The Chronicles of KL 0615 (Part 2)

Okay, let’s continue with my story…

So the previous post was the story of my life back home from Monday to Friday. Saturday I was planning to drive back to Penang already. I woke up feeling rather annoyed with myself for the lack of “outdoor activities” and “outdoor dining” if you know what I mean. I always lament the fact that I don’t do crowds so I hardly go out when I come back to KL over the weekends. Now that I am back on weekdays and the result is still the same. I felt incredibly pathetic.

Failed attempt at grabbing takeaway:

When I was out watching movie and drinking iced tea with my friends, I was at Pavilion. So I planned to grab some takeaways at that famous Korean KFC (Kyochon Fried Chicken) after seeing pictures on my sister’s Instagram and reading about it from Eat What Eat Where. I wanted to takeaway because my parents haven’t been going out for quite some time too and I wanted them to also enjoy something nice for a change.

But I got talking with my friends over iced tea and forgot the time and soon it was 5.30 PM. And it was Friday. And 5.30 PM on a Friday means the beginning of disaster as far as dining in shopping malls are concerned. So I rushed downstairs to Lower Ground floor, to the restaurant, only to find the place was filling up and a healthy queue building up. I inquired with the waitress if I can grab takeaway and was told that I would have to wait at least an hour for my chicken.

Now, at least one hour is a disaster of epic proportions, because it was already 5.45 PM by then, and if I went ahead with it, I would be leaving at 7.00 PM probably, into the crazy Friday evening traffic and would probably only make it home by 9.00 PM. I would make it home just in time for supper, and my mom don’t do supper, like, at all. Especially not when supper is fried chicken.

So I gave up the idea and went home…

Nu Sentral:

So, back to Saturday morning when I was feeling pathetic. I thought, maybe I should really go eat something nice before the long drive back to Penang. Earlier I read about another interesting place called That Latte Place, from the same blog that has shown me the Korean KFC. They have a lovely Big Breakfast with BACON, and they’re in Connaught, which is quite close to my home, so it was perfect.

And then I got out of bed, went downstairs to the living room and saw my dad coming back from who-knows-where. He mentioned that he was going to take the LRT (sort of KL’s Metro system) to KL Sentral to attempt to buy a train ticket to Singapore, possibly for that night itself. At that moment, I felt bad for my dad for having to take public transport for two times in the same day. My dad, who is always driving and takes the public transport like once in every 10 years. And I know what a mess that stupid labyrinth of a central public transport hub can be because I used to hang out there myself, so I was worried if he could find his way around easily.

So… I did the only thing any semi-decent son would do. I offered to drive him to KL Sentral and to accompany him to buy the ticket, and to show him where all the different train platforms are.

We got the ticket without much trouble, and while making our way back to the car park, we spotted a walkway going towards Nu Sentral, that new mall beside KL Sentral.

So we went over for a quick peek.


I have heard of this mall before, but I always thought that it is a dingy little mall beside the train station. I was wrong. This Nu Sentral is quite a classy, fine looking mall. All the expensive branded sh*t are here apparently (to quote what I said on Instagram). We just came in for a quick peek and already I spotted H&M, Victoria’s Secret, Sephora, Godiva and Parkson’s. I was impressed. Seriously, properly impressed.

Pork Noodles:

We got home around 12.30 noon. I was planning to leave for Penang at 2.00 PM, because I needed to arrive by 6.00 PM. This means f**k all, because this means no more That Latte Place for me. It is close to my home, but not THAT close. And I was not sure if I have to wait for a table or for my food or not.

I ended up having my most favorite KL delicacy of all times, something that I never fail to have every time I go home: the pork noodles.

Now, I didn’t have it at any super famous pork noodles places in KL. In fact, it is just a nameless pork noodles place in a food court within walking distance from my home. In fact, the food court has a generic name, I think many food courts in KL share this same name.

新海景餐馆 Restoran Grand Seaview

Don’t ask me why a place that has no sea view names their food court Grand Seaview. I don’t know

But, although it is not super famous, it is one that I have been eating since I was a kid. Who cares what other people think? I think the pork noodles here are extremely delicious. It is one of my childhood memories, leave me alone!

天下无敌猪肉粉 Delicious Pork Noodles

This is also one of the main locations where my Love Story took place

Oh yeah, this food court is also where my most favorite Chee Cheong Fun and that overflowing Kaya Puff can be found…

Raw Onion Vinaigrette:

Right, so… no Korean KFC, no Big Breakfast with Bacon, no nothing… I drove back to Penang without any new KL eateries to blog about. The only other thing I have to show is this jar of vinaigrette that my mom secretly stashed into my luggage…


You saw that raw onion vinaigrette that I had in the previous post right? This is sort of the enhanced version. It is made of raw onions, raw garlic, chili, cooking vinegar and some light soy sauce.

