Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

If you have noticed, when I write about movies that I’ve watched in the cinemas recently, more often than not they are those 冷门 cold door (obscure, unheard of) movies that nobody gives a sh*t about.

Today is different. I am going to write about a movie that everybody either have already rushed to watch it, or will be rushing to watch it in the cinemas soon. Unless of course if you are a mother/father with toddlers. Or if you are not interested in watching movies in cinemas.

I went to watch Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation last weekend. It is the fifth instalment of the Mission Impossible series that made Tom Cruise the superstar that he is today.

The movie itself was alright. I mean, you get to see Tom Cruise jumping onto a plane and hanging on to it as it took off. And also diving underwater and staying submerged for 3 minutes, performing some tasks while trying to avoid being hit by a robotic arm. That kind of stuff, nothing terribly exciting, really. All typical MI stuff…


But the main reason that lured me into the cinema for this movie is because I saw this guy on the posters, Jeremy Renner. I think he has already made his appearance in the previous instalment, Ghost Protocol. But I did not watch that one, so him in MI movies is news to me.


What the f**k is Hawkeye (of Avengers) doing in this movie? I felt that I had an obligation to myself to find out. And find out I did. It was rather unsettling for me to see him playing in such a role. It was like the total opposite of Hawkeye in terms of… comedic properties. This isn’t a spoiler, is it? I think it is more of a teaser than spoiler.

I was mighty glad that I watched this movie though. Because it introduced me to another new hottie on the big screens. I don’t think I have seen her before in other movies, so she must be new. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, Rebecca Ferguson.


She is a Swedish actress (her full name is Rebecca Louisa Ferguson Sundström), half English actually, because her mother is an English who moved to Sweden. She plays a triple agent in this movie, and much like Tom Cruise, she does most of the stunts herself.


There were many scenes where she was very revealing in the movie, if you know what I mean, but I personally fell in love with her bike scene. Watching her in a bike almost made me wet my pants. So freakin’ sexy! OMG!!


As of now there are already many articles from various entertainment websites giving her very positive coverage for her performances in this movie. I’m sure she will become a superstar in her own right very soon.

Anyway, here’s the trailer for the movie…

It’s too bad that they did not feature more of her in the trailer. Maybe she was not famous, that’s why she did not get enough coverage. Stupid, short-sighted producers. They should’ve been able to see how good she was in the course of filming and should have redone their trailers to feature her more. The movie would’ve been an even bigger success!

And I think I better stop talking now, before I veer further away from the topic and stoke the imaginations of horny men…


  1. Is Hawkeye…no wonder he’s so familiar…

    You should watch this [http://hk.apple.nextmedia.com/entertainment/art/20150807/19245919] it’s damn funny and detail lo.

  2. I just watched this last Sunday, I think it’s better than Ghost Protocol, hehe!
    Rebecca is indeed a gorgeous woman, love her nose! Hehe~

    • Hahaha I didn’t notice the nose only. I notice the whole package… I mean body… I mean person… 😳

  3. Yeah, I’ve begun to enjoy Mission Impossible movies since Jeremy Renner and Simon Pegg came on board. Love Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye and in the Bourne sequels. Especially love Simon Pegg, whose got brilliant comedic timing. This guy is everywhere now…Star Wars, Star Trek, loved him in The World’s End & Hot Fuzz. Ah, Rebecca…she looks very familiar…and then I realised that she was in the recent Hercules movie.

    • Hahaha Simon Pegg…. Benji! Open the door now! … Not that door! The other door! 😀 😀 😀

      What Hercules movie? I did not watch it.. I think I have to look for it. They usually dress in bikini like costumes for those ancient Greek era movies! 😳

      • Look for the latest Hercules movie starring Dwayne Johnson. Sorry to disappoint you, I don’t remember her in any bikini like costume. Is that the only reason why you’d want to see these movies?…tsk….tsk! 😀

        • No lah, bikini like means only cover the same parts lah. I thought that’s how the Greek costumes are, like Xena the warrior princess. Hahaha!

          That’s not the only reason I watch movies lah, but it’s a good bonus 😳

  4. I have watched this Mission Impossible too and had expected all his impossible stunts to thrill me. We humans enjoy watching impossible and ridiculous stunts when life gets boring. Ant Man was more interesting and unique.

    I have very little knowledge of Swedish even though my sis married to one. I find the folks very different when compared to the rest of the West & Europe. However, their food is nice!

    • The little boys in us all crave for excitement and stunts and whatnot. That’s normal I guess. 😀

      Swedish food is nice. Swedish girls are nice too! 😀 😀

  5. You having another crush? 😀 From the trailer I can see that she is a gorgeous kick ass babe! I don’t really go for action movies but there are some that I enjoy. I have watched the other Mission Impossible movies and quite liked it. I think I will enjoy this one too.

  6. A few in my list that I wana watch – Antman, Mission Impossible, F4 and that Jurassic thingy.. Jakun hor.. Gotta wait for it in Astro, I’m a prisoner with 2 kids, can’t go out..

  7. Don’t know when I will get to see this movie. Yay to another new actress on the scene. Will you look for all the movies that she has acted in to watch them?

  8. I’m a mother with toddler but am starting to catch all the latest blockbuster on cinemas as lil Ayden is accustomed to the big screen dy 😀

    I havent watch Mission Impossible but I’ve watched Antman, Fantastic Four and Paper Towns. Out of those 3, only Antman is good. Don’t even bother with the rest. Oh yeah, I’ve watched Jurassic World too and the kids love it.

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