1P100W #35 – Miso Noodles

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You know how I used to attempt to dish out pierogi, paella, croque monsieur and all sorts of exotic stuff at home? Lately I am too lazy to even do that. Even on weekends I do the usual baked chicken breast and noodles soup.

ThisΒ was dinner today. One piece of thick spinach noodles, a packet of bok choy, 3 slices of lamb and a blob of miso paste all goes into the pot, overcooked to perfection (if there is such a thing).

And that garlic granules? It absolutely rocks. It turned my weird-ass noodles soup into something that looked and tasted like restaurant bought noodles.

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    • Hahaha! It’s not the way I like it, but vegetables are something that I know I have to deal with even if I don’t like them. In my ideal world, we would only feast on meats and bacons and not get fat…

    • No, not instant noodles with miso flavor. The noodles and miso paste are separately bought.

    • I don’t like vegetables, but I eat them because I know I have to. Can’t only eat what I want all the time right? That’s what 3-years old do πŸ˜›

  1. you certainly are very experimental in the kitchen, but I guess that’s the great fun of it huh?? the noodles look good woh actually, you have got veggie and meat, that’s wholesome and awesome!! πŸ™‚

    • More like lazy. Just chuck whatever I have into the pot, even if some of them doesn’t make sense at all. πŸ˜›

  2. I used to have a BIG packet of miso paste which I bought from Yoshinoya, but I couldn’t finish it, had to discard halfway.. I like miso soup when it is served to me in restaurants, but when I finally have my own miso paste to make soup, macam just put in fridge as white elephant only.. Hmmm..

    • Aiyo, miso is good leh, especially for people who watch the computer screen all the time. Can anti radiation, according to mom. πŸ˜›

  3. So lazy man managed to churn out a restaurant bought noodles for his meal.
    Like Mun said, your mummy would be in Cloud 9 to know you are eating well and healthy.
    Any posts about you doing slimming workouts or exercise after the binge of eating?

    • A proper workout should be one without photos. If you manage to take photos, then it means you’re not doing a very good workout. πŸ˜›

  4. Aiyo I am very hungry now and looking at your bowl of very healthy noodles, I want to eat it very much! I just like the huge amount of green veges in the bowl. Your mother would definitely approve this dish!

    • No she won’t. She would focus on that bits of lamb. Then she would focus on “Why so many noodles? Fat!”. The last thing she will notice is all those vege…

  5. This bowl of noodles actually looks like something you can get from the hawker center πŸ˜€ As for the Masterfood garlic granules, there are heaps of them in the grocery shop. $1 plus for a cannister if I’m not wrong. The pepper cannister beside it was about $1.50, that I know.

    • $1? $1??? I got mine for RM 11+ !! This means it is 4 times more expensive than in Australia! So that’s me overpaying by 4000% x 4 = 16000% (16 times)!! I think this will be the first and last time I buy it then. 😐

      • Correct. $1 thereabouts. The granules you showed us a couple of posts back, that usually costs close to $3 in the Woolworths/Coles groceries here. But when it goes on special, definitely around $1. So…it really is your loss πŸ™ I am actually quite shocked it’s that expensive for a such a small cannster πŸ™

        • Crap! I think maybe next I should get a garlic crusher instead and toast my own garlic granules. Or move to Australia. This is making me more and more dejected.

            • A$ 1 is like RM 3, still way cheaper than RM 11+ !!

              I have been toying with the idea of migration for quite some time, you know. Oz is just one of the mooted destination. But it is just “toying with the idea” stage. Haven’t done anything concrete about it yet.

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