Marion Ravn

My friend sent me the link to this video earlier today.

Damn! Why is she married?! And why did I not know she got married?! And it was more than 2 years ago! OMG!!

Do you guys know who Marion Ravn is? She used to be one half of the popular Norwegian girl duo M2M. And I used to have the biggest crush on her. In fact, I used to dream that I would be the one to marry her. Now I am just a heart broken man for discovering that my crush is already married, and worse, discover it 2 years too late. 🙁


What? I was fifteen. Of course I had crushes on gorgeous ladies who are (were) famous. And Marion wasn’t the only crush I had. I also had a crush on Faye Wong įŽ‹č˛. It was at a time when rumors between her and Nicholas Tse č°ĸ霆锋 were flying around. I felt like going to all the music shops and burning down all his CDs.


And Liv Tyler. Oh Liv Tyler. I think part of the reason is because Armageddon was the first ever movie that I watched in a cinema, and she was the lead actress of that movie. When I watched the movie, I thought she was the most beautiful and sexiest girl ever! Of course certain speculative scenes in the movie (which may or may not involve some laces) were rather steamy for my innocent teenage eyes and it stoked my imaginations.


And, you know the reason I watched the Underworld series (vampire movies) is because Kate Beckinsale is in it? I basically fell in love with her after I watched the movie Pearl Harbor. After that, any movie that you want me to watch, just mention her name and I’m in! See how alluring she is in that nurse outfit…


And… and let’s not reveal so many of my teenage crushes to you. I am feeling rather embarrassed already… đŸ˜ŗ

And I still feel sad that Marion is taken. Who the hell is this Andreas Wiig dude anyway??


  1. All of them are beautiful women. But I am here to comment about Marion. I love , and still support both Marit & Marion as soloists. In fact, I run an FB fanpage for M2M with some friends which is still active until now.

    Andreas Wiig is a pro snowboarder from Norway who is making quite a name on his own. You can find videos of him in Youtube.

    But news has it the couple is now divorced. O_O

    • What?! Goodness me! I didn’t know she got married, and now I didn’t know she got divorced! Not a good news though.. Fantasy aside, I hope she finds the right one…

    • I yesterday looked up her partner in M2M Marit, she looked totally different compared to her M2M times! Marion though, still looks much the same.

  2. I don’t know who Marion is but I do know who your other crushes are. You still have a chance with Marion. Nowadays people divorce easily so who knows what will happen in the future.

      • If the marriage is not getting on well after many attempts then better to divorce than stay together in pain.

        • Yes I know. I mean, I don’t want to wish that to happen to her. I wish her marriage will be a long lasting and happy one.

  3. I went to their showcase in Sunway Lagoon surf park years ago. They sound so much better singing LIVE to my surprise as to me they’ve always sounded like little mouse singing. I like the song, “The Day You Went Away”. I can listen to that over and over again.

    • I am STILL listening to “The Day You Went Away” over and over again. This song has a special meaning to me. 🙂

  4. So you still feed cockroaches in the bathrooms till today? Muahahahaha
    I realized this is Penang jokes in Hokkien only…..

    This is my first time taking a close look at Liv Tyler and Kate Beckinsale. Pretty faces and I hope you can move on to fresh fantasies now.

    • That’s why I never heard of this joke other than from you! I have not heard anyone else use this joke before, or maybe they speak in Hokkien I catch no ball.

  5. I remember M2M. They did one of their songs in Mandarin if I remember correctly. Ah, teenage crushes. We all go thorough that. And you haven’t gotten over Marion Ravyn yet? 😀

  6. Ah, today’s post is not about food….I thought you’d go 7 for 7 this week and turn into a niche blog…kekeke! ;D

    Don’t know the first girl, don’t like the last girl….but Liv Tyler, OMG she’s so beautiful! Who would have thought that something so beautiful could come out of someone like Steven Tyler!! 😀

  7. I had no idea that Marion Ravn was married :O Loved M2M growing up, and I also like Marion’s solo songs after they disbanded. Very happy for her she found The One but…at the same time, all grown up. Like you, reminds me of the fact that our childhood and those days are over 😐

  8. I didn’t even know that Kate Beckinsale acted in Pearl Harbour until I saw the list of cast members. *wry smile* Was more focused on the content instead…

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