Lazy Man’s Dry Noodles

The other day I bought some thin kway teow (rice noodles). I wanted to do a stir fry kway teow with some chicken and bok choy.

But suddenly I became lazy. I was tired from work, and I didn’t feel like dealing with sputtering oil and washing a big oily wok.

So I brought a small pot of water to boil and chucked everything into the pot instead. By the way I bought a new steel pot to replace my non-stick saucepan because it was scratched by some chicken bones last week.

DSC_0005 (1024x774)

But before I could add some seasoning into the soup, I suddenly felt like I really, really do not want to have soup noodles. I really, really want to have dry noodles.

So after making sure everything is cooked through, I drained the water and left the ingredients in the pot. Then I drizzled some olive oil, two tablespoons of light soy sauce and twisted lots of pepper in.

DSC_0006 (1024x576)

Then I tossed everything up until it seemed evenly mixed. This is genius! I think I just discovered a new way to make dry noodles without stir frying them!

I tried eating straight out of the pot, but it proved too difficult for the pot is too deep for this. So I poured everything onto a plate instead.

DSC_0007 (1024x576)

As I was happily tucking in, I suddenly remembered that this is in fact NOT a new discovery. This is how the hawkers do their dried noodles all the time, those 云吞面 wantan mee and 干捞面 konlou mee (noodles in dark soy sauce).



  1. Your cooking always brought smiles or laughters!
    This one looks very Vietnamese to me in photo. It would be perfect if you added their mints, beef slices and lemongrass! Voila.

    • Mints? Lemongrass? No thanks… No authentic Vietnamese for me, even when I have pho, i omit those herbs! 😐

  2. Your ‘suddenly’ moments really not bad ah. But how come suddenly lazy? I tot u always lazy one 😛

    I’d prefer the noodles to have some dark soy sauce though as I don’t really like to see pale noodles 😀

  3. That is a great way to make dry noodles. Also my preferred way of doing dried noodles. Like kon lou noodles. I actually didn’t know that was how some hawker stalls made dried Maggi noodles…that is different from Maggi Goreng?

    • Yes, this is exactly how those hawker does dried Maggi. Although I don’t think they use Maggi usually, they will use Indomie which already comes with all the seasoning and dark oil sachets.

    • Tsk! ……. You are right, even instant mee goreng is like this too, not just those dry noodles from hawkers! 😐

  4. I would add some fried shallots, oyster sauce & dark soy sauce (to make it look darker like wantan mee)…that’s my version of kon lou mee.

  5. Next time, add some dark soy and you’ll have what looks like a lazy man’s fried kway teow…kekeke! ;D

    Ei, so easy to scratch your non-stick wok meh with just a few chicken bones? Anyway, getting a good stainless steel pot is worth it, you can deep fry, stir fry, boil, steam…just about anything with it. I use a small saucepan to cook my meals, it’s especially handy when you’re cooking small portions of food. My non-stick saucepan I use sparingly, mainly for frying things that will really stick like bacon, fried rice, fillet of fish, omelettes with fillings (minced pork, onions, etc.) With all the bad publicity about non-stick cookware, better to use stainless steel especially if it’s scratched, it’s a no-no, and you can see bits of it coming off already, better discard.

    • The only reason I like non-stick is because the cleaning process is much much easier. But that reason is BIG enough. I guess I’ll stick to non-stick wok and steel pot.

    • Yeah, it is not as much as I wanted, because half of the packet of greens I used has gone bad. 🙁

  6. A lot of veggies, good.. But I will put minimal veggies, hehe.. Kon lou? If really kon lou, no liew, lots of dark soy, sesame oil and shallots oil.. But mafan hor.. I might just end up with a packet of Indomie instant mee goreng, hehe..

    • Ya also, you got your point, usually kon lou is just lou the noodles, then only add the side ingredients. Means I really am doing something new here lah. Yes!!! 😀 😀

    • Actually it is already less than what I’m used to. Or less than what my mom think it should be. 😛

  7. wei.. this one not “dry” at all lor, you have got meat and veggie in there also woh.. if i am going to cook this, it will really be a “dry” one, just “dry-ly” the noodles and nothing else, hahaha!! 😀

  8. Oh I mourn for your non-stick saucepan. Since it is now scratch, will it ever get to be warmed on the stove again?

    Your last sentence had me ROFL. 😀 Well done for preparing a tasty kolo kway teow dish (kolo means Kon Lo I suspect).

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