1P100W #31 – Ayam Kicap Meletup

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This is dinner: the new Ayam Kicap Meletup (Exploding Soy Sauce Fried Chicken) from KFC. For RM 10.95, you get TWO pieces of chicken, a bowl of rice, some gravy and a soft drink.

Last week, I had a plate of chicken rice somewhere in Georgetown and it set me back RM 5.50. I only got ONE piece of chicken, a bowl of rice and 2 slices of cucumber for it. I know in some places in KL, a plate of chicken rice costs upwards of RM 7.

I miss the good old days when hawker food is cheap and fast food is considered a nice treat.

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    • The whole name is Ayam Kicap Meletup lo… Aiya KFC, even the Hot and Spicy also looks just like normal fried chicken on the outside lah! XD

  1. The last flavour (just before this meletup one) that they had was really awful (I can’t even remember what it is called or more like I don’t want to remember)….it swore me off KFC for a long while! 😀

    • I think it was the one where they claim to have salted egg crunch or something. I was not too impressed with that one too. This meletup one, I like. 😛

    • I’m not a fan of the chicken either, I’m just a fan of the skin of the chicken when fried. 😀 😀

  2. I take it that the Malays use the word “meletup” to mean “awesome”. I haven’t had KFC for a while now. Feel like trying the “meletup” chicken 😀

    • I had a piece of that salted egg crunch version that they did previously and was not impressed at all. This meletup one, I quite like it. 🙂

  3. KL everything expensive…don’t talk about the food, they even want to increase the toll price, RM1.60 become RM2.10….sot sot already!

    • As long as people can still survive, as long as Midvalley and Pavilion remain crowded over the weekends, they will think it is ok and will keep increasing prices. They must be waiting for people to really fall into poverty and take to the streets and kick them out before they realize it is too over already. 😐

  4. I must be so outdated.. I dunno leh KFC got this meletup thingy.. I only know McD got new chicken and beef wraps.. The last promo on KFC which I know leh, was the golden egg crunch or something like that.. So did this hou sik dou “meletup” in your mouth?

    • The meletup, I think they meant it is a bit spicy. I like this better than the [Hot and Spicy] lah…

    • Hehehe, not sure if this new flavor is available in Singapore. Maybe yes but in a different name. Or you can have it when you go to JB again. 😛

    • Ahhh… KFC also need to review? Boleh tahan lah… hahaha, I quite like it. It is not as hot as the Hot and Spicy option, but there is that extra soy sauce taste to it. I quite like it to be honest.. XD

  5. Did your mouth or belly explode after eating that chicken explosives? I used to be amazed with their words like Power Burger and Power Poh Piah. Who knows we will hear Ikan Terbang, Lembu Mengamuk with Roast Ma Chicken and Roti Jibai.
    I will try your KFC tomorrow. Yes hawkers now are no longer poor peasants and drive better cars than me.

    • I don’t think hawkers have ever been peasants to be honest LOL! But their stuff are really getting more and more expensive while fast food has maintained their prices all these years, more or less.

      I thought you going vegan now, KFC does not fit in vegan plan, not exactly. 😀

  6. I had no idea KFC Malaysia served rice with their chicken. Oh my. Yum. That looks so good. Even in Australia, McDonalds and KFC are cheaper than other food stalls in shopping centre food courts :/

    • It is something new, I think like maybe since 2 years ago. I believe fast food has always been the cheaper option in places like Australia and the US. But, you used to live in Malaysia/Singapore, you know the status of these fast food back in those days..

      • Back in the day, KFC was a treat for my family. Parents and grandparents only bought it for dinner once a year, usually just before CNY or Christmas. And they bought a lot – like a big bucket of chicken, bowls of the gravy, even the bread rolls 😀

        In Australia, we still do not have KFC breakfast menu and it opens at 10.30am 🙁

        • Right? Back then KFC was festive food, not something that we get to “indulge” in very often. Now it is just day to day food for many, which is unfortunate because it is also unhealthy food.

          I didn’t even know KFC does breakfast until fairly recently! But the things that they serve over here… let’s just say I prefer McD’s breakfasts.

          • “Back then KFC was festive food…” I might quote you on that if I do write about KFC in a future blog post ^^’

            I always thought the KFC porridge was pretty decent.

            • KFC porridge? Do we even have that? I really need to go and check! I haven’t tried having breakfast in KFC! 😐

  7. oh new products from KFC again, I like the word “meletup”, haha!! so it’s something hot and spicy?? then I guess my stomach cannot take it.. you are right, nowadays fast food value meals are even cheaper than kopitiam already..

    • It is a bit spicy, but not as hot and spicy as their [Hot and Spicy] option. But if you totally cannot handle spicy food, then best to give this one a miss.

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