Mount Titlis, Switzerland

[Sept 15, 2007]

When we finally left Milan, we also left Italy behind us, and entered yet another country. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you…



When we talk about Switzerland, I remember a few things about this country:

  1. Although surrounded by EU countries, Switzerland is not a full EU country (Paul’s words). As such, you cannot enter Switzerland from a neighboring country without a passport. Also, not all businesses and shops in this country accept the Euro, they retain their own currency, the Swiss Francs.
  2. Switzerland is expensive. Very expensive. This was the only country where Paul did not bring us for a Chinese dinner. He said eating out in Switzerland is much much more expensive compared to Germany or Italy, so we were advised to pack our dinners at the service area before entering Switzerland that evening.

We checked into a hotel in Engelberg quite late in the evening. I don’t remember much of our hotel. What I do remember is that we needed to take a tram uphill to reach the hotel.


Did I mention that Switzerland is very expensive? The internet access charges were a few times more expensive compared to hotels in other countries in Europe. Fortunately, someone (I think it was me) discovered that there was free wifi at the lobby and corridors of the hotel. Word spread, and soon…


We totally did our part in enhancing the “Asians are f**king cheapskates!” stereotype

So, anyway, I was the first to finish whatever it is that we did with the internet, and then had dinner…



[Sept 16. 2007]

The next morning, we woke up to this view in front of our hotel.


Paul told us that we would be visiting Mount Titlis. The problem was, some of us had poor hearing and thought he said, Mount Tits? Mount Tities? And then some of us started laughing, to Paul’s confusion.

You know, back then, I was an idiot. I thought the Swiss Alps was a mountain. I didn’t know it is actually a mountain range. So I asked Paul “Why are we going to Mount Titlis instead of Mount Alps?“, and he answered: “Mount Alps is very crowded because it is the most famous, Mount Titlis is good enough, second most famous but very less crowded.

It made me quite pissed off that we only settled for second best on our tour. Of course, later on when I came back to Malaysia and did some research, I discovered that the Alps is actually a vast network of mountain range, and Mount Titlis is just one of many tourist spots within the Alps.

Of course, this also meant that Paul didn’t really know what he was talking about. I wonder what he had in mind when he mentioned the most famous Mount Alps.

Anyway, okay… Mount Titlis…

So, to get to this mountain, we had to walk across Engelberg town to get to the cable car station.

It was a nice walk
Selamat datang

To get to the top of Mount Titlis, you basically need to take three different cable cars through three stages of the mountain. First you take the small cable car, then you take the medium cable car, and finally you take the big cable car. It’s real, I am not trying to make a joke here.

Small cable car
cable car view
View of Engelberg from cable car

I guess it is finally time to admit something: I am uncomfortable with heights. I have mild phobia of heights.

Strangely, I am not afraid of taking the plane. But I get slightly terrified when I am on top of a tall building, or, say, when I am inside a cable car. I guess I am not afraid of the height. What I am uncomfortable with is looking down to the ground from a place of height. When I put it this way, I guess this is something pretty normal, isn’t it?


Of course, staring at those cables did not help either. Especially the small cable car, there was only one main cable, with two quite thin strands of support cables. If the main cable did snap, I don’t believe that two small strands of wire would be of much help at all. So of course, throughout the entire cable car ride, I was constantly worrying if the cable will snap and if I will fall into the valley below.


Big cable car

3 cable car rides and 10000 feet above ground level later, we finally arrived at the top of Mount Titlis. We were quickly given a short tour of a glacier cave right next to the cable car station,


And then we were set loose to do whatever it is that we wanted to do.

You know, when you get to the top of a snowy mountain without any intentions to ski, it can be quite boring. I mean, almost everything around you is a pile of white.



