1P100W #36 – Bulgogi Pork Rice

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Remember K-Food which I wrote about last week? I went there again for dinner tonight, we had a birthday gathering there. I was finally able to sample that XXXXX dish which the friend claimed tastes very similar to the one they had in Korea. XXXXX is their teokbokki (spicy stir fried Korean rice cake).

But I didn’t order that for myself. I ordered a Bulgogi Pork Rice. For RM 15, I got what you can see above. Rice and a big pile of pork belly slices and vegetables. I got more meat than rice, that’s why I think this is very good value for money.

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  1. More meat than rice! Really worth it! Did you try the xxxx dish even though you did not order it? Eat it off someone’s elseplate?

    • Just read your reply to a comment that you did and you didn’t like it. So I guess you don’t like shanghai rice cake either.

    • I don’t know what is Shanghai rice cake to be honest. But if you mean the nian gao that we eat during CNY, then no, I don’t dislike it, in fact I love it. But it is totally different texture compared to Korean rice cakes.

  2. Good value for money the dish you ordered. Very generous serving. I happen to love spicy stir fried Korean rice cake. You should try it next time 🙂

  3. Lots of cabbage and meat there… for RM15, it is a good buy… unless you want to do it yourself.. washing, preparing the food and the cleaning up after.. might as well pay and eat and leave… hahhaa…

  4. Ahh, I see the word bugolgi, I think of cheese bugolgi, bibimbap and kimchi soup already (that’s all I know about Korean food, ok, maybe add on BBQ meat also).. I only order the bibimbap rice, kimchi/ginseng chicken soup, some hotpot “fluffy” egg thingy and bulgolgi.. I’ve tried cheese bugolgi, “banjir” in cheesy cream sauce.. Sedap jugak..

    • You eat bibimbap? That’s… rice and VEGETABLES in a hot stone bowl… You confusing me lah my dear Princess… @.@

  5. Wow. I like what you are having. Looks very nice and with more meat than rice is awesome. I don’t even need the rice, just give me all the meat 😀

    • I would’ve asked them to omit the rice if I knew the portions beforehand. But I only knew it after the food was served. Then there were 2 toddlers joining us, I did not want to set a bad example by not eating rice and leaving it there (excuses)…

  6. My top favorite Korean food is teokbokki and followed by dolsot bibimbap. I went to the Korea fair and bought big bags of their rice cakes with ready made flaming hot sauce to make my own teokbokki at home anytime. You can do the same.

    • I actually don’t really fancy either of them. That’s why I did not order the teokbokki for myself, just sampled a piece of it from the friend’s order. And I never ordered any types of bibimbap in a Korean place. I always go for either those soup stuff, or pork stuff, hahaha! 😀

  7. wah.. there is more meat and veggie than the rice!!! this one i like, and for only RM15, that is a good deal.. if you economic factor, probably those you ordered in chap fan stalls are even more expensive dei~~

    • Hahaha probably not more expensive. I have yet to be charged more than RM 10 for chap fan even with an overflowing plate. But then, those weren’t cooked fresh from order, and the last time I had chap fan was a few months ago. And chap fan is not air cond environment, so… yeah really good deal. 😀

  8. It definitely is worth your money! The bulgogi I had in Adelaide and Perth (paid around 8 AUD) came with more rice than meat, pfft.

    • Well, does 8 bucks in Oz normally gets you same or more food than 15 bucks in Malaysia does? That would be the benchmark I suppose…

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