I went to catch a movie again on Saturday, and boy was the queue crazy on both the ticketing booths and the popcorn booths! I guess Fantastic Four is still a widely anticipated movie regardless of how those early bird bloggers say the movie sucks big time.

Personally, I don’t really care about the Fantastic Four. I don’t know why, but to me, they are not as exciting as Ironman, Captain America and Spiderman even on the comic book level. So when I read so many bloggers saying the movie sucks, I am secretly glad and decided not to watch it.

Instead, I watched a movie that (again) doesn’t seem to get publicity here. I watched Southpaw.


Seriously, I DO NOT understand why this movie is not strongly marketed in Malaysia. The cast itself is stellar. I mean…


Jake Gyllenhaal



Rachel McAdams



50 Cent



Forest Whitaker


Just mention any one of these four persons should guarantee a certain degree of box office success, shouldn’t it? Okay maybe not 50 Cents, he’s recently gone bankrupt so he’s not exactly in a nice media spot at the moment.

Anyway, this is a movie about boxing, obviously, from the first two pictures. The plot is… well… if you have watched that 2013 Hong Kong movie 激战 (Unbeatable) by 张家辉 (Nick Cheung), I think it follows a similar concept. Well, not exactly the same, the relationship dynamics between the actors/actresses are different, and this one is traditional boxing rather than mixed martial arts.

There are so many superstars in this movie, but I personally liked this little girl the most. I think she is the standout performer of the movie. Ladies and gentlemen, today I introduce to you,


Oona Laurence


Seeing Oona reminds me of a certain child actress from our very own beloved Malaysia, 李馨巧 (Crystal Lee), who starred alongside 周杰伦 (Jay Chou) and 谢霆锋 (Nicholas Tse) in 逆战 (The Viral Factor). Coincidentally, Crystal also starred in 激战 (Unbeatable) that I mentioned earlier.

They even shared the same debut year. Both Crystal and Oona first appeared on the big screens in 2011. Although one is American and one is Malaysian, I wish to one day see both of them star in the same movie, together. It is not something impossible, you know? Stranger things have happened.


I think this movie is only shown in a select few cinemas nationwide, and they probably won’t do an extended run for this movie, so if you want to catch it then better hurry. PS: no toddlers please, this is a boxing movie with a lot of swearing and blood.


  1. This should be a solid movie with a 7.9 rating but, for some reason, I don’t like movies revolving around boxing (Million Dollar Baby, Raging Bull, Cinderella Man or any Rocky movies). I guess I dislike the sport per se!

    • Technically, this is also an action movie. Boxing mah wei… I think the distributors just not interested to market it in Malaysia..

  2. Call me jakun, never heard of Southpaw.. And when I see your title, I thought you went to SPCA or petshop or pet adoption centre to visit furry friends or what-not, kekekeke, oh dear, call me jakun, malu la wana write here.. Astro keeps repeating F4 – Rise of the Silver Surfer, I’ve watched like 6-7 times already.. Tu kei sien..

    • Actually southpaw means a stance in boxing to defend and then throw a big punch. If you watch this movie, you will see Jake Gyllenhaal use it.

      Kesian you, tahan few more years lah, then can go cinema one la. 😛

  3. It is not impossible for both of them to be in the same movie. Perhaps one day you will produce and maybe even direct a movie you can invite both of them to act in your movie.

  4. This movie suits my liking as I love violent fights inside the rings. I wanna sign up for a Muay Thai boxing. Should I?
    Many fellas love that Fantastic Four movie and I could not tell who was the hero at the end of the movie with all their bit part roles.
    Why do you still queue up for tickets like Stone Age people? Buy online la.

    • I don’t even buy online, I buy using my phone with apps, just scan the barcode to get the popcorn and to enter. I mean, I saw the queue was crazy, not I joined the crazy queue hahaha! 😀

  5. hmmm I guess it’s the budget and whether the cinema wanna help to promote the movie?? maybe MI and F4 are stealing the limelight?? BTW, I just watched MI yesterday~~

    • I don’t think it is the budget, this movie has a China investor. Probably their focus lies elsewhere and not in Malaysia.

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