The Truman Show

The internet is an ass. No, I mean, the internet turns you into an ass. I mean it, really. You suffer when you don’t have it, but you squander it when you have it.

My first weekend with normal internet reinstated, and I spent it streaming movies online instead of doing something productive. So here’s me trying to be productive with unproductive things by writing a blog post of one such movie that I watched today.

My favorite movie of all time is probably [Armageddon] mainly because that was the first movie that I watched in a cinema. This one is a close second. And I didn’t even watch it in the cinema. I watched it in a classroom in the British Council. It was one of the learning materials for Listening in Fiona’s class.

Fiona was one of my English teachers at the British Council. She was 30 when I was 14, and I almost had a crush on her because she is British and I thought she was very hot. But then I was 14, I thought many matured ladies were hot and I had a crush on many ladies too.

Anyway, back to the movie. I am talking about [The Truman Show]. Has anyone of you ever watched this movie before? It has Jim Carrey as the male lead. I think this movie is old enough that I can give spoilers without any worry…

This movie basically talks about a reality show where a man named Truman Burbank was adopted on birth and spent his life inside an artificial town constructed within a huge, dome shaped filming studio.


All the people in his life are actors and actresses, including his family, wife and best friend. He was the only one not aware that his whole life has been a TV show to viewers worldwide.




His life was filmed with thousands of cameras 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, non stop, and broadcast live on TV. And it was a very popular show, with millions of viewers worldwide tuning in to watch it every day.



Eventually, he began to realize something is not quite right in his life. When he was a kid, he went fishing in a boat with his father (actor also) and his father drowned in a storm. It was a staged plot to instill in him fear of the sea, so he would not try to leave by water. Every time he tries to leave town by plane or by road, there must be some incidents that prevent him from successfully doing so. He discovered that he was somehow trapped in this little town.


To make matters worse, he began to realize certain strange phenomenon with his life. For example, his wife and best friend sometimes talk to him in such a way as if they were doing a product commercial. And he witnessed bus drivers and sailors who cannot drive and sail because, well, they were just actors.


The movie basically tells us how Truman discovered his predicaments, his attempts to escape his little town, and how he conquered his fear.


There’s nothing exciting about this movie, it is all comedy and at the same time makes you think about your own life. I always imagine if I am myself a Truman in my own Truman Show, especially when sometimes I feel there are some idiots who seemed to me like their mission is to inconvenient me and make me mad just to see how I will react. At times like this I always closely scrutinize my surroundings to see if I can catch any hidden cameras. But then maybe cameras could come in many shapes and sizes and I have been deceived into thinking that there is a fixed shape for camera and lens. Sometimes I also wonder if our Earth is really just a small filming studio and it is actually safe to go to outer space, but I dare not because of propaganda.

Sometimes I also… bahhh anyway, here’s the trailer of the movie in case you have not watched it before.

Unfortunately there’s no link to the full movie on Youtube, but if you search for The Truman Show in Google, you will find some excellent streaming source. Or you can always buy the DVD from the shops.

And, in case I don’t see you, good afternoon good evening and good night!




    • Except those Youtubers knowingly film themselves, this Truman is being filmed unknowingly. 😛

  1. I have heard of this movie but not watched it. It’s an interesting premise, discovering that your life is actually staged. Shakespeare said something to that effect, if I remember correctly. I do think in a way this world is a stage and the movie director is God 😀

    • At some point I really thought that movie director in that movie, is he a metaphor for God? But then God would not want to trap you on Earth, right? He should want you to join him in heaven, right? But then, what do I know about Christian theory anyway.. 😛

  2. I love Jim Carrey and you might think I behave like him in some ways in reality. Ask Thambee who knows me and my soul.
    I have watched this Truman Show twice and loved it as it was an eye opener for me about our earth. We are really all actors playing on this earth as the stage and we use our karma to trade with each other and the audience are the spiritual world.

    • I suppose you are right when you put it this way. When I watched the movie, I thought Christof (the director inside the movie) was like playing God to Truman. He decides his life, basically. And then Truman defies him (defies God then). I wonder if there were any Muslims/Christians who watched this movie and became oversensitive once they connected the dot.

  3. I don’t think I have watched the truman show but the spoiler is ok because I don’t intend to watch it. Our Earth and even the milky way could really be just a small filming studio. Even if it is safe and you dare to go to outer space, how would you do that? You don’t own a space ship or rocket.

    • Maybe a normal plane would work, and those space ship or rocket are shit cooked up to prevent me from going.

      • But afaik you don’t own a normal plane to do so unless you hire a very small plane and the pilot is willing to try it.

        • No pilot will want to try it, they are all part of the conspiracy to keep me rooted. I will have to build and fly my own plane! 😛

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