Of course, it is also up to yourselves to make the most of the situation. For example…



Yeah, now you know where I got the idea to remove my jacket when I was at the Rocky Mountain

By the way,


Do you wanna build a snowman?~~~



  1. Haha! Love it that you guys had to create your own entertainment in the form of stripping down :P. We’re actually wondering if we should day-trip to Switzerland since we’re soooo close right now. But I hear that it’s very very expensive too. And I hear that everything in Switzerland is just perfect and clean.

    • I too, was told that Switzerland is very expensive. But I haven’t been shopping there. The only time I spent money was for lunch in the train station, but I can’t remember how much I paid. 😐

      Well, if it is a day trip then you save on accommodation. If I am doing it, I would probably rent a car and drive into Switzerland and back. Switzerland has some pretty nice roads. 😀

  2. Hey RG, looks like very Fun especially going with your group…you know… I wanna go Europe one day too..esp certain countries like what you showed above… The three S…switzerland, Sweden, Spain… Austria… I never been there.. I am also scared of heights…no choice, if one likes to travel, that obstacle got to be overcome….

    • That 3 S is very far apart, I don’t think any tour will cover all 3, you might have to go DIY style. 🙂

  3. When I first saw the post title, I knew you’d make the association! 😀 Aiyar…you all showed your tities on Mount Titlis but the girls didn’t!!! Were you hoping….secretly? *wink wink* ;D

  4. Yeah, I agree with you, Switzerland is a very beautiful place, I once angan-angan before la, if can ahh, or if ask me wana migrate to where ahh, maybe Switzerland, hahaha.. But dream only la, wont happen..

    • You never know one. Who knows one day your hubs might get to relo there. Or maybe one of your kids does.. 😉

    • This was in 2007, and there is no mountain gods to contend with in the Alps, so it was fine, I guess..

  5. Luckily you guys stopped and kept your pants otherwise there could have been avalanche in 2007! I saw your tits taken on Mount Titlis with such big nipples like a raisin cookie! Muahahaha
    My mum also complained that everything cost a bomb there including chocolates. She was always lucky to stay over at her connection of Thai diplomat friends’ places in Zurich, Geneva and Moscow for weeks. If I ever go, I might sleep at the railway benches.
    Your snow man is not as cute as you.

    • I guess I gave you the wrong focus point by mentioning the wrong mountain name, tsk. You remind me of that movie which I just watched on Saturday, when a certain someone said: “Old, but not obsolete still horny”… =.=”

      Your family seems like a lock and loaded family with connections everywhere. I wonder what happened to you. Or maybe you are just fibbing on us and you are actually very rich indeed. Anyway you won’t be able to sleep on railway benches in Switzerland, they will kick you out in no time. This is a very atas country after all..

  6. Eh, need to take so many cable cars to reach there? I also forgot already. True, our tour also did not take us to eat Chinese food in Switzerland but western food in the hotel where we stayed in Lucerne because dinner was included in the tour package and I was very happy cos no need to eat Chinese food.

    Wah you must be the hero for finding out that there was free wifi. No cold meh, you all guys take off your tops?

    • I think it was me, but it might not be me. I can’t remember. I only remember I was one of the earlier ones to be out there. I was not part of that jakun looking big group invading the corridors LOL!

      Of course cold lah, that’s the point what! 😀

  7. wah, so happy go to Switzerland, and so happy went up Mount Titlis, and so happy all took off your tops and showcase your body, hahahaha!!! well, those were the days, and given you one more time to the same place, will you do the same thing again?? 🙂

    • Hahaha, not for showcasing body though, LOL! 😀

      For me personally, I probably would not want to ascend to another snowy peak again, unless if it is for skiing. And of course, won’t be stripping again. Probably… 😀

  8. Aiyorrrr!!!! You all stripped? Like those people on Mt Kinabalu! 😛 Expensive kah? Ok, not for me, cannot afford. But at least, you’ve been there once in your lifetime, that’s good!

    • Totally not like those in Mt Kinabalu. At least there’s no gods to worry about in Switzerland! LOL! 😀

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