cheaper than the vegetable dish. I guess I am not surprised now, after reading that the vegetable is pesticide free.

DSC_0031 (1024x654)
生煲金凤 Claypot Tilapia – RM 32

生煲金凤 Claypot TilapiaI am translating this correctly, right? 金凤 Kam Fong is tilapia, right? This one’s not in the pictures pasted on the entrance. It was recommended by the waitress. I think it was one of those Daily Specials. Anyway, you know I don’t like fish with bones, right? And this is fish with bones, so I didn’t really enjoy it. But I can testify that they cooked the fish properly, there was no hint of that fishy taste that comes with poorly cooked fish.

I think this is a restaurant that I could recommend to others without too much hesitation. So here’s the contact details and address of the restaurant.

DSC_0032 (1024x725)

The place is very close to Ketumbar Heights Condominium (made famous by that Alviss dude who jumped from 14th floor a few years ago after breaking up with his girlfriend of a few months). I’ll show you a crudely prepared map which will probably only make sense to people who are familiar with Cheras/Yulek. Anyway, you will be able to find this restaurant through Waze with the address given in the picture above.


Side story:

As we were leaving, we spotted this photo of a 盆菜 poon choy on the wall. We asked the owner how much was this, and he said: RM 600, serves 10 people. That’s… not cheap at all. So we asked him what does this pot have, and he replied: 森妈都有。有鲍鱼啦,冬菇啦,虾啦,鸡啦,鸭啦,总之森妈都有啦!(It has everything. Abalone, mushrooms, prawns, chicken, duck, in short it has everything!)

IMG-20150831-WA0000 (1024x715)

I think his 森马 everything means “look at the damn picture lah!”

By the way, 森妈 sum ma is a Malaysian Cantonese term. It is derived from the Malay word semua, which means all/everything.


I just wrote many consecutive blog posts about food again, didn’t I?? No!!! I should punish myself. Maybe I should recite 100x:

I shall not write more than 3 consecutive posts about food ever again. I shall not write more than 3 consecutive posts about food ever again. I shall not write more than 3 consecutive posts about food ever again. I shall not write more than 3 consecutive posts about food ever again. I shall not write more than 3 consecutive posts about food ever again. I shall not write more than 3 consecutive posts about food ever again……


  1. I’ve never heard of this retaurant before, but the food certainly looks okay, average portions. It does look like the dishes are a bit different from other typical Chinese restaurants in terms of name… Though I live in Cheras, I’m generally familiar with the Yulek market area and I can’t see that on the map 😐

    • This one is a bit further in, going uphill for a bit from Yulek market. I don’t know how long ago you lived in Cheras, or how old this restaurant is. Maybe it wasn’t there when you were living here.

      • I last visited Cheras almost three years ago. I lived near the petrol station which is near the roundabout, and the place I always lived was on a hilly area. Nearby down the hill was a door-making business. Don’t know if you are familiar with that area, probably not.

        • Door makers? Hmm.. then maybe you did pass by this restaurant before, or I mean the cluster of shops that this restaurant is located in. Well, if you don’t know what you are looking for, you won’t notice it anyway. Maybe next time… 😉

  2. I am very familiar with Taman Yulek as I used to be a volunteer for the Hospice nearby for several years. Their unique restaurants are always full house!

    I love Poon Choy very much as it is a very new and unique dish to me. I just started tasting them like 2 years ago and they are not cheap. Luckily I have always been the guests to this extravagant dish! The cheapest I had tasted was RM488.

    • It used to be cheap peasants food in olden days China, don’t know since when some idiots decided that it should be high class, luxury dish… 😐

  3. I like this type of restaurant. The food is usually good and the prices reasonable. I tried that Dragon Vegetable before at a restaurant in Sungai Buloh. Must have been 2 years ago. I was told that the Dragon Vegetable was the in-thing then. From what I see so far, Poon Choy is very expensive. I wish I could have a taste. As for fish, generally I don’t like freshwater fish because they have lots of tiny fine bones. Very difficult to eat.

    • Is tilapia a freshwater fish? Hahaha I didn’t know that. Freshwater fish generally has lots of bones, and a strong muddy smell which could be repulsive to some, isn’t it?

  4. You know why you’ve not had dragon vegetables before…coz they’re expensive! I can’t remember if I’ve eaten this before but I do remember eating one that was yellow in colour that looked very similar to this one…wonder if there’s a yellow variety? I like the looks of your special spare ribs…that have no ribs, all meat…yay! Tilapia used to known as cheap fish that you can get for about RM15…haiz! Hmmm….the prices here very reasonable for an air-cond place. And RM600 is quite a decent price for poon choy in KL especially with abalone.

    • I don’t think I have seen dragon vegetables before in AEON leh, cheap or expensive regardless! Maybe I have not been paying close enough attention..

      I thought tilapia is a cheap fish too. It is the cheapest type of fish fillets sold in AEON. (I feel I sound very jakun now, my grocery experience is limited to AEON >.< )

  5. Oooo Yulek, my parents live nearby, and I know this shop.. Never been there, but I’ve seen it la, coz I need to passby this shop all the time.. “Mother’s recipe” huh.. Beancurd, veggies and fish looks like a family typical “kiu choy” punyer soong.. Looks good..

  6. haha now you making me lau hao sui jor la. A bit too far for me to go there but if i sesat there…hopefully will be able to remember this place la

    Wah Poon choi rm600. A bit more expensive than LYJ leh .

    • I thought RM600 is not cheap at all. I thought maybe it is KL standard price. Guess not huh… What’s LYJ by the way?

  7. I wanted to link that post here in my comment but mana tau you found it yourself, hehehehe. TQ TQ for linking that post. When I wrote that, I have not created my other blog yet. I think many farmers follow suit and grow this ching long choy now because it is now available at aeon (jusco) supermarket and other farmers may not implement pesticide free method but still sell at this high price.

    I like the chinese name of this shop. Too bad it did not translate it literally into the english name. If I live nearby I will surely go and eat here twice a month. Good thing your father veto your mother and you get to have an outside meal. So sad hor, have to leave your parents and go work in Penang as a carefree bachelor but a man gotta do what a man gotta do, right?

    • Hmm… then I wonder if that refreshing taste is because of the lack of pesticide or because of different vegetable species. It really does not taste like gau choy at all… 😐

      Hahaha, I… 50-50 lah. I didn’t leave KL for those noble reasons like “find money to support family”… I ran away from KL because I could not tolerate the traffic jam, and I wanted some privacy which I could not get if I had stayed at home. It was for selfish reasons mainly. I feel sad for leaving my parents to work in Penang, but I would probably feel more sad if I had to move back home for long term.

      • It is gao choy although it may not taste like it. Why don’t you try to grow it according to the method shown in some blogs for golden chives? I think it will grow easily in your apartment. Submerryn can plant so many vegetables, I am sure you can too.

  8. wah.. the dishes looks good leh, especially the beancurd and the spare ribs, i like and just like the name of the shop, i already 留口水 leh.. the actual dishes also look not much difference from the photos in the menu, add points because they are not “for illustration purpose only”.. finally the 盆菜, i don’t like that actually, i would rather have the things served separately to me instead of 一鑊熟~~

    • Hahaha you are deceived lo… I don’t think those 盆菜 that we get in Malaysia nowadays are those 一锅熟 type, most of them cook the ingredients separately and then arrange the food in the pot nicely, then only pour soup over the ingredients. But I get what you mean lah… 😀

      I was really impressed by how the dishes look very much like the ones in the photos.

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