1P100W #41 – Mama’s Sandwich


I told mom I wanted to go out and get breakfast from the 茶室 (coffee shop/food court) outside. She stared at me and said: “茶室?吃什么?又去吃猪肉粉??(Coffee shop? What you going to eat? Pork Noodles again??) … Tsk!!!

I did not confirm her assumption with a response and just turned around and left the kitchen quietly.

To prevent me from having pork noodles “again” (my last indulgence was more than two months ago on my last trip back), she prepared this meatless sandwich in doubly quick time. Shredded purple cabbage, white cabbage, cucumber, carrot and spicy mayo, in between two slices of flour-less bread.

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    • I didn’t have time to go hungry. After the sandwich there were sweet potatoes, then a bowl of oats, then 2 apples… then it was lunch time.

  1. It looks great. Take those same ‘fillings’ minus the sandwich bread and get instead some flatbread and kebab meat and voila you get the most eaten fast food in Germany aka the Döner 😀

  2. your favourite ke Pork Noodles? LOL.

    wei…this is “oi sum” sandwich leh. See the carrot and vege all shred so thin and all. banyak kerja to do leh. After shred have to clean up the shredder and etc. some more entah-entah maybe it is homemade mayo leh.

    • My favoritest! 😀

      Yeah, she go to great lengths to prevent me from having my favoritest food, in the name of my health…

  3. 世上只有妈妈好。Lovely breakie from your mom, looks so delicious and healthy. Mom is the best, mom cooked food is also the best. Envy you!

  4. Ah! Your mom sounds like she has your best interests at heart and also knows you very well.

    I think most people are the same. My husband loves to grab his favorite street food and as for me, I once had my favorite meal three times in one day when I went back to Canada for a visit [on Sunday, my mom, grandmother, and aunt usually cook the same thing.] I know, I have no shame!! 😉

    • It is the same for me. I keep talking about wanting to try all the new restaurants and cafes when I go back to KL for a visit, but every time I end up having my favorite hawker food only! 😐

  5. Meatless ahh? Sekali pandang, I thought I see some egg mayo inside.. But after reading the whole thing, wow, canggih wor your mum, can whip up this yummylicious vegetarian sandwich..

  6. errr, meatless veggie salad sandwich to prevent you from eating the pork noodles?? hahahaha.. and three little pieces only?? aiyah, after “entertaining” her, you can still go out and have your noodles la~~ 😀

  7. This sandwich is not enough for you. Quickly finish eating it and then can go out and eat breakfast at the local coffee shop.

    If want to be really really healthy, request your mother to leave out the mayo.

    • I showed you the sandwich, I did not show you the glass of oats, the sweet potato and the apples that followed. They were more than enough 😐

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