1P100W #33 – Garlic Granules

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If you want to accuse me of being rich and spending more money than necessary unnecessarily, I am now providing you with a nice ammunition.

I bought this canister of garlic granules last weekend, and it was RM 11-ish. The raw garlic required to produce these is probably, 30 cents. So I am overpaying by roughly 4000% to have it crushed, toasted, and put in a glass canister.

The reason I bought this is because I hate having raw garlic smell on my hands. I have not tried adding a teaspoon of these into a stir fry, but this thing totally makes whatever soup rocks!

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  1. I always have a bottle of garlic powder and parsley in my fridge…to make garlic bread (and use as seasoning) whenever I need but I’ve never tried this garlic granules.

  2. Hello rich man! What else do you keep inside your kitchen that could make us scream in fits? Heh heh… I would do the same as you for convenience instead of buying raw garlic to peel. I love to eat them raw and my wife would run away for a mile.

    • I love to eat them raw too, I just hate dealing with them before eating them 😀 .

      Nope, nothing much else in my kitchen, all basic stuff..

  3. I’ve seen these garlic granules while looking for garlic powder. I think it is useful. Saves time peeling, chopping and frying the garlic. Maybe I should grab one too 😀

    • They’re even lightly toasted so it is already quite fragrant. I think they are mainly for garnishing. I have not tried using this for a stir fry, don’t know if it will work the same way. 😀

  4. McCormick for garlic powder also.. And I see chefs using garlic powder a lot.. Not only that, all kinds of powder, like cumin powder la, onion powder la, dried mint (powder) la, good when marinating meat.. I like garlic powder, sprinkled on top of bread with bread, then bake, sedap, no need chop garlic so mafan..

    • This garlic granules, not powder. Got chunks one. I think this would work even better than garlic powder, if we wanna bake garlic bread..

  5. Oh, very convenient for working people actually and also for those who don’t cook often… As for me, I use lots of garlic when I cook so it will be very expensive for me.. I never smell my hands after chopping up the garlic so I dont really bother.. after all, who wants to smell my hands? hahhaaa..

    • I hug my bolster at night when I sleep, then the smell transferred to my bolster, then I will suffer! >.<

  6. frankly, when I saw these garlic granules or garlic powder in bottles, I was tempted to get one, haha!! handling raw garlic is troublesome and the smell stays in your fingers for days, no matter how cleanly you wash!!! yucks!!!

    • If you squeeze some lemon juice onto the hand immediately after handling garlic, then it will get rid of 90% of the smell. But once you missed that window, the smell will remain for 3 days. >.<

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