I Mustn’t Write About Food

I get the feeling that I have been writing about food, food and more food lately. It seems that I am slowly turning my blog into a foodie blog. Nooooo!!!! My blog is NOT a foodie blog!! I refuse to let my blog turn into a foodie blog!!! I must resist it!! So, like I mentioned yesterday, today I shall try very hard not to write about food…

I must not write about food. I must not share the photo that I posted on Instagram yesterday, about my dinner, about how I made my own version of the Hong Kong classic, 餐蛋面 Spam and Egg Ramen.

DSC_0023 (1024x676)

I must not write about how I cooked everything in this bowl using only my wok.

I must not write about how I first heated up some oil in the wok and fried two slices of the spam salad first.

I must not write about how I then picked the spam salad pieces from the wok when they were done and fried an egg in the same wok after that.

I must not write about how I then picked the egg out and poured two glasses of water into the same wok which by now is full of the spam salad infused aromatic oil.

I must not write about how I then cooked a packet of 出前一丁 Demae Itcho Ramen and a big bunch of vegetables in the boiling water.

I must not write about how I then poured the noodles and vege into a bowl and then arranged the egg and spam salad nicely for the photo op before tucking in.

Last but not least, I must also not write about how sinfully delicious my 餐蛋面 was, and how crispy my spam salad pieces were.

I must not write about food… Oh gosh, this isn’t goin to work…

Anyway, enjoy your weekend, folks…



  1. Go’wan, give in. I’ve been writing a food blog for two years now (this is the book I read to learn how to do it, if you want more information: How to Write about Food: How to Become a Published Restaurant Critic, Food Journalist, Cookbook Author, and Food Blogger by S.J. Sebellin-Ross). It’s fun, you get to do two of the three best things – eat and write (you can figure out the third one)!

  2. Mustn’t, mustn’t, mustn’t and yet you did 😀 And you made me do something. I fried a piece of spam to go with my fried eggs the next day. Arrghhh!!! 😀

  3. Hahaha! Your 出前一丁 is so delicious looking. You must not tempt me with this bowl of ramen with spam salad pieces, eggs and veggies.

    • I’m worried that I might end up setting a niche for my blog. Don’t want that to happen to this one.

  4. Your HK classic dish looks absolutely delicious! You are THE Man for saving the environment by reusing your wok without wasting water to wash it every time you cook another item. Simply brilliant! Hahaha I must not comment that you just wrote another food post when you wrote that you must not write about it. Oops!

    • I was just being lazy, it has got nothing to do with saving the environment. I still use plastic bags for garbage.

      Haha, no lah, you can comment. 😛

    • Nah, I don’t think I will do food tasting invites. Those are the kind of blog posts I actively avoid.

      Unless they throw me with so much money that I can’t refuse… wahahaha!

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