Lazy Man’s Oriental Lamb Sandwich

I made a lamb slices stir fry for dinner today. Nothing fanciful in the ingredients:

  1. 5 lamb slices, chopped to bits,
  2. A packet of romaine lettuce,
  3. 2 cloves of garlic,
  4. half a chili,
  5. Light soy sauce and pepper for seasoning.

Basically just preheat the wok with a glug of olive oil, then chuck everything into the wok and fry for a few minutes until everything seems cooked. I was too lazy to even fry garlic and chili first, then add lamb, then add vegetable.

DSC_0001 (1024x576)

So I set the plate aside and proceed to clean up first. As I was washing the chopping board, I noticed some of those “Maximmo” bread leftover lying on top of the fridge, two slices of them. I bought them a few days ago but totally forgot about these leftovers. So I checked on the expiry date, it is today. So, instead of lamb slices stir fry, dinner became this…

DSC_0003 (1024x787)

Lamb sandwich, where the lamb filling is cooked in (lazy) Malaysian Chinese style. Hence this sandwich shall be named: Lazy Man’s Oriental Lamb Sandwich!

It was delicioso!

Side topic:

In case you don’t see any new posts from me in the coming few days, it is because something’s up and I will be without my usual internet access at home for the coming few days. The only internet that I will have is my phone internet, which will be no good to support my laptop activities. So… I may or may not have any new blog posts until next Tuesday, depending on whether I become desperate enough or not to spend my days in Starbucks. For my blogger friends, I will read most of your new blog posts, but I may or may not leave comments, because I hate typing from my phone.

If you don’t see me in the coming days and got wondering, this is why. It is not because I died. And it is most definitely not because I am getting married.

And, in case I don’t see you again, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!

Also I’d like to wish all my Malaysian readers, as well as Muslim readers from the rest of the world (if there is any),

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri (Eid al-Fitr)
Maaf Zahir dan Batin
and Happy Holidays!


  1. I always mm-seh-tak buy lamb/beef from the supermarket coz they are not cheap.. Like >RM10++ per packet.. Nak masak soup/stew pun kena fikir lama-lama.. Your lamb sandwich looks good, reminds me of kebab – lamb and beef slices, yummzzz..

  2. So long as the lamb doesn’t smells badly, I love to eat them! Most Indian curry lambs are quite okay with the spices.
    Oh dear, you are back in KL and should not be blogging. Be a good boy to mummy and daddy while you still can.

    • I was NOT back in KL. How can going back to KL means no internet access for me? Are you crazy? KL is the one place I do not have to worry about internet! Hahahaha!!

  3. I was just wondering why there were no new posts!! I know what you mean about typing messages using a phone. It is a pain in the you know what and auto correct sometimes irritates me because it corrects my spelling mistakes using the wrong word!!

    • I never use auto correct. The first thing I do every time I get a new phone is to turn off auto correct. Maybe I’m just too ancient to appreciate the convenience (or sometimes nuisance) or auto correct. For me, it is just because I am too used to typing on a keyboard. Typing on a screen makes me feel uncomfortable for some in-explainable reasons. 😛

  4. A very balanced meal there, RG!! Ok, whatever it is, we will wait till you are back in blogging… I might disappear too for a couple of days due to wifi-less…

    • Where you are now, disappearing for a few days could only mean: flying back to Malaysia, or getting stuck in a national park hiking and camping or something. Both are good! 😀

  5. You may have invented something new here – stir fry kiap with bread. I am willing to place a small wager that no one has done that before 😀 😀 😀

      • People may not purposely do it as a meal but I am sure many people will kiap yesterday’s leftover stirfry with bread to eat to finish the leftovers off. I know I do that as I prefer to eat bread more than rice.

  6. Happy Holiday to you! But not so happy lah since you cannot do what you enjoy which is blogging your daily post. Erh, you wrote it is not because you died – erh, you don’t know yet cos the days are not here yet, it could happen. One never know so never say never.

  7. wah, fresh from the oven!! i mean this post.. post written and published right after cooking, very efficient!!!

    hmmm, you won’t have post for the next few days?? then your daily blog model pecah leh, you should have drafted a few and schedule them to be published over the next few days dei~~ i always do this when i go travel.. 🙂

    • I actually didn’t set out to blog daily at first, it just sort of happened after some months. I guess it is a record that is best pecah sooner rather than later hahaha!

      I usually blog real time or just one day in advance, not that used to scheduling post except for certain “big” posts…

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