Sangkaya Coconut Ice Cream

I was at AEON Taman Maluri yesterday to get a new printer for the dad and do some grocery shopping for the mom. The sister tagged along after I invited her to.

So we parked the car and went inside and immediately the sister spotted this stall called Sangkaya.


She asked me if I have seen this brand in Penang before, and I said no. Actually I’m not sure if they have outlets in Penang, but if they have, I have never noticed. She immediately launched into an epic description on how “this is ohhh soo good!! Soo soooo goodddd!!!” and before I realized it, I was dragged to the stall front and the sister placed an order.


Apparently, this Sangkaya that is Nuts About Coconuts specializes in coconut ice cream. The sister said this stall has only the basic ice cream, but apparently, they have some shop outlets around KL that sell a wider variety of coconut ice cream based delicacies.

I was watching the staff girl expertly scooping 4 scoops of ice cream into half a coconut shell with a bright smile, and then handed the coconut shell to me with an even brighter smile. I smiled back at her. And then she said: “RM 10.50 please“.

WTF?! RM 10.50 for 4 scoops of ice-cream??!! That’s too expensive! Physically my smile was still there, but the smile in my mind was wiped off effectively as I paid up.

The sister seemed to be very familiar with how things work with this, she took over the coconut shell and went to the side to add toppings. There were crushed nuts and corn flakes and some other stuff. According to the sister, in those bigger outlets there would also be Nestum oats and chocolate chips and even more toppings.


Anyway, since I have paid for it, might as well eat up…


The first two spoonfuls were… to be honest… normal. It did not wow me. It made me regret paying ten bucks fifty for it…

And then I kept eating and eating and slowly, it started to feel like… hmm, not bad, this is actually quite nice…

And then I kept eating and eating and slowly, it felt like… this is freaking good!

And then we dug our way to the bottom and I discovered pieces of coconut flesh. Eating coconut flesh mixed with coconut ice cream was… pure bliss!

But I still thought ten bucks fifty for four scoops of ice cream is ridiculously expensive…

And then today I went and got myself another serving


  1. This looks very, very good. Ice cream and fresh coconut together…pure bliss. And at Taman Maluri AEON too 😀 It looks like four regular scoops of ice-cream, so I think that is okay and pretty filling. Want one now….

    • You can probably find one in Melb, this is I think more like, Thai ice cream. Although I’m not sure if it will be cheap, coconuts are not common in Oz are they?

      • Coconuts are quite common in Oz. You can certainly find them in the Asian grocery stores (heaps of these stores everywhere in the city). When I walk in the city I usually pass by this fruit stall selling whole, unopened coconuts for about $5-$6 for each one. If you want it cracked open to drink on the spot, the seller will be happy to do that.

    • She did not even make me, she basically just placed the order and moved away from the counter. Me paying is like a given, rather than something that she have to make me do. 😐

  2. I finally tried this recently as well just to see what the hype is about. It’s good but not ‘wow’ and I would consider this cheap ice cream compared to those RM8 a scoop ones I’ve had! And correction…that’s 4 scoops of ice cream for RM10.50! 😉

  3. I had this ice cream since the day I was born and lived in Songkhla during the growing years. The old man on tricycle cart would sell this with added nuts and bread pieces for extra oomph. I really do not know why they called it Sangkaya when there is another word in Thai for ice cream. This word Sangkaya means dessert and often referred to their cakes. Anyway I love them like crazy and agree the price is too expensive here. We can get same portion for 20 bahts in Thailand today.

    • Well, I think Sangkaya here is just the brand name. In their shop outlets, it seems they sell a lot more than just ice cream, maybe that’s why…

      20 bahts for the road side stall servings? Maybe we should compare apples to apples, the one here is sort of like restaurant franchise thing, so maybe we can compare with the price of this coconut ice cream sold in Bangkok malls…

    • Based in current exchange rate, it might be either cheap or expensive for you. US$ 2.50 (cheap) or RMB 22 (expensive)..

  4. It must be good then for you to fork out another RM10.50 but this time you had the whole thing to yourself? 😀 There is one in the vicinity of my office but I never paid any attention to it. But after reading this post…hmmm…I have to satisfy my curiosity 😀

  5. I ate this at the Ampang point outlet and wrote about it on my blog. I also think it is expensive but I also went back and ate it again. Hahahahaha! Guess it is additive! 😀

    • Hahahaha it is really pretty good! I think you can try to find their other outlets which are closer to you. I think they have outlets in many malls.

  6. LoLoL at the last line! THAT good eh? They used to have this in Jaya One, PJ. I havent try it myself. I heard ppl raving about it but I was too late. They no longer have it here 🙁

    • They have outlets in most of the malls around KL, so you can most definitely still get it quite easily. 😉

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