Carl’s Jr @ Loveland

I ate a lot of burgers when I was in the United States (Oops!). Fast food burgers, I mean. Don’t really have a choice to be honest. I was on work hours on weekdays, lunch needs to be fast, so I can hardly go to the restaurants for lunch. It was either Panda Express (crappy Americanized Chinese zhap fan (mixed rice)), Subway, or burgers.

Where do you suppose I had my burgers? McD? No, no no no… I had McD like… once, out of my so many trips to the States. And that was because I wanted to compare between that, and the other fast food chain that I frequent. After comparison is made, I never went back.

How should I put this? McD in the United States, apart from having some bacon options, is exactly like McD in Malaysia, portion wise, and ingredients wise. And that’s very pathetic for US standards. And I’m someone who idolizes Barney Stinson. I don’t do pathetic, I do awesome! So, I don’t have my burgers in McD. I have my burgers in this fast food joint: Carl’s Jr.


I think they now have outlets in KL and Singapore, in fact I tried the ones in Pavilion KL and Changi Airport in Singapore, they were just… not the same compared to what I had in Loveland. I think their ingredients’ source and quality are different. The meat quality is probably very different. The prices are most definitely very different. Carl’s Jr in KL is like the atas (premium) fast food joint. In the US, they are priced in the same range as McD…

Anyway, let’s get back to what I had in Carl’s Jr Loveland. First thing I want to show you is their soft drinks. I mean, the cup for their soft drinks.


That is a camera pouch standing right next to the cup. The cup is almost twice the height of a compact camera. And this is a Regular sized cup. It is not a Large sized cup. Do they serve their soft drinks in these big ass cups in their KL outlets? I don’t remember.

I also loved the cheeky messages that they print on the cups.

Absolutely spot on,Β isn’t it, this message?

Next, I want to show you their fries. You can have normal option fries, or you can pay a bit more for a special.


Carl’s Jr Chili Cheese Fries actually reminds me of that Canadian special dish, poutine. But of course, this one is way sloppier. I’m pretty sure they didn’t have this when I had my lunch at Carl’s Jr Pavilion KL. Do they have it now?

Finally, the burgers…


Although I do eat beef when in the US, I generally still avoid them as much as I can. I had a beef burger there once, but after that, I ended up sticking to their chicken sandwiches. This one here is their Charbroiled BBQ Chicken Sandwich, with bacon.


Do not be deceived by how dry that piece of chicken meat looked. It is only an optical illusion that will be broken the moment you bite into it. But then what I really want you to see is how thick their burger bun is, and how that piece of chicken is even thicker than their bun! This was the single reason why I was not too impressed with their outlets in KL and Singapore…

Gawd… I miss a good Carl’s Jr burger now…. πŸ™



  1. I was surprised to hear you say the portion of McD in the States and in Malaysia are about the same. A friend of mine went to New York last year and said our (Malaysia) large McD meal was their small.

    Anyway, I love burgers, usually going for either chicken or beef and never bacon. Carl Jr’s in the States certainly look like they have massive portions. The burgers there got sauce?

    • Well, he/she was probably comparing only the burger size, and I think he/she only ordered large in Malaysia. In Malaysia, the burger size is the same regardless of whether you order a regular or large. Even the fries more often than not doesn’t seem too different in terms of portion. The only thing different is the size of your soft drink. It is basically bullshit, I never order a large in McD anymore over here.

      Well, the usual stuff you can find in a fast food burger anyway, mayo, ketchup, those sh*t. But they do have something that Malaysia doesn’t. They have mustard sauce sachets!

      • Interesting observation. Because I observe that the McD burgers in Australia are about the same size as what you get in Malaysia. But there in Australia they will happily add more meat patties for you if you ask – and it’s shown big big on the menu.

        I love mustard sauce on my burgers πŸ˜€

        • Those stupid “for illustration purposes only” menu, I guess it is the same everywhere else in the world!

          Actually, recently, there is the Double options for McD’s burgers over here too, where you can opt for double patties. But you’d have to pay more, like twice the price of the normal burgers. I sometimes get those when I head over to watch live footie on their TV. It is kind of gross though. πŸ˜€

  2. There’s a Carl’s Jr at 1-Utama but I have never tried. I’ve had Burger King and it is OK, better than McD. I may have had Carl’s Jr many years ago somewhere in KL but it didn’t really make an impression on me. Well, if I ever find myself in the US again, I’ll sure try Carl’s Jr if I see it πŸ˜€

    • Now that I think about it, I don’t think I have seen Burger King in the US before. I think, if you ever going to visit the US, it is worth trying the Carl’s Jr here 1st, then you can compare..

      • My spouse ate Burger King in New Hampshire, USA every business trip and he says the Burger King there tastes so much better than those in Kl. Juicier patty.

  3. Hmmm this reminds me long time i havent had Carl’s Jr . They dont have an outlet nearby here. But even then the taste would be different from those in the States,

  4. wt….I m reading this when I m so so hungry (yea, it is almost lunchtime now)…and I m now craving for a huge burger and a pack of cheesy fries!

    • When I had them a few years ago in Pavilion, I thought their portions and quality are like Burger King, just slightly better than McD. I was not too impressed. Carl’s Jr US is very much different, and better! πŸ˜€

  5. For a healthier option you could eat subway for every lunch and ask for more
    Vegetables. Carl JR burgers are expensive in kl. Must be great to eat them in USA with McD prices. The chili cheese fries are wicked! Those meehoon strands are thr chilies and cheese? Don’t think I have seen them in CJ KL.

    • No, I could NOT eat Subway for every lunch. I would go crazy!

      Those are cheese shreds, two types of cheese. Chili in the US sometimes mean chili con carne, which is basially a spicy meat stew sauce inspired by Mexican cuisine.

  6. I think you hardly roam about in KL malls until you didn’t see Carl’s Jr being inside MV for a long time now. There are several in Klang Valley.
    I love the fries with onions in your photo and I could imagine the smell. I didn’t see these onions in our local fries but there were similar onion strips oozing out from one of their burgers. Eating huge US burgers always made me happy! Memories!

    • Long time? I thought they were quite new (2-3 years)…

      Those are not onions, they are different type of cheese shreds. Well maybe there are bits of onions in the chili.

  7. yalor the price is like so “atas” that this kiamsiap uncle won’t go eat, one burger probably can buy 2-3 sets of McD Value Meal.. but I remember in the 90s Carl’s Jr first landed, the burger was like RM4-ish back then, they didn’t make it and they made a comeback only in recent years..

  8. I think I didn’t get to go Carl’s Jr when I was there recently… Cos most of the time, my BIL and his son like to go Denny’s, In n Out, Applebee’s… Perhaps next time I will try this Carl Jr.. πŸ™‚

    • No no no! You are in California, so it is definitely smarter to go to In n Out. If Carl’s Jr is awesome, In n Out is awesome times 10! Denny’s and Applebee’s leh, not same, they are family restaurants rather than burger chain.

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