Old Chicago @ Loveland

You guys remember this photo, right? You saw this from my crappy spontaneous fictitious storytelling post.

Many people asked me where I had this. Well, I had this a couple years ago when I was in Loveland. Where exactly? It was a restaurant called Old Chicago. It is actually a chain, they have outlets all over the United States.

You know, pizza is something that originated from Italy. Many people say American pizzas are crap and not authentic and bullshit and whatnot. I suppose that is true if you are an Italian or a hardcore fan of authentic Italian cuisine. But for someone without any vested interests, someone like me, I think American pizzas are not unauthentic Italian cuisine, but authentic American cuisine. They are just a unique adaptation by the Americans that should not be compared to Italian pizzas. Does that make sense?

I suppose it is like us Malaysians watching Jamie Oliver trying to cook a bowl of laksa but added his own twist with all those rosemary and thyme and those nonsense and we cringe and cry foul and accuse his creation as unauthentic because we are Malaysians and we have vested interests in our national food. But all none Malaysians would think his laksa rocks and would counter accuse us of being narrow minded.

Anyway, let’s get back to American pizzas. When we talk about the American pizzas, it is in turn split into two… categories. Or more like… factions. On one hand we have New York style pizzas. These are very large and rather thin pizzas. They are kind of like the ones I had in the train station in Lucerne, Switzerland. Or if you are in KL, you can visit this restaurant (featured by The Yum List) called Mikey’s.

On the other hand, we have the Chicago style pizzas. A Chicago pizza is usually baked in a deep dish pan, and is typically very thick, much thicker compared to those New York pizzas. You could say they are sort of like the opposite of each other. And (I think) there is a healthy but intense rivalry between these two factions, each claiming the other as bullshit and that they are the ones that do good pizzas. Oh well

I’m telling you this long winded grandmother story because I want you to know that when you go to Old Chicago, you should order a New York style pizza… if you want to be a complete jackass of the highest order. Of course, they won’t bounce you out because they are a nationwide restaurant chain, but that won’t make you less of a moron. But if you do the same in a local pizza joint in Chicago, you WILL probably be bounced out.

You see the photo at the start of this post? They have three sizes for their pizzas: small, medium, large. That one’s a small. That’s why it was not very big and not very thick, looked just like something we get from Pizza Hut in Malaysia. But their large ones… I saw one on another table, (JustKidding Films mode on) now that’s some real mudda sh*t…

I don’t even remember which pizza I ordered, but it is just a basic pizza with cheese and tomato and pepperoni and (they did not specify this on the menu) parsley. Was it any good? Oh, hell yeah! Very good indeed! One of the best pizzas I have ever had in my life. None of the pizza chains in Malaysia come close. I can only imagine how good a pizza from a local pizza joint (which is always better) will be.

When I placed that order for the pizza, I thought of my mom, and how she will nag at me for not eating vegetables. So I ordered a side salad to go with the pizza. Here’s my slice of pizza and a salad on the side, as you can see from the picture below. 😉

Side story:

Have I mentioned before that the weather in Colorado can be freaky at times? The weather can change from one extreme to the other in a matter of hours. The day I came to this Old Chicago was one such case to point.

I came here for dinner with a colleague. When we arrived, it was almost sunset but the temperature was a very manageable 60°F (16°C). We were in the restaurant for an hour and a bit, and we came out to this sight.


F**king snowing! And it was bloody cold and the road was wet and slippery! Which leads us to a RealGunners / Lazy Man’s top travel tip: if you are traveling to Colorado, always be prepared for cold weather. AT ALL TIMES. Even if it looks sunny and cool or even warm, there is always a possibility that it will go south in just a couple hours time.


  1. Uh, I didn’t know thick pizzas in a pan were actually American, I thought they were an invention of nasty “Western” Chinese restaurants. And with that sentence I guess you can tell that I don’t like them, hahaha.

    • Actually it is the same in Malaysia, most of the pizzas we were exposed to up till maybe 10 years ago were the thick pan pizzas. Maybe that’s why I loved it. I love the thick outer crust that was crunchy and chewy at the same time. 😀

    • I also actually prefer thick crust. I think must be because so used to Pizza Hut and Shakey’s when I was a kid…

  2. the freaking cold weather would make me lazier to even go out…yea, lazy to walk on thick snow and with all the heavy clothing and boots. I rather order a pizza delivery.

    • Honestly, I did not even think about ordering delivery all my time in the US! How stupid! Every time must be getting into the car and drive to dining places..

  3. Though I’m a thin flat crust pizza person all the way, that pizza does look very nice. Back when I was living in Malaysia, eating pizza was like a treat – it was generally expensive than what you get at hawker food places. Coming to Australia, here they sell pizza by the slice and eating pizza to me is not so special anymore.

