1P100W #32 – Parking Expert


I came across this photo when I was trying to search for another old photo on my Facebook photo albums.

This was taken some years ago. I have seen countless people shared photos of asshole parking of the highest order over the years. I think this one ranks up there as one of the worst. Don’t you agree?

Some say maybe he was in a hurry of some sort (like rushing to the toilet) and just dumped his car there. I don’t think so. That car did not look like being dumped there, it was carefully and deliberately parked that way.

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    • Like SK Thambee commented, if he really rushing to toilet, he would park at the entrance instead of carefully park like that lah @.@

    • It was not when I took this photo. Now probably yes, but I won’t do it. Why waste so much effort on a moron? 😀

  1. This pic reminded me of the time my husband couldn’t stop laughing at a car that had Chinese characters painted on it. It said something like ‘I am a stupid idiot for parking in front of someone’s parking garage.’

  2. Indiscriminate parking is quite common over here in PJ as well. Like in housing areas. They simply park without considering the fact that they block other people or cause inconvenience. And of course their excuse is lack of parking space even though they could have parked a little bit further. As if walking a bit further will kill them.

    • This one, I don’t think it is indiscriminate parking. The offender probably knew he would attract attention by parking like that. I don’t know what was his reason to do that 😐

  3. Malaysia boleh mah… XD Definitely looks deliberately parked. So parallel to the lines and the driver must have been frustrated not being able to find an empty parking space.

    • That is definitely not the case. This is (was) one of the many car parks for the factory I’m working in. I can assure you parking space was in abundance. He did what he did for some other unknown reason.

  4. This is a common sight in KL, right inside the area where I live. My area’s FB has 7200 folks inside and almost daily do we see residents posting angry photos of cars parked by the brainless. Even slightest offense would piss others who would post to scold the other parties with full number plates shown.

  5. yes I agree this a**hole deliberately parked the car there.. if he/she is in a rush, the car would have been parked right in front of the entrance!!!

  6. Last time when I learn driving, my driving instructor paste a sticker at the back of the car, he says when the pole meets the sticker, I can turn, that is how I learn my parking, muahaha

    • I don’t even remember what my driving instructor taught me. But I am pretty sure I am not using his methods at all. LOL! 😀

  7. He thinks that he parked at the far end already so should not be blocking any cars. Did he leave a tel number for people to call him to remove his car if required?

      • Whether it is blocking or not is not important, what’s important is that it was very flamboyant!

    • What he thinks and whether he is blocking any cars or not is irrelevant. He is parking illegally, in a very flamboyant and in-your-face way!

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