1P100W #38 – 2.6 Billion


Nowadays, if you mention the words “2.6 Billion” or “42 Billion” to Malaysians, 11 out of 10 will know what you are talking about. But I’m not going to talk politics here. I just find it unconstitutionally amusing 哭笑不得 when I saw the above, in an online game. Look at where the finger is pointing. 😐 😐 😐

This is a snapshot from the game Ragnarok Online. Those white boxes with the money bag symbols, they are shops from other players, as in real players.

I’m playing this game again not as entertainment but as a method of side income. The detailed method is a secret though. Not going to tell you how.

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  1. 2.6 billion, hehe.. quiz time: how many years do you need to withdraw 2.6 billion from your bank account through ATM (ignore the interests)?? xD

    • Thankfully the EPL football season has started, something else to distract me from all those Billion Billion issues that is seriously causing me unparalleled headaches. @.@

  2. You are on hire to help people level.up? Or u selling played accounts? Or you sell items you obtained from the game? You sure are entreprising.

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