KFC Rice Wrap and American Fast Food

I’m kind of in a mental slump today. You see, I have finally wrapped up my [Europe Tour 2007] travelogue yesterday. Now I feel kind of… empty. I feel kind of at a lost as to what to write. I know, this is bizarre, it wasn’t like I was writing and posting the travelogue continuously, and I did take breaks to write about other stuff in between.

But it still feels different. You know, although I did not officially declare it, I kind of treated this like some sort of a mini project that I had going in my blog, and now the project is done, it is finished, and I don’t know what to do next. And I don’t know what to write today.

So, maybe I’ll just write about anything that comes to my mind, without giving it much thought.

Let’s talk about dinner. I did not cook today. Instead, I was running an errand and I saw this in KFC. So I bought one.

DSC_0010 (711x1024)

They call this, the Ayam Masak Merah Rice Wrap. Ayam means chicken in Malay. I don’t know what masak merah is called in English though. Masak means cook, merah means red. Red Cooked Chicken? No, that’s doesn’t sound right. Well, it basically means chicken cooked in a red and hot and spicy type of sauce. So this rice wrap is supposed to be filled with those stuff.

DSC_0011 (700x1024)

I am quite surprised by how sturdy this wrap felt. It felt quite… sturdy, to be honest…

DSC_0014 (756x1024)


So what’s inside are basically pieces of those Zinger cutlets in masak merah sauce, bits of onion, cucumber and tomato, and last but not least, because this is a rice wrap, some rice. It is probably some sort of a Malaysian burrito.

I don’t know if I got lucky with this particular wrap, but it was quite packed with ζ–™ liew (ingredients). It was the most as-seen-on-illustration item that I have ever gotten from KFC. Good job, boys!

Speaking of as-seen-on-illustration, it reminds me of a certain video I watched on Youtube some time last year.

In the video, that dude basically went to a few fast food restaurants in America to order burgers just to see if the real things look anything like in the pictures, and if that proves not to be true, tries to get the staff to remake them to be more similar.

I suppose he got his way because there was a camera/camcorder pointing at the staff and manager. If we go and demand the same things, we would probably get the snub. Still, it made good viewing experience to me.

And, I think I’ve run out of things to write for today. I lead a very boring life, so I have nothing much to write about my life. I’ll see you again tomorrow…


    • Yes, Malaysianified, that’s a good choice of word! πŸ˜€

      Oh, there are many places that I plan to visit, Canada being one of them! Hopefully I’ll get there in due time. πŸ˜‰

    • They you can’t have burritos. I don’t know if it is real masak merah or not. It is just a red and spicy sauce.

  1. I like wraps but always disappointed with McD ones…

    Dunno how I’d feel with KFC’s.

    Have to try and see, one time. πŸ˜‰

    • I suppose if you are disappointed with McD’s wrap, then you would be disappointed with this one as well. 😐

  2. I’m not a big fan of wraps or burritos…it looks just like a zinger burger with a change of ‘clothes’! πŸ˜€

    I know what you mean (especially so since you blog daily)…I face the same mental block too sometimes…don’t know what food to write about next as I’ve eaten most of the ones I like. When that time comes, I’ll probably just stop blogging.

    • Well, Zinger burger don’t have masak merah sauce and cucumber and onion lah, so this one is different hahaha! πŸ˜€

  3. I jst saw this ad in the newspaper…anyhow, I dun fancy rice wrap so much, probably b,coz it isn’t filling and I have that thinking that most rice wrap (in any fast food) over exaggerate the ingredients during ads.

    • Ya, normally that is the case. That’s why I wonder if what I got was a one off, because it was quite packed with ingredients.

      [I think I know why your comment went to Spam again, your email address typo I think, not legit one, yahoo.cm]

  4. For a moment there i thought this is a paid post coz saw a few more bloggers also posting up this. Those i know memang is paid post la.

    J would like thi wrap but too bad it’s spicy. If they have option of non spicy ones like texas Chicken then good la.

  5. Kam ngam yesterday when I was playing game in my hp ahh, suddenly pop up KFC advertisement, can’t skip ad, gotta wait for it to finish, and I saw this rice wrap thingy, and kam ngam, today you blog about this, ok wor, good to know also.. Looks similar to Twister.. I still prefer twister, chicken strips, tangy thousand island (me think), lots of chopped tomatoes, hou hoi wai..

  6. Their previous wraps were too salty for me so I guess this one will be too though the liew looks good and as most people like salty food this one should be delicious to many people.

  7. i think i’ve seen this wrap in KFC, but call me “kiam siap”, i felt like it’s not enough to have just a wrap (to me, just like a sandwich, they are all just SNACKS!!).. so when i go to KFC now, i’ll always order the Jimat Box at RM9.45 that comes with a piece of chicken and a little burger, fries and a drink..

    and then it’s actually not why fast food look so bad, it’s instead why ads look so good, haha!! there are professions around known as food designer and food photographer..

    • Trust me, this one is enough. There’s rice in this thing… If it was enough for a fatty like me, then surely it must be enough for you.

  8. You just made me greedy and I am keen to try this wrap from KFC.
    I always enjoy wraps or pita wrap by Nandos. I am salivating at this hour!

    I could see some bloggers are facing some kinda mental block with their writings like repeating similar tunes. Some of us might need some fresh air or a break to recharge.
    Anyway no worries, we are all understanding folks and won’t force anyone to read the links of here, here, here and here else good bye to the cruel world.

  9. So this wrap has rice in it? I can’t see the rice, but I’m thinking the chicken is naturally the stand out liew at KFC πŸ˜€

    I’ve only had KFC wrap a couple of times in Australia. And each time the wrap makes me sick after eating it. Could be the chicken or the mayo in all their wraps πŸ™

    • Oh yes, most of the filling are those chicken bits. It was quite nice.

      I think it is the mayo. I know some people (like me) don’t take crappy mayo too well..

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