        • I suspect it is because they are served in a nice plate as a rather fine dining, exotic dish? I wonder if I could go to Australia and sell basic nasi lemak in unpretentious packets. Might be a great business idea. 😀

          • Correct. Nasi lemak here is selled in restaurants where people sit down and expect food to be served on a plate. Nasi lemak bungkus or wrapped in those brown papers with rubber bands, I’ve never seen it here before. If you want takeaway, it goes into a plastic container which sometimes you need to pay an extra fifty cent or dollar for.

            So your business idea might just work 😀

            • I reckon Aussies will probably balk at that due to hygienic worries or something like that. I imagine if it works, it would work as a novelty idea. Serve it in restaurants in these brown paper or banana leaf wraps. They will still get charged a bomb for this “novelty”.

              Or maybe a nasi lemak food truck. But unlike a hot dog, you can’t grab a nasi lemak and eat it in the go.

              This needs more thoughts to it. 😀

  4. Of course I love American Pizzas as none in KL could compare! Now my missus agreed that NY pizzas are so tasty! Honestly I love pizza even though it is fattening, so I have to choose the thin crispy base ones so that I could eat more pieces.

    I agree that the weather can be freaking and unpredictable anywhere in US. I always carried a thin sweater in my bag always. Once in LA during a hot summer with my visiting cousin, the weather dropped to freaking chilly temerature by evening from a blazing hot afternoon. My cousin scolded me instead for telling him that summer is hot like oven in LA. Never forget that day.

    • LA can be like that too? I thought LA should be fine at least, so far south and closer to Mexico (and the equator), it should be relatively warm all year long. Guess I am wrong..

  5. They call those Chicago pizzas deep dish pizzas…but I’m not so fond of thick pizzas. Like Mun said, there are a lot of good pizza joints here…don’t go for those crap pizzas in those pizza chains.

    Your reference to Jamie Oliver is correct but I don’t think he’ll go as far as to add thyme or rosemary…aiyah, give him more credit than that! But I’ve seen him cook curries with just adding curry powder and maybe a few spices like coriander and mustard seeds (nothing quite like our pounded chilli/belacan paste) and say the curry is great of course (for them only lah)! 😀

    • Only applicable to KL. I don’t think I have come across nice pizza joints in Penang (although it is more probably due to me not looking very hard at all lah)…

      Haha I mean he love adding all sorts of herbs and leaves into his dishes lah… Actually not just Malaysian food, every time he does a dish which he call Moroccan something or Italian something or Mexican something, he will get 50-50 of “wow great dish” and “Sorry, I’m Italian/Mexican, and this is NOT Italian/Mexican at all”…

  6. I’m a cincai person, or maybe “mou yiu kau”, coz never tasted real American pizzas (Chicago pizza ke, New York pizza ke).. But my favourite has gotta be Dominos, extra thin crust, lots of cheese, lots of meat, the super supreme or super meaty type.. Forget about the local sambal what-not or chicken or vegetarian, or anything with the word Hawaiian on it, I only want beef, meat and more meat, hehe..

    • You will definitely love American pizzas then. They are all about meat meat meat meat and meattttttt… Most of them anyway. 😛

    • Hmm, I wonder how would an appealing pizza look like. I thought it was alright. The taste was definitely great. I mean, great for me. Since it is a pizza chain in the US, it is probably normal or even horrible for the Americans. Just like OldTown is horrible for a lot of Malaysians but would be great for tourists.

  7. i actually have no preference on Italian or American pizza.. sometimes I would like thin crust, sometimes I would like thick crust.. I guess the topping is a more important thing to me.. I welcome lots of them and then must be cheesy enough..

  8. I like cold weather, remember last time I like to clear the snow on my car, and always felt happy to do so…then my friend will start saying that I’m crazy, hahaha!

  9. Aiyo I kena fooled by you again. I really thought you ordered salad. Manatau youonly ate salad from the cardboard stand photo. Hahahahaha. Did you draw the heart or love sign on the car? So cute!

    Chicago pizza shops can just say we don’t serve thin crust pizzas, right?

    Thick and thin crust pizzas so New York is thin crust, chicago is thick crust. Here in kl there are many good pizza joints. Don’t bother going to those chain outlets.

    • Hahaha! I am being naughty with my statements nowadays huh. I don’t remember if I drew the heart, or my colleague did. It wasn’t our car though wahahaha! 😛

      Generally speaking, yes, Chicago pizza = thick crust, New York pizza = thin crust. I’m not expert enough to know the further details or if there are any exceptions..

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