Inverness, Scotland

You saw me mention Inverness in the past couple of my Scotland posts. Inverness is actually the third biggest city in Scotland, behind Edinburgh and Glasgow. But it wasn’t in our plans because none of our seniors ever mentioned about this city.

But the two times we drove across this city (to get to Lossiemouth and then to get to Tomatin), we noticed that Inverness seemed like a very lovely city. So after the whiskey session, we drove back into this city to explore it for a bit.

Inverness basically means (in Scottish) the mouth of River Ness. As the name of the city implies, this is a city by the sea, and the River Ness cuts across this city and into the sea. What the heck is River Ness, you might ask. Well, nothing terribly exciting, merely the river that connects the sea to the Loch Ness.

To be honest, we didn’t really do much here. Because I did not do my research for this city, we basically had no idea where to visit here. So we drove around, found a place to park beside a church, then got out of the car and started walking.

We walked all the way to the riverside, and spotted this lovely Inverness Bridge.

IMG_4695 (18)

No, I’m kidding. I actually have no idea what this bridge is called. It probably has it’s own name.

I quite like this city. Inverness has a high street too, where you can get all those shops and supermarkets and whatnot. But Inverness also seemed to be a much more quiet and peaceful city compared to that two bigger cities Edinburgh and Glasgow. I think if I have the opportunity to migrate to Scotland and live there, I would probably choose to live in Inverness.

Basically we just spent a couple hours strolling along the riverfront and enjoyed the calm and peace, while admiring the river views. Then we made our way back to our cars.



On our way back, we walked pass a street vendor and an incredibly delicious smell seeped into our noses. So we stopped and checked out what the guy was selling.

IMG_4695 (32)

Ah… grilled meats! And suddenly I was hungry, and my tummy took over my brain. My tummy instructed my brain to convince my hand to part with £2 to get myself a Jumbo Sausage.

But, no regrets here. The hot dog was really freaking good!

IMG_4695 (29)

The girls were very happy that we came across this stall. I had wanted to take the hot dog with me and eat it as we walked our way back to our cars, but the girls insisted that I have my hot dog on the spot. They also persuaded some other guys to buy food from Johnny. All just so that we can stay here longer for them to admire Johnny doing manly things. Grilling meats is a manly thing, right?

But we have to get a move on sooner or later, for we have another place to hit, and then another long drive back to the southern part of Scotland. So we quickly finished up the dawgs, got back to our cars, and left Inverness…

[to be continued]


  1. My friend also mentioned that Inverness is a lovely place for honeymooners! It looks quiet and peaceful.
    Your grilled meat caught my eyes as I am experiencing this Manila visit with pork sausages everywhere!! Nothing seems halal here.

    • He probably can’t. He doesn’t seem to be doing brisk business, so if he give free food, he would probably be making a loss that day! 😀

  2. How come the girls did not buy food from Johnny but asked the guys to buy? I stayed one night in a B&B in Inverness. You can visit the Inverness Castle when you were there.

    • Hahaha save money ma. We buy, they also get to stay and admire the handsome hunk 😀 !

      I suppose we would have found the castle had we stayed longer. As it was, we only had time for a short stroll along the river and had to leave soon.

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