Red Lobster @ Fort Collins

Some say good things come in three. I reckon the same applies to food as well. So I shall write one more post about food I had in Loveland/Fort Collins as the final part of this mini trilogy. No mucking about today, I’ll jump straight to the point and tell you that I will write about the famous Red Lobster today.

Red Lobster

Now, there is no Red Lobster in Loveland, the closest Red Lobster from Loveland is the outlet in Fort Collins. I have been here three times. The first time was for my own sake, the other two times were to bring other first time visiting colleagues here just so that they can try it out and agree with me that it is better in Joe’s Crab Shack in San Francisco.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean the food in Red Lobster sucks, I just think Joe’s Crab Shack suits my palate even more. I don’t know about their new outlet in Intermark KL, but in the US, they are, by all means, pretty affordable and pretty decent. Of course, many Americans will tell you that they are no good, but all the time I came here for dinner, it was always full house and we had to wait for tables.

You know how when we are having meals with our Muslim friends or colleagues in Malaysia, we would automatically look for halal places and avoid places that serve pork and/or beer out of sensitivity and respect? That sort of respect goes out the window when we travel to the US. Why? Because halal restaurants are just… super rare over here. In fact, for the stricter Muslims, all types of meat are not halal here and the only things they would take in most restaurants are seafood dishes.

So I did not refrain from having pork even in their company. Heck, if even beef is not halal here, then I suppose it makes no difference in terms of respect regardless of me having a bacon sandwich compared to having a steak. And then since I am already going down that path, might as well throw in glasses of these angmoh lingteh (westerner’s herbal tea) as well.


Anyway, back to Red Lobster. Every time we came here, we would be served two things for free as appetizers: a side salad and their world famous Cheddar Bay Biscuits.

Side salad

Hahahaha, this time it is a real salad, no more sneaky [picture of salad] on the side. 😛

Cheddar Bay Biscuit

I’ve seen my friends who tried these biscuits in their new outlet in Intermark KL and went to heaven. Then they came back to Earth and kept on yapping about how awesome these biscuits are. Guys, trust me, even though I have not visited the KL outlet, I know

Here’s a couple of dishes that I had before in Red Lobster Fort Collins.


Seaside Shrimp Trio – fried breaded shrimps, garlic shrimp scampi and shrimp linguine alfredo. Scampi means the shrimps are poached lightly and served in melted butter sauce.


Maine Lobster Tail – just as the name implies. Served with some broccoli and one side of choice, in this case garlic shrimp scampi (because I quite like it).

I did say they are rather affordable, didn’t I? I mean affordable as far as things like lobsters go. The Seaside Shrimp Trio was US$ 16.99, and the Maine Lobster Tail was US$23.99. These were prices from 2012-2013, they are probably slightly higher today. This was when the Ringgit to US Dollar was still 3.1 to 1.

Go ahead and convert, and see if it is still cheaper than the prices that they charge in Malaysia even after conversion…

I shall leave you to do the math yourself and end this post. This brings my mini US food trilogy to an end, and tomorrow I shall try very hard to write about something else that is not food…


  1. Very yummy looking dishes. Butter sauce. That is absolutely delicious to my palate. However, if I eat too much seafood in one go, I tend to feel itchy later on in the night. Once I went to a seafood buffet for a friend’s birthday and that happened 🙁

  2. Kill me la…the Maine Lobster Tail look so yummy leh. Now I can imagine the aroma liao

    Hahaha…price slightly higher today? I would say it will be a lot higher leh…now RM4.10 to USD1 liao…sobs

    • Then just go eat it in Intermark lo… but it will be a treat, so better just look for a special occasion. 😛

  3. I am not too crazy about seafood but I would really like to try what you had. It looks delicious! I haven’t been to the Red Lobster here obviously due to my lack of enthusiasm when it come to seafood and also I heard that it is very pricey.

    • Well if you would like to try it, then you have no choice but to pay Intermark a visit. Or fly halfway across the world to the US to try it. 😀

  4. Yes, the cheddar bay biscuits here in Intermark are good. Yes, the prices in US are cheaper. And yes, the lobster tail cooked here looks exactly like the one in your photo. Taste wise, it’s decent…price wise, it’s not!

    Didn’t know that scampi refers to shrimps cooked in a garlic butter sauce. I thought it refers to a particular type of prawn…those that look like a mini lobster, sometimes also called langoustine or Dublin Bay prawn.

    • I saw the prices on the menu shared by various blogs (including yours) and thought “D*mn! That’s pricey!”, but then, I kind of expected that. All the foreign brands who come to our shores will be (much to my frustration) transformed into luxury brands and priced accordingly.

  5. Red Lobster, “kam sook min hau”, macam very familiar, I think I read from dunno who punyer blog before, KL got already right? I like the biscuits.. I don’t know why they’re called biscuits, looks like muffin+cupcake to me, I’m jakun, I’ve only tasted Popeye’s and Texas Chicken’s biscuits..

    • Actually that’s what a biscuit is, originally. The biscuits that we are used to are called cookies by the westerners, hahaha! 😛

      I’m more jakun, I’ve not even tried Popeye and Texas Fried Chicken.

    • Well, they are not exactly cheap, and they did get a lot of bad press when they started, I suppose that’s why they are not doing so well now.

    • Wonder if they have outlets in Singapore. If not you can always come to KL to try. Or fly to US to try. Better come to KL lah *encourages more Singaporeans to spend in Malaysia*

    • Order a salad, or a steak lah. They do sell steaks and chicken chops too, although that’s not what they’re famous for.

  6. You must eat at the Red Lobster here and give us your review since you have eaten at the place in USA. If you say it is good then I will go eat there.

  7. i know we have Red Lobster here in The Intermark, i know because i always see their waiters wearing the uniform in the LRT to work, hahaha!! and yeah, those biscuits looks good and after trying those from Texas Fried Chicken, i supposed these are even nicer??

    • I have not tried the ones in Texas Fried Chicken. Heck, I have not even tried the ones in Red Lobster Intermark. I wouldn’t know, hahaha!

  8. You are making me excited now to head to Intermark to dine at Red Lobster.
    Will they also give free 2 appetizers? I wanna sink my teeth into that Cheddar Bay Biscuits. I cannot eat lobsters these days due to new allergies I never had before.

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