1P100W #34 – 夕阳无限好


This is just a normal picture of a random scenery taking during sunset, I concede that. In fact there is not even the sun in this picture.

It is just that I have been dealing with the stupid haze for so long that I got pretty excited to see that the sky seemed somewhat clear and I can see colors in the sky instead of just light grey. For this reason alone, I think this picture is priceless to me.

In those scifi futuristic movies, the Earth is always portrayed as being so polluted that the skies are perpetually grey. I hope that will not become a reality.

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  1. I know what you mean about the haze – I experienced it far too often when I lived in Taipei, but it is a lot better where I live now. We have blue sunny skies most of the time. I find that the rain usually cleans the air and even the far away mountain ranges are sometimes visible after a good storm.

    Love the pic! Usually sunsets are the best when the sun can’t be seen and you only have the beautiful shades of yellow and orange.

    • I used to feel annoyed by the rain, but now I look forward to it too, for the same reasons as you mentioned. It is very frustrating, it used to be seasonal, when our neighboring country conducts forest burning, but now the haze just comes back all the time, like it is a fixture already!

  2. Beautiful photo. Great shot. I hope the haze clears up, it’s not good for breathing. Or just come to Melbourne. Clear skies all day, every day and many days sunsets that look like that 😀 😀

    • You are tempting me! But there’s too many Malaysian/Singaporean immigrants in Australia already. I have been following a couple of such bloggers based in Perth and Melbourne, they keep telling people to go to the other city because their city is full! 😀

  3. I know what you mean. I also hope the world will not be reach apocalyptic level. Touch wood, we don’t have that much haze here yet and it rained quite heavily yesterday here.

    • Yeah, it rained here too. I guess that’s why we get a relatively clear sky. Today it is f**ked up again. Since I am already home from grocery shopping, I hope it rains again soon LOL! 😀

  4. The nature’s beauty is always a joy forever for you.
    If you view the sunsets and sunrise with your loved one, it will look even more beautiful and warm…… Errrr what am I talking? Muahahahaha

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