1P100W #39 – Cash Term Only


I walked pass this shop-lot the other day and noticed the creative “Cash term only” message stuck on the door. This used to be a cafe, one of those that I… you know… let’s just say I am not surprised that they did not last very long.

The (ex-)owner probably thought this message is cheeky, but I reckon it actually left a bad taste in some potential customers’ mouth. If you are running a shop, being able to accept credit card is a basic expectation. Not having that means you suck.

You should be apologetic about it, not bloody claim that “it is for your own good”.

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  1. I love cash! I used to prefer paying by card as the wallet wont get too heavy with only a couple of cards but lately I got all into cash again. Perhaps I should consider to launder money!

    • I love both. Usually I like paying with cash in shops, if the items are not those big ticket, expensive ones. But I prefer using my card at, say, the gas station or for purchasing movie tickets using my phone.

  2. Yeah, I usually opt to dine at places that accepts credit cards too except hawker centres lah. We don’t carry much cash with us so we’ll try to use the card as much as possible. Furthermore, at the end of the day, month or year can convert those points to something more useful. Having said all that, I don’t have a credit card. When I said ‘we’ I meant my hubby. He does all the paying. LoL 😛

  3. My partner and I usually don’t go into a restaurant that does not accept credit cards. We like to conserve our cash hah..hah… Some of them that accept cards impose condition, like only for amounts above RM50.00. Cacat lah, if accept card, should not impose such restrictions. I agree that the notice pasted on the door is very corny. It’s a put off actually.

    • I know most outlets who set limit for credit card swipe set it at RM 30. Maybe they got their setup from banks conventionally, where the banks will charge 2.x % of bill. So if the amount charged is too small, it will eat into their profits too much.

      But ah, if you go to restaurants nowadays, easily can spend RM 50 and above per 2 persons lah… tsk…

  4. Oh, you’ll be in a shock if you visit all the new cafes (especially those opened and run by young entreprenueurs) in KL….many of them are on cash terms only!! I was taken back myself during my café crawls. I’m not sure if it’s because they’re new or because they don’t charge service tax. There was once I didn’t bring enough cash and ran out, so now I always bring extra cash when going café hopping.

    • If I am to be very blunt, I think they don’t really know what they are doing. These new business owners probably think they should just open the shop first to “test water”, see how business is going before they make the plunge and sign up for those long term services like credit card facility and registering with the govt for GST (that’s why some of them don’t charge GST because they don’t have to, not because they absorb it). Usually, if you don’t pour all your heart into it, take the commitment and go all the way, the business will more likely than not, fail. It is like they are setting themselves up for failure without giving themselves a proper chance to succeed.

      I’m actually quite appalled that most cafes do not have credit card facility. A coffee for RM 12 or 15, a main course for RM 20+, you know the things they sell are not exactly cheap. A table of 3 could easily spend more than RM 100, which is STILL a big enough amount to justify credit card. Let’s put it this way, if I am a robber, I would take aim at cafes that seem to do good business but only cash term only.

      • Oh, some of these young cafe owners know exactly what they’re doing. I think it’s because the majority of their clientele are students (with no credit cards), so they feel it’s ok to be on cash terms. Usually when youngsters go out in group, they go dutch so each will take out cash to pay for their portion. It’s not a case of someone paying first and then collecting money later on. I noticed that the cafes on cash terms are usually those where it’s almost like self-service (hence no service charges)…you order from the counter and help yourselves to water, cutlery, serviettes, etc. etc. Some of these cafes are very new but some are more than one year old already but still on cash terms. I would prefer to pay by credit card also.

        • I guess that’s the difference between KL and Penang. I doubt cafes in Penang have a big student based clientele, mostly would be working adults like us who love to take pictures of nice coffee art and food to show off in Facebook and Instagram. But then I haven’t been cafe hopping that much also, so what do I know? You might be right…

          Actually the point of this post is not to anti “cash term only”, it is to anti “being a smart ass about your shortcomings”.. I have no problems with a shop that does cash term only, I only have a slight problem with a shop that does cash term only, but claims it is good rather than shortcoming…

  5. Is this a loan shark shop or restaurant? Confused la.. Hehe, sekali pandang macam loan shark shop.. We want you to be king, so pinjam cash to you.. But after reading all the comments here, I know it’s a restaurant..

    • Restaurant, zhap jor lap, then now For Sale/Rent. New agents take over, then they just tear off the old agents’ posters hahaha…

  6. A lot of Asian spots and less fancy places (those hype, high-end Asian restaurants never do that) accept cash only, we learnt to spot which one might be the cash only place and we always have a space money just in case 😀

    • You mean in Dublin/Limerick? I know in certain Europe countries and even the US, the credit card scene is worse than in Asia. Even when I travel to the US for work, I always brought a lot of cash with me.

  7. Only cash terms is so backward, even Fast Food restaurants now accept cards, it is always good to have an alternative choice of payment, how if we run out of cash and the ATM machine is far from us

    • I got that before. But I was a frequent customer to that cafe and the owner trusted me, so he let me go and let me defer payment till my next visit.

  8. This reminds me of many places in China that only accepts cash. They made my trips miserable for having fat wallets. I had no other choice.
    Now this happens in Malaysia, I would definitely step in when I feel its worth.
    Now with the cash rebate credit cards, I am making full use of it.

    • I remember in my dad’s shop’s days.. we need to apply with the banks, and they will review our revenue range first, then they will charge us 2.x% of our sale prices as credit card fees. So it was a great bonus if a shop accepts credit cards. I think it is getting easier to set up credit card charging facility nowadays, isn’t it? I hear so many third party apps that allow even small scale shops to do so cheaply.

  9. errr, i am not surprised if that is just a small shop.. i’ve been to a restaurant chain in a classy shopping mall that actually accepts only cash and no credit cards, now that is actually a little unwelcoming..

    • I can understand too that a small shop does not have access to accept credit card payments, you need to have a certain range of revenue for getting credit card facility to make sense. What baffles me is usually these small shops would be “We don’t have credit card facility, sorry for the inconvenience caused” rather than “We want to save you from debt”.

  10. If the food is not too expensive, then paying by cash is ok but if it is over 100, it should be paid by card.

    I know of a few popular eatery in the Gardens mall that still insist on cash payment. For example Fong Yuet restaurant.

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