Pure Fiction

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there was a man who decided to open a restaurant (let’s call him Bob). His food was good, business was picking up, and he started to build some sort of a customer base.

One day, a new customer came. He ordered the signature chicken satay. His food was served in 10 minutes.

After 15 minutes or so, the customer called for the bill. The server saw that the plate of satay was practically untouched, except for that little saucer of pickled marinade. So the server immediately notified Bob. Concerned that the new customer was unhappy with the food, Bob immediately approached the new customer.

Bob: Is everything alright, sir?

Customer: Oh, yes, excellent! I love this dish of yours. You make an excellent pickle! You know what? I make a pretty good pickle too in my restaurant, but I use the AAA brand of vinegar. You should try it too, it will bring your pickle to the next level!

Bob: Oh… That’s nice to hear. Thanks!

So that new customer left. Bob was perplexed. Why did the customer order satay but not eat it and praised the pickle which is a side dish instead? Still, he noted that the customer is another restaurateur, and possibly a more experienced one, it was nice to be commended by a fellow restaurateur.

The next day, that same customer came again. This time he ordered a pepperoni pizza.

Again, shortly after his food was served, he called for the bill. Again, the pizza was left intact. The server noticed that there was no herb leaves on the pizza. The server immediately alerted the kitchen and Bob again. Bob thought maybe that customer disliked the pizza because of the missing herbs, so he went to the customer again. When the customer saw Bob coming, he gave a very brilliant smile to him.

Customer: Good job with the pizza, man. Those basil leaves were pretty good! I polished them all! Good job!

And that customer left, again. Bob was really perplexed now. He could not understand what was happening at all…

The next day, the customer came again. This time he orders a lobster and shrimp combo. The seafood platter was served with some broccoli and rice on the side, with a wedge of lemon.


As they had prior experience, this time the server notified Bob of this customer’s return, and he watched the customer closely. This time, the customer took only the few pieces of broccoli, and then called for the bill. The only thought in Bob’s head at this point of time was: Is this guy for real??

This time, because Bob was watching from afar, he noticed that a few other customers from the surrounding table also saw that the lobster and shrimps were untouched and they began whispering to one another. Some asked for the servers, requesting to return their own orders of lobster. In fact, the customer sitting closest to Bob asked him: What’s wrong with the lobster? Is it bad?

After reassuring this other customer, Bob went to that customer again.

Customer: Your lobster dish is so very amazing. I mean, those broccoli, wow! I’ve almost never eaten better, except for the ones in my own restaurant! Thumbs up, excellent work!

Sh*t! This singular customer is affecting his other customers. He better do something about it.

The next day, when the customer tried to get into the restaurant, he was stopped by the hostess who informed him that the restaurant is already fully booked.

The next day, he came again and was given the same response.

The next day, he came yet again, and was given yet the same response.

He never came back after that, and Bob and his staff and his customers lived happily ever after.


I got kind of bored today, so I decided to spontaneously and randomly write a fictional story to show off even more food items that I have had before. How do you like this story which took 30 minutes from conceptualization to publishing on the blog?



  1. Really enjoyed this story actually. I thought the customer was a bit cuckoo. Why waste food like that. The shrimp looks really good, fine food. Though I must say that’s a small portion of broccoli…

  2. Damn… I read each and every word with anticipation dunno what is coming next and then kena poured cold water. Anti climax lah you.

    • Isn’t it at least better than SK’s story? 😛

      “Once upon a time, there was a naughty boy. The next day he died. The End”

  3. You had me lost there in the beginning of the blog post. I wasn’t too sure if it was a parable, an introduction to a food review or short story.

    But the ending’s too short. It’s like a smooth ride and the engine suddenly dies on the driver without any warning. =/

    • It’s just a story cooked up within 30 minutes, there’s nothing else to it. Maybe I should not do this type of random sh*t again LOL! 😀

  4. I was wondering what Pure Fiction. Darn it…your otak so bergeliga one ah. Liddat also can think of. The ending darn cut short la.

    Hmm…… Sounds like loaded with a lot of cili padi wor

    • This is a spontaneous 30 minutes story. Sorry for the lousy ending lah hahaha. 😉

      What cili padi? No cili padi in all 3 of the dishes shown.

  5. nice way of displaying the foods! now that I will order chicken rice and eat only the cucumbers! Ah, I can see a familiar lobster!

    • Tsk, you don’t be such a moron lah…

      The lobster, hahaha yes, it is of the same brand as the one in your recent blog post. 😉

  6. Ala….anti climax leh 😀 It was riveting, I give you that. I just had to read it right till the end. And then? No closure 🙁 Perhaps that’s how you meant it to be just like some joke that goes on and on (sounding interesting) and the punchline is…not that funny 😀

    • I actually didn’t think too much about how the story will be, I just type and type whatever came out from my head. Now that I read back, this story has really been pretty pointless huh… 😛

  7. I was waiting to get to the end of the story to get some sort of a reveal as to what the man was up to….and then nothing…he just left! Of course, as I went along (for the ride), the photos of the food gave you away…I immediately recognised the last photo (from Red Lobster) and the satay looked like chicken yakitori (from a Japanese place) instead of satay. Where’s the pizza from…it looks freakishly familiar!

    • The food are all from Loveland/Fort Collins hahaha! The satay is from that Thai place, the lobster is (you noticed correctly), and the pizza is from a place called Old Chicago that serves… well, Chicago pizza and stuff. Yes I’m going to write about these guys soon! 😛

  8. Wei, I read your whole story until the end, then I was like , huh, finished jor meh? I’m a very simple minded person, I’m ok from the beginning until I read about about the shrimp & lobster one, all customers also didn’t touch theirs.. Sarcastic punyer story or what punyer story? The food is good or the fella wana “zha” Bob? Wei, don’t la like that, wei..

    • It is just a normal story, there is no allusion of any sort here. I didn’t think too much about how the story goes, I was just typing whatever came to mind. 😛

    • Of course it is an original. I cooked the whole story up in my head in 10 minutes.

      What liar? Since when is there truth and lies in telling a story? A story is a story. 😉

  9. Oh oh.. must be some competitor.. leaving behind the main dish to spoil the restaurant’s reputation… or am I missing something here? 🙂

    • Fairy tales? This is nothing like a fairy tale. There’s no fairies here, only a fictional Bob and his restaurant. 😛

  10. hmmm must be some hidden message that I could not grasps.. or this fictional story is only as straight forward as it is?? haha.. at least you wrote a good one.. my own fictional story would always be:-

    Once upon a time, there was a little boy. He was very, very, very naughty. The next day, he died.”
    — The End.

  11. Hahahaha you make a very good fiction writer. Very entertaining story with a udang sebalik batu behind it. Where did you eat the 3 meals shown in this post? All at the same place?

    • What udang sebalik batu? There’s no batu here, the udang was on a plate!

      They were all eaten in the same country. The lobster meal you can find in their newly opened Malaysian outlet in Intermark. 😛

      • Eh, you went there to eat already ah? Salty or not? I wanna go there to eat too but scared the lobsters will be too salty for me.

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