1P100W #40 – Mama’s Noodles


I’m actually back in KL this weekend. No, I am not back for the B3rs1h thing. I am actually back for the Hungry Ghost Festival. There’s a 3 days praying session where my family pray for my grandma and all our ancestors. It is called 盂兰法会 (I’m not sure what’s it called in English, Obon?)

The cemetery is not an appropriate place to take photos for blogging, and in between praying/entertaining relatives, I have no time for other photos or long blog posts. So I shall show you my brunch: my mama’s noodles, with minced pork, fried shallots and blanced romaine. It was really good!

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    • Well the actual day is the 14th day of 7th month according to the Lunar calendar, but in some temples they would usually have an elaborate ceremony that spans a few days. It is called 盂兰法会 over here, I wonder if they have a different name in Taiwan…

  1. Now you just got me thinking about my coming blog posts that would cover the 2 cemeteries in Manila.

    It is very good that you always pay respects to your ancestors.

  2. Obon is Japanese lah! LOL

    I guess in Western term it would be All Souls’ Day?

    I agree with you about taking photos while visiting the cemeteries. I don’t feel right to do it too.

    • Aiks, I was referring to Google Translate LOL! I suppose there is no English term for this prayers session. I did spot a banner in the cemetery today which said: “Welcome to the Enlightment Carnival”. I wonder if that is the correct name LOL!

      For the Chinese, it is more the superstitious thoughts. We might be capturing more than ourselves and the scenery in the photos!

  3. Mama’s noodles or cooking, no matter how simple, is always delish! I enjoy my mum’s cooking too even though she may think that it’s nothing to shout about.

  4. Oh gee, with all the press surrounding the rally I didn’t even realise it was the Hungry Ghost Festival. Nothing beats mum’s cooking – mama’s noodles look delicious.

    • I’m one of those who supported their cause in the beginning, but stopped after I saw the organizers for what they really are. That’s why I couldn’t be bothered to attend this rally this time around. Rather pray for my grandma and eat my mom’s food. 😀

  5. I like the amount of vegetables on that plate of noodles. Very healthy. Trust your mother to dish up a healthy and tasty noodle. You are really a filial son. My beliefs are different so I guess my late father has to live in poverty wherever he is now

    • I actually go for the prayers because of my parents. Maybe it is bad to think like this, but I think events like this are more for the people still alive. It is an opportunity for all the extended family members to meet up and do something together. And also to gossip and badmouth those that no show. 😀

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