Picking Up Girls

Today I really won’t talk about food. I’ll share a few Youtube videos that I watched instead.

It all started when a friend forwarded me the link to this video.

The friend is a new mother, and she gets all worried when she now sees videos such as this one, videos that show how pedophiles cheat young girls to meet up and do things if you know what I mean.

I told her this video is scripted and some of the scenes are obviously staged. I mean (to quote my words to her): “Do you really think a 12 year old who is awake at night waiting for her dad to fall asleep, would really think her dad fell asleep and not realize he has in fact sneaked out of the house to join the filming crew?” … You gotta give more credit to kids nowadays, they are not so stupid. In fact they are a much smarter bunch than what we were back in our days.

Who cares if it is staged? The issues highlighted in this video is a real concern! Kids are easily tricked!

You think only kids are susceptible to the risks of getting kidnapped and/or raped? I’ll show you a video that involves adult girls.

So I showed her this video.

See? Asshole didn’t even need to talk! All you need is a Lambo and girls will follow you! What about these adult ladies who are supposed to be capable of rational thinking?

That’s staged!

And? Shall I repeat what you said to me just now in reply?

I suppose what I really want to say is that we can (and we should) do our best to educate our kids on what’s right and what’s wrong, but we can’t keep worrying about bad guys and trying our best to keep kids under cotton wraps. It is unfortunate that there are more and more bad guys out there nowadays, but life has to go on. Kids still have to grow up in a stress free and carefree environment whenever possible.

Also, another unfortunate thing is that as the world gets more and more connected and people get more and more easily influenced by what is going on around the world, there will be more and more girls who think it is cool (or even mandatory) to lose their virginity as early as possible. I know it sucks as parents, but you have to sometimes think objectively: do you prefer to be in the know about what your daughter is doing by being more open with her, or do you rather she lock you out because you are being too strict on her? I watched that first video, I couldn’t help but think: the only outcome from these traps by the parents is that the daughters will now distrust their parents. I mean, how can you expect your daughter to trust you anymore when you are willing to shame her in front of strangers like that? She would be even more careful with covering her tracks from now on.

I told the friend these, and she said to me: “You say all these nonsense because you are still single. You’d understand when you are married and have your own kids.

So I guess I am putting these words into a blog post so that I can read it to remind myself not to make stupid mistakes in the future. Or it can serve as material for a new blog post where I confess I was a dumb bastard in the year 2015.

Anyway, that Lambo guy, Vitaly. Damn! His channel is a sick one, with all those videos showing how he pick up girls in various countries and various scenarios.

I clicked a few to watch how he successfully gets girls to give him their phone numbers (sometimes French kiss) using crappy pick up lines. Jerk didn’t just go for young and hot girls, he even…

WTF?! Milfs? MILFs??


And then this showed up…

What? Malaysian girls?? LOL! So this asshole has been to Malaysia before! But… I get the feeling that the Malaysian girls were putting up more than a token resistance before giving in, especially the last girl where he had to basically beg her and her friends to get her phone number. Maybe it is just me imagining it with my Malaysian pride active, but, good job Malaysian girls! I guess…


  1. I feel that the Malaysian girls did not do any better 🙁 If they were really worth their salt, they would have brushed this guy off immediately. I’d like to think that what we saw was only a small percentage he was successful with. If a local guy did that, I am sure the girls boh layan.

    • Hahaha, mostly staged one, I think you are right lah, sure won’t show the many many failures, failed attempt to get girls phone numbers would not make good viewing materials. 😀

  2. nowadays v jst have to be extra alert and careful…Well, keep up to date with latest news so that we could avoid from all this conman…and dun trust stranger easily.

  3. Sometimes I feel so thankful I don’t have a daughter as the world we live in is too cruel and dangerous these days. But then again, having boys are as bad. What if THEY turned out to be the bad ones? Haih..

    • Well, at least for boys, if they mess up, there are ways to solve the mess in a respectable way, like getting married with the girl. Even if he decides to be an asshole and walkaway, the one who will look bad is the girl. Of course, I’m not saying it is agreeable for guys to impregnate girls lah, you know… just saying he has an option to not be an asshole and be responsible, and that the world is unfair..

  4. I know of a true story about a 28 ish woman who borrowed money to lend to a Casanova who sweet talked her online. Now she is in debt rm10k due to him. So it is not just young girls being tricked online. Can’t be too careful nowadays.

    I hope you will still be blogging after you become a father.

    • That’s my point, what I wanted to say is there will always be guys and girls who will be susceptible to being cheated by the opposite gender regardless of how old or how young they are. I don’t like how the video shows the parents setting the daughters up just to test them.

      Well, someone PM’ed me saying it is different, adults who get conned deserve it because they don’t learn how to use their brains, children are different because they are not capable of thinking for themselves yet. I cringe to imagine how deep the generation gap is, when adults think kids nowadays are as stupid as kids of same age 20 years ago. Those condescending perspective will not do their relationships any good at all.

      Hahaha, you got a point, I might not be able to blog if and when I become a father. That’s a legitimate concern. 😀

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