Driving @ Scotland

I did mention that it was better to rent a car than drive rather than joining a bus tour, didn’t I? This is because we get to do some things that you simply cannot do if you are not in control of your traveling speed and itinerary.

Scotland is a place that is rather less developed compared to England, and has a more diverse terrain. Basically the entire country is covered in mountains and lakes and grass and trees and… it is a very very beautiful place.

The pictures you see below were all taken while we were driving from Stirling to our next destination where we will spend the night.

As you drive along the roads, you will be so stunned like vegetable as you take in the vast variety of landscape that Scotland has to offer.



And then, because the trunk roads that connect the main towns and cities are mostly mountain roads rather than expressways, there isn’t any rules that prohibit you from stopping your car by the road side wherever you are and whenever you want. Or maybe there are rules, but because the roads are mostly empty, there isn’t anyone around to enforce those rules.

So, if you are driving, the drive itself is the travel activity. Best part is you don’t even have to plan, you just need to drive along the roads and if you see any spot that inspires you, then you just pull over, get out of the car, and snap away!

And that’s exactly what we did. A lot…




We did drive pass one of the bigger cities of Scotland, Fort William. But we only stopped here briefly, for we wasted too much time stopping and taking photos and we were running extremely late. We needed to arrive at our hostel before midnight or else the reception would be closed.

Fort William


You might wonder how frequently did we stop for these random photo moments, and how much time we actually spent. Well, we left Stirling around 5.00 PM. According to Google Maps back then, the drive to our destination were estimated to take 4 and a half hours. But we actually took almost 7 hours to arrive. The 2 and a half hours delay was not due to traffic jams. It was purely due to us stopping by the road side for more times than I can count.

Okay, well, not 100%. We did took one wrong turn and got lost. In fact, when we realized that we were lost and tried to U-turn back into the correct route, we trespassed into a private property. It was actually a big area of bush and trees, but there was a signboard saying trespassers will be shot at, so we had to quickly get the hell out of that place before the owner discovered us. It was pretty nerve-wracking! 

If you want to ask me for the specific location where we took these photos of the mountains and lakes, I cannot answer you, because I have no idea. All I know is that these scenery are along the road from Stirling, through Fort William, to our destination for the night. If you want to know what destination I am talking about, you will have to wait for my next Scotland related post. I’m trying to do a chronological series of posts here.

Okay, I’ll give you a hint. We had to drive across a bridge to our hostel. This castle is very near the bridge that we crossed. It is called the Eilean Donan Castle. You can look at Google Maps to figure out where we were headed. Or you can wait for the next post.


Or you can just go to my old blog and check it out.

[to be continued]


  1. I really enjoyed your posts about your trip to the Nessie lands. I have little knowledge about Scotland except for its bag pipes and Edinburgh Castle etc. I have been toying in my head whether I should visit there when I visit London in future with limited days. I thought that I should head to Paris after visiting my nephew and nieces one by one at their universities in York, Surrey and Reading. Poor uncle!

    The photos above showed a quiet place otherwise all your photos looked pretty nice.

    • The thing is, I haven’t even write about Nessie yet. Well technically I am writing it now, but you won’t get to see it yet until maybe a few more days later. 😛

      What’s wrong with visiting Scotland AND Paris after London? Don’t give me the “I am poor” bullshit, you seem close friends with Marcus, can always ask him to sponsor you with 0.001% of that 2.6 billion.

  2. Beautiful shots of the mountains and rolling clouds. Scotland certainly is beautiful from your photos and don’t blame you for stopping at all. Summer weather in the middle of the year and it looks so dreary.

    “stunned like vegetable”. It’s been a while since I heard that phrase. Apart from that music video, I think I vaguely remember hearing it a few times elsewhere.

      • Lol. No, no. No one in Aussie has heard of the song. At least no one that I know of. Looking at all your road trip photos makes me want to go on a road trip so bad, even though I know car rides make my head spin :/

        • Well, I think most people who have car motion sickness have it as passengers. Maybe you should drive instead. It might be better. 😛

          • I have a driver’s license – got it after learning how to drive here in Australia. Such a relief when I got it, because I feel dizzy in the driver’s seat too 🙁 It is much worse in winter. Summer, some days I feel normal in cars.

            • I think I get what you mean. I don’t know about Australia, but I have driven in the US winter before. I think it was gloomier and made me sleepier than usual and I had a harder time focusing on the roads. Of course it was also the time of year when we are supposed to be more focused than other seasons.

  3. Nice photos. Driving in Scotland is an adventure itself but we didn’t drive because we wanted to see the train scenic route. We changed train in Fort William. We took trains for some part our trip around Scotland instead of bus because the train journey from Fort William to Mallaig is a scenic route.

    • But you can only see from the train. I suppose that is fine also lah, last time where got so obsessed with taking photos to FB or blog, hahaha! Btw I did not go to Mallaig. I went elsewhere 😛 .

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