I only discovered that she hid this in my luggage when I called home to report that I have arrived safely in Penang. She reminded me that these are supposed to be eaten raw as it is, as condiments or salad dressing or dipping sauce, and that these are not for throwing into the wok as stir fry ingredients.

If you guys notice something suspicious in my future stir fry recipe, please DO NOT mention it and let it drop…

And that, ladies and gentlemen, was my (lack of) adventures from my recent trip back home to KL. Hopefully my next trip would be more exciting.

But then, knowing me… it would probably be much of the same…



    • Atas lah, for Malaysian standards. Everything (almost) in there is over RM 100! … If you are not taking public transport and transiting there, then there really is no reason to go there to spend some quality time with the crowds!

      • That would explain why each time I walk into Parkson it’s always quiet even though there are bright yellow “Grand Sale” banners everywhere. Come to think of it, I’ve never really bought much from there 😀

        • Yeah, their Grand Sale makes their goods from “super expensive” to “quite expensive”. It is pretty pointless for most of us because it is still out of our price range..

    • I just thrown 2 spoonfuls of it into my mac and fish stir fry… No, I mean, I added 2 spoonfuls of it to my done mac and fish… 😛

  1. Oh dear…I’m happy that you wanted to try two of my recommendations but sad that you didn’t get to taste any this time (P/S – thanks for the two mentions).

    I know you don’t do crowds, so I’ll give you a little “heads up”…go against the norm! By that I mean…go to The Latte Place for dinner (not many like to eat breakfast items at this time) and usually there’ll be like 1 – 3 tables occupied only. As for KFC, go for a late breakfast like around 11am (no one eats fried chicken so early in the morning) and you’ll probably be the first ones there (and the wait will only be 15 mins as they fry to order). Perhaps, you can try these on your next trip back to KL…and, hopefully, you’ll be more successful then! ;D But, it was a very fruitful Saturday for me…my friends and I managed to “hit” 4 places…kekeke!:D

  2. That korean fried chicken place, errr, I heard before, coz I’ve seen friends posting in FB and what-not, but sendiri never been there before.. And, please don’t ask me go Pavillion on weekends, hard to find parking.. Ok, got parking, but sure expensive.. I used to park my car in Time Square, then walk from Time Square to Sg. Wang, to Pavillion.. Now ahh, mai kau ngor, tired wei…

    • Oh, hello my pretty Princess! How are you lately? 😉

      Time Square walk to Pavilion? Even on good days I would faint from doing that. Mm sai lah, if you want cheaper parking, can park at Fahrenheit88 and just walk across the road, much closer! 😉

    • Don’t know about the one over there, but this one, it is crowded because it is famous. Anything Korean is famous nowadays. And they have that famous Korean prettyboy actor endorsing them. And I heard they are really delicious…

  3. I can see liver in that pork noodles, I love liver, especially when it is not that cooked, too cooked it would be very hard

  4. Many people loathed that mall for many reasons. The parking fees are very horrendous and the crowd there is weird. On different days, one could be confused for being lost in different continents. The road leading to that mall itself is always jammed with cars double and triple parked. I wave white flags!

    You better come back every fortnight to be a better son.

    • Oh yes, the car park… RM 8 for 2 hours. That’s Pavilion car park rate! I was really shocked when I saw the amount I had to pay when leaving..

      Haha that’s KL downtown for you! Where chaos is the new order! 😀 😀

        • I can never understand the irony. Supposed to be the centralized public transportation hub of KL, and yet the surrounding area is one of the worst congested area in KL.

  5. What a good son you are! Definitely your father would not use the phrase of having a charsiew is better than having you.

    For a short week, I think you did a lot of things, meeting up with a friend for a massage chair movie, drank milk tea stuck in a piece of ice, go cupping, saw nu sentral, ate your favourite pork hor fun mai fun (looks tasty). Much better than me when I go Penang to stay with my brother. I only go out when he got back from work and took my mother and I out for dinner. For lunch we just ate fruits and bread, hahahaha!

    You can eat the raw onion vinaigrette as a bread spread for breakfast. Just put a lot in between 2 slices of wholemeal bread and you will be very healthy and vampires will not dare to go near you. My mother ate this every morning as a bread spread.

    • Maybe it is because when I go back to KL, I am going home instead of just visiting, and also I am driving, so it is easier for me to get around. But still… kesian leh, fruits and bread every day when you go on vacation, even if it is just Penang! 😐

      My mom gave exactly the same suggestion as you did on how best to eat the vinaigrette! No thanks! 😐

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