1P100W #37 – 餐蛋治 Spam and Egg Sandwich

DSC_0004 (1024x637)

Let me show you my so very delicious Saturday breakfast. A few slices of the Hokkaido bread from Bread History, fried egg, and a spam salad. Together they would form the 餐蛋治 spam and egg sandwich.

You see, there is salad in my breakfast so it is a healthy and hearty breakfast.

I love this Hokkaido bread, the crust is crispy and the bread is flavorful enough, no need for butter or jam spread…

And this is how I love my fried egg, with the yolk cooked through. Don’t get me wrong, I do eat runny egg yolk, but I mostly prefer that in my noodles soup.

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  1. The salad is not shown in the photo? Can see the bread is special from the pattern on its crust. Delicious breakfast for you!

  2. Spam for breakfast. Finally you ate some spam 😀 What a good start to the day. Though a few more slices of that wouldn’t hurt and would probably make it a more meatier meal 😀

    • Yeah, but I didn’t buy the Made In China ones. These are Danish spam, more expensive, gotta savor the taste! 😀

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