Maza Kabob @ Fort Collins

I mentioned there were three halal restaurants in Fort Collins, one was Thai food which is no longer halal (Cafe de Bangkok), and another is African (Nyala Ethiopian Cuisine). Here comes the third and final one that I know of so far.

Maza Kabob is a restaurant that claims to serve Afghanistan cuisine and they specialize on, well, kabobIn case you are wondering what kabob means, it is basically just a different pronunciation to what we call kebab. Yes, marinated meat roasted on a skewer.


It was actually not that easy to find this place. Our American coworker introduced this place to us back in 2011. At that time this place was fairly new. According to our coworker, this place is “along the South College Avenue (main road of Fort Collins), in that same cluster of shops as where Radioshack used to be“. Still, it took us 2 wrong turns to be able to arrive here.


Okay let’s talk about the food…

Each table is given three different seasoning powders: salt, pepper, and paprika.


I think they have been through a revamp or something, they now have a website (here), and the menu seems more extensive than I remember. Back then, maybe because they were new, the menu was very much simpler.

The beverages were standard American stuff, plus Chai Tea. Obviously we went for the latter…


I loved this Chai Tea, it has a very wonderful fragrance that we could not get from the usual tea back home.

And then the food selection was less too. They only do 2 types of meat: chicken and lola (beef). And they only do 2 types of dishes: kabob and korma. So there was like, 4 choices. No, wait. 6 choices, because you can also choose to mix both type of meats.

This was what I had my first time there:


Chicken and Lola Kabob – One skewer of chicken, one skewer of lola. Served with rice, potato korma, yogurt and a side Afghan salad. I eat beef when in the US by the way, remember?

You know, we didn’t quite connect with Ethiopian cuisine. This kabob cuisine though, we definitely could connect with. It’s nothing to do with the food quality, but more towards familiarity and personal preference. I mean, white rice, marinated and roasted meat, potato in familiar tasting gravy, what’s there to not connect with for a Malaysian?

Halal food that looks and tastes somewhat familiar, you can bet that we keep coming back for many times. I hope this might end up being of some help to any Muslim students from Malaysia (or from anywhere in the world actually) who are going to study in Colorado State University in case you need to look for halal food nearby…



  1. Really cool place. Looks cozy and affordable I must admit. By the way, I don’t remember when was the last time I had some rice 🙂 hihiih

    • Kebab or Afghanistan cuisine in Kg Baru? If there is Afghan cuisine in KL, that’s awesome! 😀

  2. Looks a bit like Malaysian food. Halal food can find if a person would just spend some time to google. Can find good eating plc like wat u recommended

    • Actually it really is not that easy in the States (and probably in Europe too), and one needs to be resourceful even when searching. For example, the place I was staying, Loveland. There is ZERO halal food to be had there. But a few miles north in another city, Fort Collins then yes. Those who are not resourceful would give up after just searching Loveland.

  3. I’m guessing the food taste quite close to Malay or Indian food with the use of cumin and coriander. Your choice looked pretty good. I would definitely enjoy this one 🙂

    • Hahaha I wouldn’t call it a chance, that would imply I am always raring to have beef but have been put on an unwilling ban or something. It’s not chance, it’s just what it is…

  4. Maza Kabob makes me think of Khumba or Sheesh Kebab.. Your platter looks alright to me.. Skewers, rice, yoghurt dipping, ok wor, like Arabian food that we could get from here..

  5. I sure would want to try – I’m all for anything exotic. I love kurma! Btw, if you’re interested, the canned ones by ADABI are pretty good. My girl loves the lamb kurma.

  6. yeah.. i very panlai leh, when i see Kabob i knew it was Kebab, hehehe!! and yeah, what you had is familiar to me, something i had when i was in Dubai.. i actually love their rice, Basmati huh?? only two types of food, good lah, no need to think, just choose from the 6 combinations, hahaha!! 🙂

    • I see their website, it seems like they got more options now. It was definitely easier for me back then! 😀

  7. Wow! You lucky devil had the chance to eat Afghan food! That makes you a fearless warrior and borderless blogger !!
    I agree that we can adapt easily to the skewered kebabs anytime. I could enjoy the African tribal food but not on daily basis. I might freak out and start jumping stationary with spears.

    • Oh the Ethiopian one that I wrote yesterday, that’s African. This one’s Afghanistan, which is NOT African LOL! 😀

  8. Korma is like curry kurma here? That’s a lot of rice so suitable for fan tong (rice tong). I will ask for exactly the same food in your photo but to omit the rice.

    • Yes yes, sometimes called kurma here, although if we say kurma, some might think it is that fruit that they eat during Ramadan 😐

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