Being Off The Grid

I cannot believe it. I said something’s up and I will be without my usual internet access at home for the coming few days and there are people who start speculating what was that something.

No, I did NOT go back to KL over the long weekend. FYI, I seldom go home during the Hari Raya holidays. I think over the last 7 years I have been working in Penang, I have only been back to KL for the Raya holidays ONCE. Don’t ask me why, that’s another story for another day.

And, seriously guys, why the f**k would I have no internet access when I go back to KL? I’ve done that so many times, have you seen me NOT blogging every time that happened? Are you crazy?? My hometown is KL Kuala Lumpur (capital city of Malaysia), not KL Kampung Lipur or some rural villages. If I can’t get internet at home in KL, I won’t be getting internet anywhere else in the country, OMG! That’s why those comments and emails and Whatsapp messages saying I went back to KL really set me ROFL. Rolling On the Floor Laughing, if you will. 😀 😀 😀

No, that something was my internet modem, for some strange reasons, was reset internally. And that is bad news, because the modem that I am using, the service provider has my login details hard-coded into the device. When the modem got reset, those details were reset too, and I could not login at all. So I went back to the place where I got this modem, and I was told that they could only fix it for me on Tuesday due to the Raya holidays.

I know, I could’ve kicked up a fuss to get my modem fixed immediately, I should’ve done that, but I didn’t. I thought it was a good opportunity to force myself to be off the grid for a few days and see how it will go.

Well, I cheated, I went back to the office for some weekend support for a couple hours on Saturday so I got to use A BIT of internet, but apart from that, I think it has been great! I still did what I normally do: grocery shopping, watching Ant Man, going for a walk, and having lunch in cafes. I just did not have internet at home.

What I do at home then? Well, sleeping, cooking, eating, cleaning the house, watching anime offline, playing games, meditating, and of course, attempting to write more into my almost neglected book. Nothing terribly exciting I’m afraid, which is actually pretty good.

So anyway, since you are seeing this post, it means I’m not dead. And I was called to bring in my modem after work and it should take 2 minutes to reconfigure my login details into the device, so it means my internet access should be back by tonight. My blogging life would be back. Yay!

If you are surprised at the word meditating, don’t be. I do sometimes practice meditation. In fact, I used to attend a couple of week long meditation camps during my school years. Now we’re not talking about those level of meditation you see in HKTVB series. Those are far fetched bullshit. Real life meditation is basically just sitting there and thinking nothing, which is actually very difficult. I might write a post about it someday, although I rank novice in this.


  1. I know this post is already old, but just want to say that it’s good to unplug for a while! Sometimes I really hate always having to be online and there will be days I just purposely don’t go online. But I do still use my phone to play games hahah.

    I’ve heard that meditation is really good for gaining clarity and motivating. I’ve tried it (because I’m just so scattered all of the place all the time), but I just can’t do it. My brain is never quite and then I have to think about not thinking, so I’m still thinking about something. And then I get bored just sitting there. I’d like it if you do a post on it!

    • Not thinking is really really hard. As you said, trying to not think anything is still thinking, and most of the time that is what most meditation practitioners end up doing.

      I don’t know, I don’t think I am sufficiently expert enough to write about this. Maybe some time in the future.

  2. I definitely wouldn’t think that you’re mad enough to come back to KL and suffer the massive jams! >.< I actually thought you were just taking a much needed break. It's good to take a break sometimes…I do so too, that's why I admire those who can blog daily. It'll be too strenuous for me! 😀

    • I actually don’t remember if KL is jam or not during Raya holidays. Isn’t it the same like during CNY where the whole city becomes deserted instead? In the past, I don’t go back because usually during Raya, my Malay colleagues will be away and I will stay back for ad hoc support. Vice versa during CNY. “You help me, I help you”, you know… This time it is more or less the same, that’s why I get to “cheat” by clocking some internet when I come back to office for a couple hours for the weekends.

  3. No internet at home, I will get frustrated at first, then go read books, can do many things without internet, and if really cannot…still have the data plan, hehe!

