1P100W #28 – Sick Man’s Food

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You want to see the bland tasteless rice noodles soup that I had yesterday? Here you go…

It doesn’t look much different from the usual bihun soup that I cook, but looks can be deceiving. Because I was sick, I had to be drastic and omit seasoning, at all. No anchovies stock, no salt, no pepper, no m****rf****n’ nothing…

I know some of you have chicken soup when you’re sick, but I remember mom said no chicken when you’re down with flu. So I had some pork balls instead. I only remembered egg is part of chicken when I was eating. Oh well…

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    • What?! When I’m sick, my mom will not allow us to eat bread at all. She said bread is toasted, very heaty! 😐

  1. Hey RG, hope you have recovered by now… Sick or not, homecooked is still ravishing and mire healthy than those dine outside…

  2. Gosh, no seasoning at all! I could not eat that. If I am sick, I would most likely feel even more sick eating bland food. Usually, I eat regular food when sick (but less). As you can see, my appetite doesn’t get sick 😀 When I was small, when any of us got sick, we were banned from watching TV and reading. Then mum would make Milo for us. That was the highlight. Can’t remember what we had to eat. Maybe it was porridge.

    • I used to have porridge too, with pickled lettuce. Arhh now I remember what I forgot to buy just now. I forgot to get pickled lettuce!

  3. You don’t have to leave seasoning out when you’re sick, you know. What’s with not stocking up on rice but stocking up on beehoon…it’s the same thing! ;D

    • Not same, bihun one packet can be finished in 5 meals, rice need probably 15 or 20 meals. Not to mention it is more troublesome to cook. 😐

  4. You sick, you still could cook eh! No bad, if I sick, I makan roti saja. By the way, you should cook porridge. That is really good to replenish fluid and energy. Get well soon.

  5. You say like that means I like to eat sick mans food lah. Do get well soon! I am sure your boss miss you.

  6. Was it as bland as the Chinese food in Italy? 😀 Your must be healthy. Got veggies.

    I’m sick too…feeling lousy but I think it’s winter allergies playing up. Or it could be reading your blog too much 😉

    Get well soon.

    • Well, to be fair, no. At least I have those pork balls that carry some flavors to the soup! 😀

      Winter allergies. What the heck is that??

      • I always prefer chicken. Chicken all the way over pork. Never been a huge fan of pork and the way it tastes.

        People tend to stay indoors more during winter, and on top of that bring out their winter clothing – which is usually wooly and baggy. Dust gets stuck to these clothes easily, and the air is generally much drier in winter in Melbourne. Combine those two factors, that gives me winter allergies – itchy skin like eczema and sniffly nose. It’s different from a cold, where a cold subsides after a couple of weeks :/

        • Yikes, I didn’t know winter can cause such troubles. But what you said makes sense. Dust plus dry weather sucks to the max!

  7. Oh dear! Unwell? When I don’t feel well, I’d go for porridge…with Bovril or Marmite and salted or century eggs or both. Take care now, get well soon. Weekend’s here!

    • Bihun is the best alternative for me though, don’t wanna stock up on rice if I can avoid it…

  8. awww 🙁 but it doesn’t look that bad.
    my dad says that if you’re sick you should drink a shot of vodka with black pepper [insert Polish people drinking joke] 😀
    get better!

  9. When I had flu and fever during my younger days, I still went clubbing to drink beer and ate nasi kandar in Penang. I survived okay.

    Happy weekend mommy’s boy!!!

    • Well, I need to go to work, so I better be extra careful and recover quickly, lest I spread the virus. 😐

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