1P100W #29 – 京都念慈菴 Nin Jiom

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I felt better this morning. In fact, I felt good enough to watch Terminator Genisys in the cinema with a regular Coke in hand. Bad move. The combination of air-cond and iced drink brought back the runny nose and cough.

Fortunately, I noticed this [京都念慈菴川贝枇杷膏 Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa] on the shelves when shopping for grocery. It’s been like a million years since I last had this thing. So I got one, it is supposed to be very effective against cough and phlegm. Hopefully it still works.

By the way, I like Terminator Genisys’ new direction, but the producers should’ve left John Connor alone.

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  1. I know this one, but I always hardworking take it for the first day but lazy on the following days, so actually not so sure it helps or not, haha!

  2. I have had this before! It definitely works for a cough.

    When I get a cough, it usually turns nasty. So, off to the doctor I go and he always prescribes this brown liquid cough medicine [called BM Solution I think]. I recently found out that it has the slightest [like 0.0 something percent] of opium in it. But, it is the ‘go to’ thing for coughs here and it works like a charm.

    • Well, most of the medicine pills that we get are some form of light drugs too, so I guess I light amount of opium is fine for medicinal purposes. If it works, it’s good. 🙂

  3. just like one of asian living ancient medicine. i love this 😉

    it helps when you need something instant. western medicine does not provide such great natural effects.

    when my throat/mouth feels dry and burning, i would rather take this over honey or any other westerns med/sprays.

  4. I always saw this stuff on the medicinal shelves in Malaysia and Singapore and for some reason, my parents avoided this like the plague 😀 I don’t know why, they tended to think other kinds of Chinese medicine worked better. Always wanted to try it. I hope it is working for you and you’re fighting fit for another movie session 😀

    • What? This is like the penicillin of Chinese medicine, it basically helps with everything! Well.. it did help, I was feeling like shit Saturday, today I am feeling much better, although still not fully out of the woods yet, so to speak..

      • That is a good way to describe it, and I always thought so. However, my parents aren’t convinced. If sick, they will be rushing to the doctor to get antibiotics…which really doesn’t always work and isn’t that good for the body. Growing up, all the doctors I saw in Malaysia were very keen on dishing out antibiotics when I had a fever. Get fully well soon 😀

        • You mean those clinic doctors? That’s how they make their living, by selling the meds and antibiotics. Unlike their hospital counterparts, they don’t make bucketloads out of consultation fees.

  5. I’ve tried this before. I like the taste but because I have been taking western medicine all along, it did not seem to give me any relief.

    • This one is going to be part 1 of a new trilogy. Maybe you can watch this one and decide if you want to watch the coming 2 more..

  6. I brought these big bottles with me to US and took care of my throat through brutal winters. I still have them stocked in my fridge till today. Never leave home without it.

    • My mom used to stock them up, but I have never seen them for quite some time already. I guess my mom has other alternatives now..

  7. Nin Jiom got my vote too! Just eat it neat without any water and it will work wonders!

    Young arnold vs old arnold = who won?

  8. according to Sing it works for everything, but it helped me with a terrible cough and sore throat recently :/ get well!

    • It is like a Chinese herbs concentrate, there’s everything in there, so it is supposed to work for everything 😀

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