    • Exactly. It is not like daydreaming or sitting idle. This is a whole different level of ball game.

  4. Hey RG, good to see you are back in blogcyber, or blogshere.. whatever the word is.. hahaha… for me, if no internet at home, it is called Nightmare… hahaha… but thank goodness, I have plan B… if no wifi at home, my hp is still on to data… only that cannot comment much or blog as convenient… 🙂 anyway, welcome back!!

    • I believe that word should be blogosphere. As if it is a legit word by itself. 😀 😀

      I thought you mean plan B the cafe originated from Ipoh hahahaha!! XD … Their outlet here in Queensbay Mall doesn’t seem to be doing so well after the initial 2 months period..

  5. When I read the comments about you being in KL, I was wondering eh, how come this time back to KL cannot blog when you always blog when you are back in KL. Ok, ok, will not say anymore things on this topic else those who said you were in KL will be crossed with me.

    Which service provider is this? You mean they put in your details into the modem and you don’t even get to change the default password!? Eh, how can!? You mean anyone can hack into your modem since you are still using the default password. This is worrying.

    Anyway glad that you are back blogging now. Kind of miss not having to comment on your new post.

    • I’m using YES. They have a special package for unlimited bandwidth but each modem is tied by unique login and location. I don’t know if it can be hacked, but it seemed a pretty secure way. You can read my reply on SK’s comment on how this thing works, on high level.

  6. Did you still have data plan on your mobile phone and still can access the internet via your mobile phone, if that is so, it is not counted as totally off the grid

    • Yeah, I sort of cheated in this sense. But I don’t do much with my phone, my mobile data is only 1GB per month. My main internet activities are always done through a laptop. 🙂

  7. haha, it’s the coincidence with the holidays and the way you say it I guess.. I too was also thinking you were back home in KL and will have no time to blog.. anyway, I just wonder, how’s your login hardcoded in the modem?? you custom order one ah?? and if reset, there’s sure a default login you can use, right?? err, just my thought..

    • I got a special unlimited bandwidth package from YES, but the condition is it is tied to person and location (Penang) in my case. So they have some way to store my login credentials within the router modem to make it a unique device. If the device is fired up in, say, KL or JB, then YES might suspect I cheat or someone stole my device and they could block the bandwidth. This is just a simple way of describing how it works.

      They did tell me how to access the config page by myself, but I forgot. And the guy helming the counter did not know too. The only person who knows were on leave for the Raya already. And I did not want to spend too much effort hunting other YES centers in Penang and thought it was a good “test” for me for a few days. So it all culminated in me being “off the grid” for awhile..

    • Well you have to chant all sorts of things if you are in a proper meditation environment. But not so if you are doing it at home. I do it for psychological purposes, not religious purposes. 😛

  8. Ah, you are back. Isn’t that great and now I can get my daily dose of happenings in Malaysia life from you 😉 Sounds like quick internet fixing service after the holidays, isn’t that awesome for you 😀 Hope it was a relaxing time offline.

    • It is basically just keying in my login and password into the device again. The actual process took about 20 seconds LOL! 😀

      Yeah, I think I had a good time..

  9. I’m laughing la.. Your previous post was already funny, stating that if you diam-diam already, doesn’t mean you are dead etc, then here, you explain everything already.. Well, at least now we know what happened to you la.. Oh yes, KL mou-hor-lang no internet connection, it’s YOUR home kan?

    • That’s why lah… I wonder why there would be people who thinks I have no internet because I go back to KL.

  10. I wonder which moron thought you went home to see your dear parents?

    *evil laughs*

    I also watched Ant Man and it was a good show. Sometimes I wished there was no internet and FB.

  11. Ah, you are back! It seemed strange not seeing new posts from you the last few days. Some people might be suffering from withdrawal symptoms 😀

    So it was the modem. I didn’t really think too much into your brief “disappearance”. I assumed you were just taking a short break 🙂

  12. life without internet isn’t that bad after all! well, there are plenty of things to occupy the time other than the net…

    • It was sometimes frustrating though, having no internet… But overall I think it has been good. 🙂

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